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Winter Solstice in NZ

The Winter Solstice is here in the Southern Hemisphere and it is a cold dreary day. The tuis are still filling my garden with their song. I love having this pair residing in my trees. Someone however, does NOT think it is a good idea to get out of bed...can you guess who ??? Yesterday… Continue reading Winter Solstice in NZ

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This month’s CBBH Photo Challenge is LOOKING FORWARD, LOOKING BACK.  All you have to do is take a photograph and then turn round and take another of what is behind you. Which is exactly what I did. I have been taking a lot of long walks lately with Chevvy, to get out of the house.… Continue reading CBBH Photo Challenge: LOOKING FORWARD, LOOKING BACK


Oh Christmas Tree.

I was chuffed to have seen Jake's Sunday Post on Christmas Trees. How nice to have him back. Here in New Zealand our Christmas tree is the pohutukawa. You can visit the NZ History site to learn more about this beautiful tree if you wish. One legend about the pohutukawa is about a tree that… Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Outdoors and Nature

Taken at one of my favourite places...Waihi Beach I know...but it's the last one of her I promise [maybe...] I just love the colours from that day. Now if you are going to do this in public then bad luck if some camera crazy woman takes your picture !!! For more...visit Cee's by clicking on… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Outdoors and Nature

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My effort to make Katikati SAFE !!!

I know I am stating the obvious here - but Jo Bryant is an animal lover. I am a member of a few animal welfare groups - one of them is SAFE. Safe does much in the way of educating both everyday people and [hopefully] our government about the plight of New Zealand's animals. Sadly… Continue reading My effort to make Katikati SAFE !!!

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Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa's travel theme this week begged me to use some of the 400+ photos I took at last week's Santa Parade. So here is how a few Katikati-ites got around our main street that day. In style is my opinion. Yesterday I was surprised to find a photo I sent to a local news editor… Continue reading Travel Theme: Transportation

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Sunday Post: City

The closest city to Katikati is Tauranga. It is the sixth largest urban area in New Zealand with a population of over 120,000 [2011 estimation] and is located on Tauranga Harbour. We may be small compared to other nation's cities but we are beautiful. Especially at night. Thanks Jake for coming up with another great… Continue reading Sunday Post: City

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Sunday Post: From a Distance

After enjoying the view of the Kaimai Ranges while I ate lunch at a friend's home I went to my own home to watch Charlie enjoying the agapanthus to the enthrallment one of the neighbourhood children...from a distance. For more photos visit Jake's Sunday Post: From a Distance

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

When I arrived in New Zealand in 1993 one of the things I loved was that here in the Bay of Plenty its beauty was appreciated in a gentle low key way. High rise ??? What are those ??? While I understand the need for progress and growth it saddens me to see towns such… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

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Red, white, yellow, blue and green – Kiwi style.

The Thirdeyeworld is a great blog. And the lady that runs it is of the most interesting people I have met on here. Now Nicole has taken part in the Capture the Colour Competition over at Nicole's entry is The World in Technicolour. Go on...check it out. You will be happy you did.… Continue reading Red, white, yellow, blue and green – Kiwi style.