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Travel Theme: Food

Friday the 13th was spent eating a Kiwi delicacy.

Fish and chips
Good Kiwi tucker.

Fish and chips for lunch at the best seat in the best restaurant I know – Waihi Beach.

Crumbed Tarakihi is just about the best fish in the world…and we Kiwi’s make it so well.

Black-backed gulls We were joined by two Karoro as we ate…yes I was with a friend. What is Friday the 13th without good friends.

WomanAfter our feast we decided to feed other parts of our bodies…we walked along the beach.

Waihi Beach

With Karoro calling to us…

Black backed gull

And my spirit was fed by the joy these guys felt and displayed.

Dog on the beach

Dog on the beach

Dogs on the beach

Dogs playing on the beach

Dogs playing on the beach

I saw young love…

Couple walking on the beach

A grandparent’s love…

people walking on a beach

I saw nature at work…

log in the waves

And I left no longer hungry for anything…

log in the waves

Ailsa’s theme at Where’s my backpack this week is food. She had my mouth watering at her pizza…but my desire to travel has been tingling since seeing and reading about the Halal Guys carts in New York in her post.


40 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Food”

  1. Wonderful post, Jo! I love the picture of the path to the beach – it calls to me to walk down it and dip my toes in the waves. And the dogs are having such a great time playing with the water!

    I’m glad you captioned the last two photos, though – I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at. It almost looked as if a mini volcano was erupting at the edge of the beach! So you intrigued me and cheered me up and made me wish I was there, all at one time.


  2. There’s nothing quite so mouth-wateringly delicious than a good fish and chips! Very impressed you went for a walk afterwards, instead of settling down somewhere to have a little ‘rest’ in the winter sunshine!


    1. The sand, the surf, the salt air were all too inviting to just sit there.
      And oh yes those chips, the fish and the scallop that was hidden under the fish were mouth-wateringly delicious.
      It’s the simple things that have the most impact I feel.


  3. It doesn’t get much better than fish and chips by the seaside (oh wait, it does – watching happy dogs play in the waves, that is the best thing of all!) xxx


  4. Beautiful post Jo! Hey, stop by my blog as I nominated you for a really awesome award and photography contest! I know you can find the perfect pictures for it! πŸ™‚ Nicole
    P.S. You may me hungry for fish and chips!!!! Mmmmmmm


  5. You know I had an Aussie friend to stay in May and we had fish and chips. I felt incredibly daft because it hadn’t occurred to me that the fish in your fish and chips was different to ours πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :-0 I know and now you know I’m an idiot!
    Bit worried about your chips though,they look like frozen ones???


  6. G’day Jo, I lived in the Waikato for almost 30 years and Waihi and Waihi Cove where the places I spent many a summer day with my children (between milking cows) Your post brings back lovely memories, great photos


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