Heads up people…it’s my birthday.

So – here is a little mood music.

My theme song – just to get you going.

53 and counting…


So today, this post is all about me.

What is important to me today? What do I love? What am I most proud of?

1. My babies – the two-legged kind. They are bright, beautiful, feisty individuals who made me forget what labour was like within seconds of being born. They are my greatest achievement. Watch out world. They are coming for you !!

2. My other babies – the two and four-legged kind. Chevvy, who always has a moment for me. Charlie, the character of the household. Jack, who still has a kitten hidden in there somewhere. Crash, who hates it when I leave him alone. As well as those beautifull souls who came before and have left, and the foster babies who opened up my heart a little bit more everytime.

3. My ability to walk around and do things. After breaking my back twice in seven years, I am still here functioning. Those were some of the hardest years in my life. But instead of defeating me, I like to believe they carved a better model from what came before.

4. My friends. Were I to place all of my friends in a room, it would be a most unusual mix – like my taste in music. Each one brings something unique with them, but they all have one quality in common. Their capacity for kindness.

5. My writing. After leaving it behind for many years, the feel of it is like warm honey on fresh bread.

6. My education. The year I turned fifty I walked on stage and was handed a paper that told me more than that I had earned a degree. It spoke to me of the qualities I possessed to obtain it. It sang of the possibilities of the future, and applauded the work it took to obtain it.

Hey Mum – look at me – I made it.

And…it’s been pretty good so far !!

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Because it is my birthday, and on birthdays you can do as you please, and I couldn’t think of a way to add the boys into the post, I am going to add them to the comment replies – so.


  1. Just saw your post’s date. Guess what? I was right! Tomprrow is your birthday.
    Explanation: Must be a time warp thingy coz where i’m at, today’s August 15th…eery.

    But that’s okay sure the boys can handle such a small detail…LOL!


  2. Happy Birthday, dear Jo!! I’m soOoOoo glad you were born!:) Sending you a great big squish and wishes that this is the start of one of your BEST years yet!


  3. Happy Birthday Jo! I was going to wait until tomorrow when it’s your birthday here, but since you don’t live here, I guess it’s your birthday now. 🙂 Great pictures by the way!


  4. Jo tell me you don’t own one of those life-size cardboard cut outs of the TB’s because Im bringing you one for a gift. If only virtualy. Singing… happy birthday to you…. and many more!! I like that pic of you peaking around the corner, big smile, big sunglasses. Celebrate!


    1. Thanks Sara – I am now waiting with anticipation for the virtual gift. Hehe…
      Don’t have one of those yet, but the order has been placed for a VERY LARGE poster (which to date has been ignored by the kids – knew I should have slapped ’em around more as they were growing up).
      I like that piccy too. It was a happy time, roadtripping to Queensland with a friend.
      Ahhhhhhhh…memories, may be beautiful and yet…
      Hmmmmmm. Curious, how I seem to burst into song these days at the slightest provocation.


    1. Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes. Yep – that piece of paper means a lot more than the paper it is written on. 🙂 Well worth raising a glass or two.
      Sorry – I have been hanging out wanting to use that line for ages. LMAO


  5. I feel terrible for missing this! Belated Happy Birthday,Jo! I hope you got more photos to add to the ones already on display in this birthday post!


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