Mt. Kilimanjaro. That’s me in the balaclava. And yes – I was asleep on a rock.

I am a freelance writer.
I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, but still like to claim my birth heritage.

I was born in the land of Banjo Paterson, gum trees, and weather extremes.

Grew up in Sydney and Wollongong. Left to explore the wilds of Africa, doing a detour that had me living in Holland for 3 years.

Eventually returned to Oz – living in Queensland, where you need instructions if you are to survive.

In 1993 packed up and headed to the land of the long white cloud, which is not true.

Summers here are astoundingly beautiful and blue.

Now the kids have gone out to explore life – well for once it is all about me.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Communications from Massey University in 2008. Other than the birth of my children it was the most defining moment of my life.

I live with a demented fox terrier called Chevvy, 2 cats, a female named Jack and a male named Charlie, as well as a cockatiel named Crash.

I am writing my first novel, as well as poetry, short stories, and more recently articles, e-books, and web-pages for a website.

Art, stories, poetry, music, people, animals, nature, sometimes the smallest things can be the source of the biggest inspiration.

The softest whisper, the wind blowing across the grass, the sun warmed sand under your feet, the taste of rain on your tongue – life is the biggest inspiration of all.

I am also slightly obsessed with the TV show Supernatural, The Boys, and the Impala.

Please get to know me through my pages here.

A recent one of me…

I would love to hear any thoughts you have an any of the pages or blog posts I have written.

I desire to become a better writer, and critique/critique/critique has been the best tool for me so far.

So tell me what you think !!

I look forward to reading your comments.

For more info about me read the following – which will be added to as the mood strikes.

100 Things – little bits of me so you can get to know me and my journey though life a little better.

20 more things – more little bits

20 more things #2 – well this can and will go on for a while.

20 more things #3 – like I said, get yourself settled.

My Younger Days – a slideshow from when I didn’t mind a camera pointed at me.

My top 10 favourite dance scenes – I love dance scenes in movies – GOOD dance scenes. They make me feel good. Simple really. These ones, they make me really feel good.

Another update about me – my top 25 favourite movies.

Laminated List – ahhh…yes. We all have them. Only some of us admit to it. These guys are mine. Yuuummmyyyy.

Bucket List…mine – the first 30 on my bucket list (I’ll add more as I remember them – hmmm…that’s worrying.)

Music to feed my soul – those musicians that make my hair stand up straight, curl about, dance really.

Can you see what I see ?? ♫ – “My – Who I would bring back to…list.”

And just a few more ME posts…

Alone is not the same as lonely

The Letter.

Colin Arthur Bryant and the third child.

Questions, questions, questions…

Just a few facts…

Heads up people…it’s my birthday

The art of pirate tagging

Saturday’s Child

Laughter and dancing because I can.

I’m a mother – above all other things.

266 thoughts on “About”

    1. I try to do that – this blog has been great for that. It has spilled over into other areas of my writing as well, my poetry and fortunately even the novel has felt the benefit. ;)

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the Robinhood documents. They arived safe and sound, although I havent yet opened them up yet.

    Its off to bed for me. Goodnight.

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You have a great blog here, and have found a new subscriber. I’m also penning my first novel (aren’t we all?) and love to write poetry. Great photos of New Zealand, wish I had made the trip over when I was down under. Another time.

    1. Hi, I am so glad you liked what you saw – I has RSS your blog so that I can keep up with all your posts. Definately make the effort next time. NZ is amazing !!!!!

  3. Hi there! Love the blog and have subscribed. Great that you are writing; I’ll return here to read some of your stuff soon. I have always written and I finally got my first book, Ghost Road, published last year. I’m just working on my second and have got a sequel Ghost Road to do after that. I’m loving every minute! BTW did you know that people born on 16 Aug are actually geniuses? (yes, me too). All the best to ya from rainy old England.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I’m especially delighted since you are a writer. I’m only a dabbler, nothing published, nothing in the works…well maybe just the beginnings of an epoch. But it’s so hard to drag myself away from blogging whatever pops into my head, get it out there and have it read. I admire folks like you, devoted to publishing something bigger than a post, much bigger. I’ll add you to my blogroll, so I make sure to stop by regularly. My readers might also come by to check you out.

    you’re my first friend from “down under”…let’s keep in touch…hugs! :)

  5. Jo, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. I’m new to the blog-sphere and still finding my way around. I would appreciate ant tips you could offer.

    1. You’re welcome. I suggest you take the time to find other blogs – blogs you enjoy and visit, comment. Get involved in blogging communities with similar interests that have links to other bloggers with the same interests. And blog about what is important to you. Be honest, write from your heart and the people who drop by will get that, and be back for more. :)

  6. I am stunned at the greatness and uniqueness of your blog. I love your posts! They are so extremely witty! I’m going to subscribe and follow! :)

    I only started my blog yesterday, so if you have spare time to check it out – please do so! I would love to have some feedback from a PRO.

    I also think of myself as a writer. I love writing as well! I also write prose and my own stories!! :D

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! In the vast terrain of the blogoshere I might have missed your blog and that would have been very sad. I look forward to getting to know you through your pages. :-)

  8. It is always very nice to learn a little bit about the Author and I do prefer to real photographs on a profile as this gives one a better insight towards the person writing on that Space, a sort of snapshot if you will. Of course there are countless nice people that use a graphic or something similar to portray their profile picture but as a preference I have always favoured a photograph but that is just my own thoughts on this and for anyone else reading this comment that chooses not show a photograph then that is acceptable as I have many friends on my Space that choose that option.

    I am sorry for going off on a tangent there my friend, I will definitely be calling back here to have a good look around your Space, and try not to be put off by my Gothic appearance as I am just another blogger that is perhaps a tad different to the usual visitors to your world of blogging.

    Be well now my friend…


      1. Thank you my friend and I surely will, and thank you for taking the time to visit
        my Space today, I do hope that you will enjoy your journey…


  9. Hi Jo!!

    Just add the OVER 40 button to your blog and then let me know so I can add you to the list!
    I would have gotten back to you sooner but I took the summer off to spend time with my family!


  10. Jo, I do enjoy your blog, but I find it quite confusing when I arrive here. I am never sure what the latest post is, and there seems to be so much stuff around.
    For a simple reader like me, could you possibly consider streamlining it?
    I hope that doesn’t sound rude. It’s just that sometimes I come here and leave without commenting because I get lost!

  11. I am just calling by to see what you are getting up to
    and I do hope that you are not being too good today Jo? :)
    did you ever find out about Midaeval Maiden? She has
    not been on my Space since that time she closed her
    Space, rather abruptly might I add… I wonder if her other
    Space is still on WordPress or maybe she closed that one
    also? I have no idea on that…

    Have a wickedly fine rest of
    evening and a wonderful Sunday Jo :)

    Androgoth XXx

    1. Had a day where I was definitely not TOO good…hehehe
      Sara has left the blogging world for now – perhaps she will be back one day – I do not know her plans. :(

      1. A very strange happening that Jo :(
        But I guess that she had her own set
        of personal reasons, and we are not
        always aware of things in reality and
        so hopefully she will return at some
        time, we will just have to wait and see
        my wickedly fine friend :)

        Androgoth XXx

  12. Hello Jo, I’m just popping by to say hi and thank you for commenting and visiting my part of the universe! :D
    I’m fascinated by what I have seen so far on your blog, and will be back to read more! :D

  13. I did click on your photograph of Dennis and Jess but I am not part of Facebook
    and so my adventure came to an abrupt halt once I entered your Facebook page,
    however i do wish you all the best with that competition, I think they would look
    excellent on a canvas…

    Have a wicked friday Jo :)

    Androgoth XXx

  14. i followed the thread you left at my photo of celebration.
    and i am glad I did. i am glad you left a thread behind.
    for, this is one blog i am liking enough to follow.
    i like your blog layout and this about page is also unique :)

    1. Thank you very much for the honour of thinking of an award and me together – As I just did a post on some awards I got I will possibly leave it for a while before posting about it. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel very grateful to you for thinking of me. :)

  15. Dear Jo: Back when I began following your blog I happened upon it and was drawn to it because your name is Jo. That reminded me of one of my favorite fictional characters [the fabulous Jo March of Little Women]. But boy oh boy when I read your blog I was hooked. I just love it. It brightens my world. Your insights, your writing, well everything. It lights our world. I created an award this past weekend to recognize blogs that do that. I think our world NEEDS optimism. I called my award The Candle Lighter Award. I am giving you the award today. here is the link. http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/the-candle-lighter-award/

    1. Wow – what a lovely thing to come on hear and read this morning. Just when I needed it most. I ADORED Jo March and Little Women – a favourite from the moment it lay in my hands…thank you so much for this wonderful award. I truly feel very honoured.

  16. Hi NZ-Jo,
    Happy New Year to you as well!

    Keep up the good work in 2012.

    Lost too – but still enjoying the wanderting ’bout,

  17. loved what I have read, look forward to reading more! What a life you have! You are the kind of person I would be lucky to meet. so many stories! Keep writing!!

  18. Just popped in to thank you for your comment on my “Photo Challenge – Peaceful” post, and now I’m wondering why I’ve never subscribed to your blog, because I love it! Plus . . . you are a very close neighbour . . . and a Queenslander originally! (I live in Queensland although British by birth).
    Looking forward to getting to know you better Jo – and I’m now subscribed so I wont miss anything from you!

  19. Nice to meet you Jo, you have a great blog here and don’t know why I haven’t subscribed sooner! Anyway, I just did so now I wont miss any of your posts!
    You’ve had an interesting life and I was wondering what made you go and live in NZ? Just curious . . . I live in Queensland, so we are neighbours!

  20. Hi Jo Bryant,
    Just want to say thanks for dropping by my site and reading my grandson’s poem, I wrote a few years back. You really have a great looking site, compared to mine, and I will certainly follow yours. I love New Zealand….would love to visit there…but my wife won’t fly over water….oh well…I hope you put plenty of pictures on your blog from there. thanks and my best to you and yours.

  21. In the “better late than never” category, please accept my congratulations on your remarkable entry in Dark Globe’s photo contest. Judging was a very difficult job and I’m just happy your work was enjoyed by many, many people.


    1. Yep – seems people can comment here. I just have no voice elsewhere. Can you go here and here and see if you can see comments I left on these threads ? I can see them but when I look at the last commentater after I comment, my name never comes up…so I am not sure if anyone else can see them. Especially as no-one else ever replies to them. Or maybe they just don’t like me anymore.
      1. http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/starting-soon-your-stats-page-will-be-on-the-wordpresscom-homepage-only/page/6?replies=156
      2. http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tools-export-function-not-working?replies=10#post-823929


      1. I found your comments, 2 on the 17th and 4 on the 18th. Also, since I approved your recent comment with the different numerical web address, your comments come up immediately on my blog again.

          1. Well that is interesting. On the first link there should be a comment on the 22nd…about not being able to start a topic in the forums. The same comment is on the 2nd link…guess they are not putting them up, except so I can view them, so I think they have been approved. Wow…WordPress staff are really sneaky !!
            Now I can understand why no-one has replied with any helpful answers…

  22. Hi! :)

    Just a random hello! :P

    I came across the blog of a Kiwi living in Australia. It’s reminded me of the Aussie living in New Zealand! :P :)

  23. A Kiwi! I spent my last christmas holiday in NZ, around the Napier area and the north of the south island. It was a short time and I have promise to my self to come back in the future. Beautiful country and lovely people. I’ll check your blog to find the “all black sound” in your pages!
    If you want to catch a glimpse I dedicated to NZ same post in my blog but sorry, i wrote in italian.

    1. Thanks Gilly !!! She does look happy doesn’t she? She was like a bright rainbow coloured bubble on the day. And yes her mummy was very proud and yelled (much to her chagrin) loudly as she walked up on to the stage. ;)

    1. Thank you. I always feel very honoured when someone thinks of me for an award. I will add it to the awards page…and if I haven’t answered the questions will do them there…but I have stopped passing awards on to others. Thanks for thinking of me…I am really touched.

      1. That’s just fine Jo – you’ve paid your dues! It’s important though, for us newbies, to be introduced to lots of people out there and your blog should be one of those ‘my friends’ have a chance to know about.

        1. Thanks. You’re right though about the importance of socialising with things like this and the Weekly Post for example. I think you are also doing another thing really well which is your comments. They are always upbeat but insightful and you engage in banter. It really makes people interested in you. The Hook once said that you should always make the effort to visit people who take the time to comment on your blog. He did a post once on his The Book Of The Terrible about getting out there which I thought was really good.

  24. Hi Jo, thanks for checking out my photo challenge and the comment. Me too, aspiring everything. :) writer, photographer,world traveler. And we share a love of dance scenes. Hell I love to dance! But don’t do much lately. Nice to meet you.

    1. I loved…scrap that…love Wollongong. It has so many memories for me. You must come to New Zealand. The photography opportunities alone are worth the time and expense. The people are pretty good too. Make sure you visit the Bay of Plenty. It is where I live and I think it is the best of what we have to offer here.

        1. You must visit the South Island. Shamefully I have not made it there yet…but it is a place on wonder. Milford Sound, Kaikoura, the Abel Tasman National Park. Better stop now – I am drooling all over the keyboard.

  25. Good for them. That’s their business. Not only are they not hurting anyone else; they are still the same funny, charming, caring personalities that have helped raise several generations of kids.

    1. It took me a while…had to go to the post …to work out what you meant. The quote is there because it is a quote from one of my favourite characters in a TV show. :)

  26. Jo, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I too, really love Proteas and have quite a few growing in my garden.
    I am fascinated by your liking “Impala” At the risk of interpreting this literally, I saw an albino Impala at Kruger last year – how special was that? :)

  27. Hi Jo
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment..again :-), appreciated..:-).
    Just some feedback on your question regarding the clouds on my recent post………”The flat top of the mountain is often covered by orographic clouds, formed when a south-easterly wind is directed up the mountain’s slopes into colder air, where the moisture condenses to form the so-called “table cloth” of cloud. Legend attributes this phenomenon to a smoking contest between the Devil and a local pirate called Van Hunks.[4] When the table cloth is seen, it symbolizes the contest.”

  28. A wonderful “About” page. We share the love for the boys from Supernatural. Dean has my heart! I have an Australian friend who lives in Sydney and he keeps on sending me post cards from Australia, so far I am painfully in love with the beauty of Queensland and I do hope I can visit one day! Regards, Blaga.

  29. Hey Jo, thanks for your comment on my quirky capsicum shot, led me here. Like your take on life, and Queensland, too funny! I will follow your journey as I too have a crazy dog, a BComms completed in 2008 and a love for writing and photography… Cheers :-)

      1. I did my BComms at University of the Sunshine Coast, my major was journalism and minor in Creative Writing. Like you also I am trying to delve in the world of freelance writing and photography. Just read your bucket list; Limoncello, Italians, living in other parts of the world… definitely parallel’s there too.

    1. Ohhhhhhhh…that sounds interesting. Wonder what question 1 was ?? On my way to check it out. :)
      Oh I’m back…I just finished ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”, and it is freaking fantastic. Thought I’d hate it and I couldn’t put it down. So clever, so very, very clever.

    1. Thank you Sara. I always find it humbling when people think of me for awards so I will accept with many thanks. I will post it up on my awards page as soon as I can.

    1. Thank you so much !!! I will pop it on the Awards page asap. That is very cool of you. It may be a while before I get around to it though. Taking part in NaNoWriMo to finish THE BOOK and trying to get ready now.

  30. Hello and thank you for dropping by and taking the time to like a few of my posts. For a “newbie”to the blogging world that means a lot. :-) Also, I have to compliment you on your choice of television shows. The boys are worth obsessing about, Sam and Dean make the start of a new week bearable for me and are the best thing about Monday. :-) I look forward to ready more from you.

    1. You’re welcome Jillian. I am definitely a little obsessed with The Boys. Most who visit here get to understand that fact pretty quickly. I can hardly wait from one week to the next to see what they will do. Thank you for the visit. Good luck with your blogging. I am sure you will find it a great place to be. Most bloggers are great and only want to help you.

      1. Thank you. :-)
        Should I mention I’m picking up the full season 7 of The Boys tomorrow? I’m totally convinced my elder son will LOVE it for Christmas. – Yeap I’ve got it bad too. lol.

    1. Awwwwwww Jennifer…that is awesome. Thank you. I will get to replying to it asap. Trying to keep up with my NaNoWriMo target is the biggie this month. But I love that you did this. THANK YOU so much !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much !!! I am very touched you thought of me for this. It is always fun to pop in though I don’t seem to get enough time to do it as often as I would like. But I bet you know how that feels. :) :) :)

    1. Thank you !!! I love that you thought of me. I will pop it on my awards page asap. Life is a little busy at the moment but I will let you know when I do !!!!!!!!!!
      :) :)

  31. I love your blog. I hope you will accept a nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can go to my blog for more info. It’s writersite and you add the .org afterwards. It’s today’s post “Gratitude x 7+.” I can’t link it here, I guess.

  32. Found you through a comment you made on TBM;s blog and thought I would stop over! Looks like you have a great thing going here so i will be back!!!! We lived in Queensland (Townsville area) for about a year …..it was great fun to be there but we loved our visit to New Zealand even more!!! Great country!!!!

  33. I’ve always wanted to visit the Bay of Plenty…are there good waves there?…the name sounds very familiar (I’m an avid surfer-girl). Nice to have found your site – through Rommel’s blog, of course! :)

  34. I read your cover page and it sounded so tempting and inviting so I planned to come back… but now I’ve seen the enormity of your fantstic blog I don’t think I’ll ever have time… but I’ll try :)

  35. Yes, they are. Thanks for liking my Travel Theme: Pale. I am new to blogging and you are the first person I’ve met from New Zealand. I’m so happy to have found your blog. What a variety. Very interesting. Following.

  36. This seems to be a very well filled blog which I definitively will follow. English is my second language but Google will translate for you I hope, and some of the times I have the energy to translate. See that you have a bachelor in communication, nice. I´m doing my master in journalism and love to write and take photos. Would wan´t to visit new zealand some day, but are going to Peru for some months in two weeks where the blog will be more of a travel blog, though we will stay most of the time in Lima. Hope to see more of you!

  37. I’m really impressed with the amount of writing you do. I have tough time writing posts for my blog. I definitely need to learn a few things. You blog looks wonderful. Looking forward to see more from you :) :D

    1. It is hard writing a lot for a blog…but you will get the hang of it the more you do it. Thank you for the lovely words about the blog. Hope you pop in and look around.

  38. Been a happy follower of yours for some time now, but this thing about Bert and Ernie is news. Know few folks in New Zealand, but you are the sweetest! enjoy life, Eddie

        1. I shall pop in soon. I have a load of blogs to catch up on as life has kept me away from some dear friends on here. I am trying to work my way through them as they are always so kind as to visit and chat with me. ;)

  39. Jo, I am just dropping in to say thank you for your visit.. and to ask how you are?.Its been such a while since you posted.. and just want you to know you are being thought of..

    Love to you.. Sue xxx Hugs

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