Laminated List

Well – this is maybe a bit naughty – but here is my laminated list.

You remember ‘FRIENDS’ – the list of famous people you want to – you know…

And for these guys, you get a free pass – whether or not you are in a relationship at the time.

Kevin Costner – my ultimate yummy man

1. Kevin Costner

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at this. The man is GORGEOUS, and he spends his money on trying to make the world a better place.

Johnny Depp

2. Johnny Depp

One word: Chocolat…


3. Leonardo di Caprio

Even the name is hot.

Well…who wouldn’t?

4. Mark Wahlberg

Have you seen “The Fighter?” Enough said.

Well…just look at him !!

5. Colin Farrell

I’ve been a goner since I saw him play the role of Jesse James. And I’m a sucker for accents…especially with an Irish lilt.

So – there they are. My list hasn’t changed much over the years. And these guys have just gotten better if you want my opinion.

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15 thoughts on “Laminated List”

  1. Theres no Sam and Dean on this list? Youve confused me. I vote Johnney Depp not only is he nice to look at but he is a family man to boot.


      1. Ah a realistic list then. I can relate because all the men on my fantasy list have passed away. So I can’t even have a list. I think I was born a decade too late. 🙂


        1. Well I try to be somewhat realistic – WOW – that does not makes sense at all.
          But people like Humphrey Bogart and Patrick Swayze – who would have taken the number 1 & 2 spots are now unattainable – unless I make a trip up above.
          Perhaps I should make a few laminated lists.
          1. Dead people
          2. Old people
          3. Young people

          Man – this could go on forever. 🙂


  2. Hey, Jo, you’ve just taught me a new expression! It’s going right up there with “brown paper wrappers”…oh, me, did I just date myself…LOL!

    A list…without
    Sam & Dean?
    I don’t agree!
    After all,
    it’s YOUR list,
    YOUR fantasy!
    And so, tis fitting
    for them to be …
    They’re YOUR N°1.

    And heaven forbid, not 2 or 3!

    For both replace your sun…
    Or so, my dear,
    you’ve led ME to believe!!

    So, on to N°2.
    which has got to be…
    their Impala…
    THE choice for YOU
    and only this will do!
    Then bring on the numbers
    three to seven
    after all, Jo, you’re dreamin’
    YOUR heaven ;-D


    1. WOW – well done.

      But I fear ’tis not to be – i want to mother them. As for the Impala – difficult to ‘well you know’ with something made of metal. LOL


      1. Thanks 😉
        Er, you want to MOTHER them!!!!!
        Oh, boy, do we have a case of reverse Oedipus situation going on here…ROTFLMAO!
        Do you REALIZE HOW you write about them???
        Dem der words o’ yers ain’t no mother’s proud words!
        Honestly women…LOL ;-D

        And the Impala not the actor, it’s to be the vessel in which…well you know…
        But it still remains an honorary N°2, ’cause lady, you ARE obsessed with it…LOL.


        1. No reverse case here – it’s like art. You see something that you can spend hours looking at, admiring the paint strokes, the lines of light. How old it is doesn’t matter – you enjoy it. BUT – it’s not something you want to hang in your living room. Example…Tom Roberts – I love his work – used to spend hours just staring at it at the art gallery. My favourite work is ‘Shearing the Rams’, really there is nothing in this world more spectacular than that painting (for me), but at 122.4 cm × 183.3 cm, there’s no way I’d want it at home. Besides – those on the list – they are long time loves !!!!


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