I am incredibly honoured when someone thinks enough of what I do here to take the trouble to send an award my way.

We all like validation of what we do.

I am no different.

So thank you from every part of me to those of you who have remembered me and given me the

I thank you !!

However…as of now I have decided that this blog will no longer take part in awards. It becomes quite time consuming in fact, and while I am very appreciative of someone thinking of Chronicles when they hand them out, I struggle to blog enough as it is.

So THANK YOU…but this is it for awards and Chronicles.

Thanks to RoughWaterJohn the Pirate for this one.

Thanks to Theresa at ThirdHandArt’s for this The Versatile Blogger Award.


I’d like to thank Brynne at ‘presence of magic

for giving me her PRESENCE OF MAGIC AWARD.


Thanks to Penny at Life Re-Connected for this lovely one.

The gorgeous Marcia over at nuggetsandpearls,

which is a chock-a-block full of lots of those,

was kind enough to honour me with the Liebster Blog.

Thanks to Cheryl at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush for the Leibster Blog Award.

Thanks to Theresa at ThirdHandArt’s for this Liebster Blog Award.

Miss Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary – thank you for this Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you sincerely Granny Dog for this Versatile Blogger Award – I am honoured you thought of me.

So how lucky am I ??

Isabel from Tales From the Sea has honoured me with the above Versatile Blogger Award.

I am so thrilled that she took the time for that.

Thank you Isabel

Sometimes people are too kind. California Ink in Motion is a blog that has set a standard for excellence. So the fact that the creator of this blog sees fit to think of me when she hands out Liebster Blog awards thrills me incredibly.

Thank you from every part of me !!!

I have been given a wonderful honour from Jennifer whose blog My Sardinian Life has provided me with so much pleasure and fun over the last few month.

The Reader Appreciation Award.

How cool is that !!!!!!!!!!!!

My poem Tacent was awarded the Perfect poets Award – now that is such a thrill !!

Thank you !!!


This one is a bit convoluted – but bear with me.

Coffee and Spellcheck asked her readers to nominate bloggers for this award rather than pass it on herself.

So Amira at MindBlur was very generous in putting forward my name for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you Amira !!!


Kate at Believe Anyway has come up with a wonderful idea. She has decided to create an award called the Candle Lighter Award for blogs she believes bring light to the world. I am so honoured that she thought to include me in her list of blogs.

Thank you Kate !!!


PiEnSo LuEgO ExIsTo… El PoDeR De La PaLaBrA

has recently given me the Versatile Blogger Award.

(Redesigned graphic by Jake over at Time After Time.)

It really amazes me when people are so kind..


Didi over at Didi-licious has made the Holiday Season of 2011 that bit brighter by giving me the Liebster Blog Award.

I am very touched that she would think of me !!!

Thank you Didi.


Lost among the Muses has just told me that she has nominated this blog for two awards.


oh my…I am thrilled !!!

Thank you so much.



the following posts said thank you to bloggers who honoured me with awards in 2011.

Versatile Blogger Award

The Seven Links Award

And the award goes to…

I’m a happy little Kiwi – cause someone gave me some lovin’

Thank You !!


 has started with a bang !!

Two awards and it is only the 2nd of January.

Thank you sincerely to both KWESCHN! and Cee’s Life Photography Blog for their inclusion of me when they handed out the Candle Lighter Award.

The Candle Lighter Award was founded by Kate at Believe it Anyway and is being passed around to blogs considered to light the world up just a little bit extra.

What a great thought.

And what an honour when people think I do that here.

Thank you both !!!


It is the year of the

and it is my intention to blaze my way through it !!!


Christine at dadirridreaming has honoured me with the 7 X 7 Links Award.

Thank you so much Christine !!!

As soon as I get the laptop back and running I will reply to these awards I promise !!


Thank you ON THE BENCH for thinking of

Chronicles of Illusions when handing out your 7 X 7 Links Awards !!!!


Harry over at dribblingpensioner has just been sweet enough to pass on the One Lovely Blog Award.

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ is for Blogs that make you feel good after you have visited.

Thanks Harry – I am really undone with that gesture !!!


For my thank you post to those you were kind enough to think of me  in 2011/2012

You like me !!!!!!!!!!!!


January 2012 has been a fabulous month blogwise. A wonderful blogger has been generous enough to award this blog the Hug Award.

To Angeline at Angelinem’s Blog – my heartfelt thanks.

To Connie at A HOPE FOR TODAY – what a wonderful award you have devised and I am thrilled to be amongst your nominees. It is a wonderful thing you are doing spreading the word of HOPE throughout the blogging world !!

What is the Hug Award ??

Please visit the Hope Unites Globally – Hug Award Guidelines for a full explanation of this wonderful award.


Thank you to */-)ndr¡X* over at WRITING LIFE IN WORDS AND PHOTOS  for awarding the Genuine Blogger Award to Chronicles.

I am honoured !!

What a great start for this blog to the year 2012 !!


And a big thank you to Eldy from Eldy’s Photo Blog for being generous with passing on to me the One Lovely Blog Award.


Thank you Jake, over at Time after Time for this wonderful Water Dragon.

Logo designed by Jake at Time After Time


It is The Son’s 21st birthday today and yet lucky me got a present !!

The Versatile Blogger Award from mellifluousmurmurs.

I almost feel guilty…hehehe !!!

Redesigned graphic by Jake over at Time After Time



Thank you Juan at These Immortal Words for being so generous as to give this blog the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I am thrilled you thought to mention the blog when handing it out !!!


Sugar, spice and everything nice…what a great blog Gracie Sam has and that makes me very pleased to hear she thought enough of Chronicles to give it the…

Thank you !!!


Now this award just reeks of summer…which is a good thing as we head toward the colder months down under.

Thank-you’s go out to Sharon over at A Number of Things


Amira at MindBlur for thinking of Chronicles when they handed out these !!!


Marcy over at How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff is thankfully STILL talking to me after I called her a bloke (Aussie for fella/male/someone with dangly bits), and was so very kind as to give Chronicles the

Thank you for both things Marcy !!!


Britten was kind enough to give Chronicles the…

Thank you !!!


Eldy at Loving Life: A Green Journey was so kind as to think of me when passing out the Kreativ Blogger Award.

That means a great deal ! Thank you Eldy !!


The lovely Tina whose blog The Perfectly Imperfect One is worth a visit has been generous enough to hand over the Versatile Blogger Award to Chronicles.

Redesigned graphic by Jake over at Time After Time

Thank you Tina !


A huge thank you to Andrea over at Writing Life in Words & Photos for the following

and here are my 10 questions and answers…

  1. What is your Favorite color? Red & Purple
  2. What is your favorite animal?  I can’t choose just 1 !!
  3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Milk
  4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook
  5. What’s your passion?  Life and everything in it !
  6. What’s your Favourite pattern? The patterns nature gives us !
  7. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?  Giving…though getting is a pretty close second.
  8. What’s your favourite number? I love ALL numbers…because they’re numbers.
  9. Favourite day of the week? Each day has something special.
  10. Favorite flower? Wild flowers.

Now I am not nominating anyone…not because they don’t deserve it…but I just feel it is a lot to ask people who already are busy with their blog. But hey if you want this award…well just reading this entitles you to it…so be my guest !!!


mothergrogan sent

our way.

Thank you very much !!!!


Canadiantravelbug’s Blog (these Canadians sure like to travel) is all about living in China – fascinating stuff. And I was delighted to receive the

from such an interesting blogger.


You meet the nicest people on here. Eldy is one of them !!! Thank you so much for the following wonderful awards in recognition of Chronicles.

That is so kind of you Eldy !!!

And here are the questions and answers that go with these…

  • Favorite color:   That changes according to my mood…purple is the current favourite.
  • Favorite Animal:   I can’t choose. Anything except cockroaches.
  • Favorite number:   They’re numbers…and they can be combined in so many ways so I love ’em all.
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:    Coffee, coffee, coffee.
  • Facebook or Twitter:   Facebook
  • My Passion:   Life.
  • Getting or Giving Presents:  Giving.
  • Favorite Pattern:     Spots
  • Favorite Day of the Week:     Like animals and numbers they have something…each and everyone of them that makes them special.
  • Favorite Flower:    Sunflowers, or maybe gerberas, or violets, lilies perhaps, oh I know, I know…WILDFLOWERS.


It is already June and the days here are getting shorter and darker. But someone…well TWO someones made my Sunday morning much brighter in the midst of this winter gloom.

Thank you to Meredith at The Wanderlust Gene for giving Chronicles the

Now this very creative blogger decided to do something interesting instead of just answering questions. She played the Atlas Game…which I am doing now. but hey people, you know me…this could take a while as I ALWAYS go a bit overboard. Will post when finished !!!

BUT…we’re not finished yet.

Thank you very much Canadiantravelbugs’s Blog for giving me the

I am thrilled as this is a newbie. Well truthfully I am thrilled to be thought of as worthy of such.


There is a great blog called Wild Night In. Terrific reviews of books and films, and just a great read really. So I feel very honoured that this young lady has taken the time to bestow the

on Chronicles.

Inspiring…not something I ever thought someone would say about me.

Thank you for this wonderful award !!!

So then…seven things about me you don’t know.

  1. I still believe in forever and ever love. It hasn’t happened for me but I have seen it with others.
  2. I’ve discovered one of the hardest parts of living the single life is that you miss being touched. I don’t mean sex. And yes friends and family hug you. What I mean is laying on the lounge for hours curled around someone, getting a foot massage, having your back stroked or your hair played with type of touching.
  3. I had a helicopter flying lesson once. I was terrible at it…I mean really, really terrible at it. Scared the crap out of me.
  4. As an adult I had whooping cough. For months it dragged on and I had to use a nebulizer just to get air at times. It was awful.
  5. While I am an atheist I do believe that Jesus lived. I just think that Mary got up to a little hanky panky with Joseph before they said I do. Or maybe she got up to it with someone else and the whole God/angel conception thing seemed a better way to go than getting stoned to death, as was the custom back then.
  6. When I went back to live with my mother she took me to the carnival to work with her sometimes. One day I was playing a game where you throw balls through holes and the monkeys race up a pole. First monkey to the top wins a prize. I won and got Pandy – a black and white teddy bear. He slept with me for years and I still have him. I found out later Mum had talked one of the men in to going behind and pushing MY monkey up the pole so I won. That is exactly something I would do.
  7. In 2004 my dog Tia suddenly got dementia. She was 17 and although she got around slower she was very healthy. Within a week she lost it…didn’t know how to eat or wee properly anymore. I found her one night, crying. She had walked in to a space between the wall and the lounge and she didn’t know how to back up. Of all the animals I have ever had…well, losing her almost broke me. Maybe because I had to make the decision. I don’t know. She was the most caring, gentle soul I have ever known. I miss her still and when I think of her I still get a tear or two.

So there you have it….


Thank you to The Retiring Sort for awarding Chronicles the

Award !!!

I am very grateful that you did !!


Thank you to ‘a hectic life’ for being generous enough to think of Chronicles when passing on the

It is wonderful that others think of this blog when doing so !!!



Isn’t it pretty !!!

Mara over at Africa to Algarve gave me this lovely award.

Thank you !!!

It really is a big honour as she normally doesn’t do awards.

There are questions which I answered here…or you can check out Mara’s answers.


I like pink…so I love this award from Ellie at The Muse is Working Blog.

Check out her blog and her answers to the questions I won’t be answering due to being a pirate and all.


Dear sweet Ioanna from life portOfolio is handing out sweetness and light. Thank you so much for thinking of me. If you want to see her answers to the questions (that I am not answering…hehe) pop over and check out her blog. You won’t be sorry !!!

I LOVE cupcakes. So imagine my delight in getting this not once but three times this month.

Jennifer at My Sardinian Life (super blog BTW), Canadiantravelbug’s Blog  and The MOFMan (I really must ask what that stands for…it sounds so interesting don’t you think?) sent me more Cuppy Cakes.

Yea !!!!!!!!!!!

Yippee !!!!!!

So…I guess I should answer the questions now.

1. Cookies or Cake?

Both. All the time.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Seriously ??? Which one do you think ??? Do I look or sound like a vanilla girl ???

3. What is your favourite sweet treat?

Super DARK chocolate…Whittaker’s

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

All day – everyday. But most especially…nah I’m not telling you THAT !

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Tiramisù, from tirami su! Because it means: pick me up/pull me up!

And one more treat because it just fits…and I love celebrating with The Boys !!!


It is September here in New Zealand and Kate whose blog Believe Anyway is truly worth a visit honoured me with the

Pretty cool I think !!!

So…7 more fact. As we are heading in to the warmer months I shall find 7 warm things to tell you.

  1. The hottest Christmas Day I can remember was 42% C in Sydney. I drove my Dad and I out to my sister’s for lunch and then we played tennis. I know…all Aussies are a little crazy.
  2. When I learned to swim I was terrified of the water. The man who ran the school had had an accident and had not been in the water for a long, long time. I was so panicked in the deep end that he got in the water with me, to the amazement of all his staff.
  3. Big Wednesday is my favourite summer movie.                                     
  4. My favourite surfing movie though is Morning of the Earth.
  5. My favourite song from Morning of the Earth is G. Wayne Thomas’s “Open Up Your Heart.”   
  6. Favourite ice-cream cone consists of one scoop chocolate then one scoop passionfruit.
  7. Favourite summer food [actually let’s just say favourite food] – TOMATOES


Thank you Kavi whose blog Wingrish is well worth a visit for passing on both the

and the

It really makes me happy to hear that you like Chronicles.


I love new stuff !!!

Really love it.

So when I received it I was thrilled as I had never been nominated for it before: The Booker Award. So imagine just how thrilled I was when I got not one but TWO Booker Awards.

40 Again’s Blog passed the one above on to Chronicles and I would just like to express my sincere thanks for doing so.

Madhu over at The Urge to Wander has also been so kind as to think of me and my little blog when passing hers around

Now you all know I am not going to nominate anyone – not because you don’t deserve it – but because I decided it isn’t fair to put the work on to already hard working bloggers.

But this time I will answer the question. Name my 5 favourite books.

  1. Rebecca
  2. Thesaurus
  3. Dictionary
  4. Black Like Me
  5. Born Free


You meet the nicest people on the WWW. Seriously. people who just make you feel good about yourself. Now over at The Retiring Sort there is one very nice lady who has done that for me today. She gave me a very appreciated award.

And this is what she said that I think is wonderful:

This one I’m sending out to some bloggers who maintain great sites of their own, but always take time to visit and comment on other bloggers’ posts. They (among others) have supported and encouraged me regularly.  No strings on accepting this one, folks!

So I am thrilled to accept the “Here’s lookin at you kid” Award. I mean we all know how crazy I am about Bogie !!!!!


I have found in the time I have been blogging that the community that exists is special in so many areas. It’s informative, fun, passionate, BUT the most important quality I have found in it is that is is supportive.

At times I have been asked:

  • Isn’t it time consuming ?
  • How can you ever know these people ?
  • Aren’t you afraid you’ll meet a lot of kooks ?

And too many other questions to name. Non bloggers don’t get it. That’s okay. Because I do !! Many of you do too. In the last few months I have been shown so much support when I needed it. Some of that support has come about through your comments, or through your wonderfully insightful post…and some from blogging awards. I think they are wonderful things. Admittedly I don’t follow the rules…being a PIRATE and all. But the feeling I get when someone takes the time to nominate my little blog is immense.

So while I may take time to answer some of them…please never feel that you don’t make my heart swell when you hand them out to me. The feeling I get is something like this…

seagull in flight

I was asked to join the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. What a great honour.

So though long overdue…I should like to acknowledge the following awards you have given me, and I should like to thank the bloggers who thought of me.

Please click on each award to be taken to the page of the wonderful blogger who took the time to acknowledge “Chronicles”


award For this award I will fulfill this condition. Finish this sentence. A GREAT reader is…who loves the words enough to get lost in them.


veryinspiringblogger1blog_affidabileThe following three awards all came from a wonderful blogger. Boy do I feel special !!!

reader-appreciation-award beautifulbloggeraward



I was asked to join the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. What a great honour.




From another terrific blogger came these three awards…

one-lovely-blog-number-21 beautifulbloggeraward super-sweet-blogging-award21



And last but certainly not least is the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’. Four bloggers have nominated Chronicles for this. WOW is all I can say. Thank you so much:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star thumbnail

Blog of the Year Award 2 star thumbnail

Blog of the Year Award 3 star thumbnail

Blog of the Year Award 4 star thumbnail

So what is a girl to say to all that ?? Thank you hardly seems adequate…but i do thanks all these wonderful bloggers for these awards.

Now there are just so many wonderful blogs out there. I don’t pass awards on. Not usually. But just this once I want to reward blogs I visit my Blogroll page for that.


40 thoughts on “Awards”

  1. I am so glad to meet with you. Your blog is amazing and I am almost lost… I loved it so much. I have met with you/with your blog because of this “Reader Appreciation Award” on one of my beautiful blogger friends, dear TBM’s blog,

    Thank you for all beautiful people, like TBM and like you, how you all make my humble world to become rich… With my love, nia


    1. Thank you so much. I will get it organised as soon as I can. Right now I need sleep after a week with the flu…so it may take a few day. Again thank you for thinking of Chronicles…and congrats on your award !!!!


  2. This is by far one of the most impressive collection of blog awards I have ever seen in my journey in blogosphere. A fantastic validation of your blog Jo ..heartiest congratulations for this well deserved series of recognitions, worth being chronicled for sure 😉


  3. Hi Jo
    I’ve been nominated for the BookerAward and in turn I’ve nominated you too. I’m not too sure of its legitimacy, or where it came from, but I pass it on to you in the spirit of friendship. The details are on my blog


  4. Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the No Strings Attached-Gratitude Award. I hope this will be welcome news for you. I also hope you will visit the other nominees, and they will visit you. To see more about the award and accepting this nomination (no strings on this one), please visit my post at All the best!


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