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On A Good Day

Yesterday I took my two students from Hong Kong with me...and Waihi Beach for a walk. The girls had fun...writing their Chinese names in the sand. Which Chevvy promptly demolished with her footprints as she ran rampant. Not really great weather for it. But others were out too...having a game of soccer. Wind, rain… Continue reading On A Good Day

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Black & White Photo Challenge: Family

Sonel's challenge this week is family. This family really grabbed my attention.  

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Travel Theme: SImplicity is how I see my life. In that simplicity, every day I am shown one lesson over and over again. Beautiful does not mean complicated. So here is some of the beautiful simplicity of my life... “And I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives,… Continue reading Travel Theme: SImplicity

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Sunday Post: Simplicity

Jake's theme for this seek is simplicity. One of the definitions I found was this: directness of expression : clarity Is there any more direct expression than joining with nature to create a moment? A moment that is palpable to those watching from shore. And if I found a certain clarity while watching them then… Continue reading Sunday Post: Simplicity

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Travel Theme: Up

This gorgeous young lady was UP a dead tree on the beach. This surfer seemed to be having some trouble staying Up on his board. For more visit Ailsa's Travel Theme: Up

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water made me very happy when I saw it as I get to show off one of my most favourite places in the world. Waihi Beach. The surf was up - they ended up closing the beach. I ended up in hospital that night with suspected sunburn to my eyes. Possibly… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Outdoors and Nature

Taken at one of my favourite places...Waihi Beach I know...but it's the last one of her I promise [maybe...] I just love the colours from that day. Now if you are going to do this in public then bad luck if some camera crazy woman takes your picture !!! For more...visit Cee's by clicking on… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Outdoors and Nature

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Travel Theme: Food

Friday the 13th was spent eating a Kiwi delicacy. Fish and chips for lunch at the best seat in the best restaurant I know - Waihi Beach. Crumbed Tarakihi is just about the best fish in the world...and we Kiwi's make it so well. We were joined by two Karoro as we ate...yes I was… Continue reading Travel Theme: Food

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

A day at the end of summer at Waihi Beach. Check out more Summer images at the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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The beach, ice cream, and one Demented Fox Terrier…

The Demented Fox Terrier and I went for an outing to Waihi Beach. This is a spectacular beach about 20 minutes drive from my home. It goes on forever... And when the walking is done...the Demented Fox Terrier and I head to the corner shop for a treat... *** *** *** *** ***