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Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This morning I sat outside waiting for Chevvy to do her thing. And finally I realised what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge. I saw what has to be one of the World’s greatest masterpieces. Yet everyday we [humans] take it for granted. We waste it and we pollute it. We should be guarding it for future generations. Our arrogance astounds me.

This morning I put all that aside and just marvelled at how perfect it is, and how precious. And I tried to capture a few tiny particles of it…for no matter how small its quantity…its quality is grandiose.

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Small Stone #31 January 2013

standing under false rain

she turns the grass muddy

with her spinning feet

water drops

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water made me very happy when I saw it as I get to show off one of my most favourite places in the world.

Waihi Beach.

The surf was up – they ended up closing the beach. I ended up in hospital that night with suspected sunburn to my eyes. Possibly from taking photos without sunglasses. The eyes are all better now and at least I got these shots out of it all.

dog at the beach
body board surfing
child body board surfingWant more water…then hop on Cee’s smiley face.


CBBH Photo Challenge: REFLECTION

Marianne is swanning around my neck of the woods at the moment. I am really hoping to catch up with her as she winds her way north. So for Marianne and all the other REFLECTION bloggers here are mine for the month.

Blue Moon
duck reflection
dog reflection
water reflection
Which leaves me to reflect on two bloggers that you might like to visit. These guys are recent additions to my RSS feeds. Well one I found months ago but lost through a computer crash. Luckily I found her again, You all know how much I love graveyards. This blog is just perfect for graveyard addicts like me – Cemetery Travel: Adventures in Graveyards Around the World

I recently found Jennifer Prestholdt’s blog. She is a human rights lawyer who also takes a mean photo. Her blog, The Human Rights Warrior, will give you a lot to ponder. She has opened my mind to many new things. Not always good things, but things I believe I am better off for knowing.


Now if you want to go a visiting…jump in to the picture with the bunny [be like Alice] and pop over to Marianne’s wonderland of a blog.

Sunday Post: Reflection

It is Sunday Post time again and this week Jake has chosen the theme: Reflection.

Click on the water to see it full size

Sunday Post: Water H2O



We are surrounded by the ocean in New Zealand.

Which means it is very much a part of our lives, and who we are as Kiwis.

It is also one of my great loves.


Thanks Jake for another great inspiration.