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My top 10 favourite dance scenes.

I love movies that have GREAT dance scenes.

They convey so much emotion.

They tell such great stories.

They are just so much fun to watch.


Here are my favourite 10.

In no particular order.

Except for the first two – of course !!!


1. Cry to Me

2. Lover Boy from Dirty Dancing

3. Kevin Bacon in Footloose

4. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

5. Pulp Fiction

6. Bride and Prejudice

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

8. Step Up

9. Grease

10. West Side Story


What are your favourites from the movies?

For more great scenes check out Ms. Mouse Cleans House for her picks.


12 thoughts on “My top 10 favourite dance scenes.”

  1. A lot of these would go on my faves list, too. And I’d add a couple: The dance between Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in the darkened studio in Shall We Dance…for ballet, almost anything in The Turning Point…for Broadway, lot of the stuff in Chicago…and in “Other” the amazing dance in the snow in Memoirs of a Geisha. Love love love!


    1. Hi Lynn,
      There are so many great ones. I agree with Shall We Dance. In Hidden Daggers (I think that is the one) there is also a type of dance scene that is amazing. And I love Hairspray. But I thought I would narrow it to my top 10. Truthfully I am a HUGE Fred Estaire fan. I LOVE ALL his dance routines. And Gene Kelly. I’ve never seen Memoirs of a Geisha – so that will now go on my to see list.


  2. Excellent choices! Now I have to think about my favs. I know what they are, but need to actually figure out what they are called so I can tell others. Should have a list in a couple of days. Thanks for the wonderful idea! Stay tuned.


    1. Some of them are soooo uplifting. And surprising. Kevin bacon in Footloose gets me loose. And Lover Boy with Patrick Swayze. Okay now I think I’ll be doing a little dance throughout the day. 🙂


  3. I just had to check out this post since I also enjoy dance scenes in film. I am a big fan of the old school films. Especially Fred Astaire (one of the greatest actors via dance) and Gene Kelley (grace and athleticism with so much personality). And I am fanatic about the Busby Berkeley spectacles, which were some of the most amazing dance routines ever filmed–I can watch those over and over. Great topic!

    Tossing It Out


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