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I got tagged AGAIN…by Felix over at Much Ado About Nothing

In case you don’t know…I…being of the PIRATE persuasion do not follow rules, so there will be no passing of the baton…unless you wish to take it up voluntarily. But the questions were pretty cool – so I will answer them.

1. What is your earliest memory of yourself?

Answer: I was just a babe really, two or three I think. HONESTLY.

Bellambi Beach

I lived with my Dad’s sister Auntie Rita in Bellambi on the South Coast of New South Wales (Australia has such cool names for towns).

I was having a nap in my tighty whities when I heard voices at the door.

I knew the voice…it was my Mum.

I ran out of the bedroom, pushed past my aunt and shoved the door open to fly in to her arms. I don’t remember much else.

Apparently we stayed there a while as Mum had to wait for the police to come to sort out whether she could take me with her or not, She could. I found out much later that the reason she could take me was because I had run to her and gone outside the door. Had I not done that, had I remained in the house then she could not have taken me. I do remember sitting in the front seat between my Mum and my brother as he drove us home to Sydney.

It was a very ugly divorce/custody fight between my parents.

2. Who was your first “internet friend”?


Easy peasy.

The Cap'n

RoughWaterJohn the Pirate. A swashbuckling hero if ever there was one…with a taste for the ol’ PIRATE TEA.

3.  Answer one of the following:

Which Fictional Character is closest to your idea of an ideal partner/spouse?


Which Fictional Character does your partner/spouse remind you of?

What a piece of steel coated in honey he was !!!!!!

Rhett Butler of course !!!!!!!

That man loved with every sinew in his body…even if you didn’t have the good sense to love him back. But when you stepped over the line…he let you know it.

Drooling just thinking about it !!!!

4. Have you gotten into a physical fight (as a grown-up, not as a child! 🙂 ) with anyone?

Um…that would depend. Is seveteen/eighteen considered a grownup ???

5. What is the most unusual food/meal you’ve eaten?

And they laid it out with the suckers facing up…absolutely 100% the grossest thing I have ever put in my mouth !!!

6. Has a book or movie made you cry? If yes, which one?

Oh my word…I cry at the drop of a hat. Ask the kiddywinkles…embarrasses them sooooooo much !!!


The first I remember crying over was Old Yeller.

The most recent book I cried reading was another dog book.

And I wanted to include this one too. Paddy the Wanderer. A true story about an Airedale Terrier who not only won over Wellington’s heart in the 30’s, but has claimed a good chunk of New Zealand love since then.

As for movies…well it has to be Ghost.

Cry every single time I watch it, and as it is Patrick Swayze…it has been watched a lot.

7. This is cliched, yet.. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Just the other day when I went kayaking on the harbour.

I ended up wet...but happy !!!

8. In ‘Deal or No Deal’, if there are only two briefcases remaining, (one is yours), and the remaining amounts are $1 and $1,000,000; Would you strike a deal or take the risk? xD

Take the risk. PIRATE…duh !!!!!!!!!!!!

9. If you won the $1,000,000 in the previous question, who would be the first person you’d call and tell? 😀

My kids.

10. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” This is a quote, a wonderful quote, by Satchel Paige. So, if you had no clue about your year of birth, how old would you think you are? Or quite simply, how old do you feel?

So how old do I look ???

11. From the eleven questions you ask, pick one and answer! 🙂 Seeing as I won’t be asking eleven questions I guess I better make it a good one then.

What is the thing you love about yourself above all else ?

That I have finally learned to be be honest with myself and the world about who I am. I have learned to love me (all of me)…and you can take that anyway you want…hehehe



    1. You have a point. I still feel as I did in that picture until I pass a mirror unexpectedly or go to move after sitting still for too long. Then the years shock me in to remembering just how old I really am.
      But I will always have the heart of a kid…and a naughty one at that.


  1. I’ve watched “Old Yeller” many a time, and still cry every time. What a heartbreaking ending to a wonderful classic. I enjoyed your answers to this. You really put some ump into answering them, I see. Good job, Jo!. 🙂


    1. Thank you…yep dear ‘old Yeller’, is a classic that never fails to touch the emotions…just like ‘The Yearling’. If you want to see a movie that will make you cry…INTO THE WILD. The true and slightly controversial story of Christopher McCandless. Whatever you believe happened out there…the movie is a beautiful piece of filming by Sean Penn…and brought me to tears.


  2. Stunning post and photo’s! Oh, I loved the movie “Ghost” as well and “Marley & Me”. Have you ever seen the movie “Hachi, A Dog’s tale”? Richard Gere stars in it.
    And of course you had to include our 2 heroes at the end..hee hee. I was just watching one Supernatural episode again this morning. They are so good! 🙂


    1. Nope I haven’t seen that one. We don’t get all the movies out here which SUCKS big time !!!
      TBs are ALWAYS included…whatever I do…hehehehe


      1. Not that do suck! I won’t know what I’d do without my movies and seasons. LOL!

        Love your TBs…all the way! LOL!


  3. I love, love, love your childhood story. It’s amazing how little things can have such a huge impact on the course of your life. That your ran into your mother’s arms. It kinda teared me up. Sentimental am I! Argh! I always loved playing walk the plank on the picnic benches in the backyard.


    1. Oh I am honest to be sure…sometimes maybe a little too honest for my own good I am told…
      But hey…that’s the me that is right here and right now.


      1. #2!, I forgot to comment on #2. Actually, you were my first internet friend also. We made a lot of friends, fast and furious in a very short time after that, but it started with you. 🙂

        Lots of comments for # 5 actually, just none I was willing to state on a public forum.

        I laughed when I saw bluebee’s comment, I’m just surprised it’s the first time someone has mentioned it. We do sound like a married couple sometimes. 😉

        I laughed when I saw blubee’s comment


        1. I was your first…

          I LIKE that…hehehe
          Maybe my brain is running on empty but I have NO IDEA what you are thinking with #5…none !!!


          1. I’m glad you were my first, you were very gentle with me. 🙂

            As for question # 5.
            Pretend you’re a manly Pirate, such as myself, then read the last half of the last sentence in your answer. Then, get back with me on your thoughts. 😉


    1. The kiddywinkles sit there staring out of the corners of their eyes to see whether the tears have started flowing…then they giggle. Terrible of them really.


  4. Hi Jo,
    I think one of the nicest things about these awards or being tagged by other bloggers is that we get to learn about each other a little more. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing so much about your life with us…Rhett Butler…that was a no-brainer. 🙂 And Ghost…pass the box of Kleenex. 🙂 Loved the video clips…thank you!


  5. I love these kinds of posts, because it lets me learn more about my pirate cohorts! You and the Captain crack me up. 😀 I love that picture in # 2 – that’s one that definitely need to go aboard the ship, imo. My goodness, Old Yeller always makes me cry and so did Marley and me. Haven’t read Paddy, yet, but I bet it’s a good one. Another one you might like (although it, too, is a tearjerker), is “Dewey: the small town library cat who touched the world.”


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