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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Best People or Animals

Now I know we are supposed to stick to three images. Cee - I hope you'll forgive me but I wanted to include this one of Charlie. That gorgeous eye you are looking at is sore and yukky at the moment. I took him to the vet on Christmas Eve where they got a bucket… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Best People or Animals

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Sunday Post: Christmas

Thank you Jake for all your wonderful themes for the Sunday Posts this year... And my favourite Christmas Carol...

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

You meet the most interesting people when you travel !!!! Still want more ? Check out the Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise. Or join in !!!

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Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa's travel theme this week begged me to use some of the 400+ photos I took at last week's Santa Parade. So here is how a few Katikati-ites got around our main street that day. In style is my opinion. Yesterday I was surprised to find a photo I sent to a local news editor… Continue reading Travel Theme: Transportation

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

When I saw this week's challenge it made me instantly think of this image. The balance in nature is perhaps the most delicate thing in our world, and yet each day we deliberately tamper with it. Some foolishly believe we are the master, that the resource is infinite. My hope is that we learn to… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

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Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 13

Sandra Conner’s Thursday Windows is upon us again. I thought I'd show two sides of Christmas today. St Paul's Catholic Church in Takapuna in Auckland is a beautiful building with gorgeous windows. The while I was at last weekend's Santa Parade I spotted this guy peering out at the world. He looks sad to me.… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 13

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reds and Greens

Give the smiley face above a click and join in Cee's challenge or just check out all the other great posts.

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Throw Back – Thursday’s Windows

I have been waiting to use this since I got back from Auckland. This window blew my mind. I kept thinking of what a nightmare it would be to keep clean. Sandra Conner has some lovely Christmas windows for you to check out.

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Travel Theme: Soft

Yesterday was change the bedding day. Jackie's favourite day of the week. My Jackie is just about the softest cat I have ever been lucky enough to have deign to let me cuddle them. So when I hear the word SOFT...Jackie is what I see. These may not be the clearest images of her, because… Continue reading Travel Theme: Soft

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Sunday Post: Surroundings

This week I am putting my own spin on Jake's theme of Surroundings. As you all know I tried my hand at taking a few wedding photos last week. Because I was a guest I had to sit on my chair and snap away from there. This meant that there were a lot people in… Continue reading Sunday Post: Surroundings