Music to feed my soul.

Music – I feel odd, ill at ease without it.

But when I listen – go inside it – let it go inside me – I feel.

My friends tell me I have unusual taste in music.

Not because of the type of music I like – because I like so many differing types.

So here is another list for you to learn more about me, and what happens under my skin.

This is what I listen to at the moment – especially when I am writing.

  1. Adam Lambert
  2. Queen
  3. Altiyan Childs
  4. Bon Jovi
  5. U2
  6. Florence and the Machine
  7. Gin Wigmore
  8. Fleetwood Mac
  9. Midnight Juggernauts
  10. The National
  11. The Beach Boys
  12. Iron & Wine
  13. INXS
  14. The Eagles
  15. Jim Croce
  16. Rodriguz
  17. The Beatles
  18. Melissa Etheridge
  19. Mumford and Sons
  20. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  21. Michael Jackson
  22. Cat Stevens
  23. Modern West
  24. The Who
  25. Elvis Presley
  26. Eurythmics
  27. Bowie
  28. Frank Boeijen Groep
  29. Aerosmith
  30. Kings of Leon
  31. Curtis Stigers
  32. Janis Joplin
  33. Justin Timberlake
  34. Donovan Frankenreiter
  35. Jeff Buckley
  36. The Police
  37. The Rolling Stones
  38. Madonna
  39. Katy Perry
  40. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  41. Johnny Cash
  42. Coldplay
  43. Robbie Williams
  44. Santana
  45. Savuka
  46. Joshua Kadison
  47. Fine Young Cannibals
  48. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  49. Tom Petty
  50. Styx
  51. Debussy
  52. The Doors
  53. Procol Harum
  54. Natalie Merchant

My favourite at the moment is Adam Lambert – he has a song for my every mood. I fell in love with his voice on Idol. This was for me the highlight of the whole season.


Found this – Jim Morrison – so good !!!

Another one…Savuka

One more…Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

What are you listening to?


  1. I didn’t see that season of Idol, but I am a huge music-lover and has some family who are fans of Lambert’s, so I will have to check him out. I feel you on the music, though. If you are interested, this post gave a slight window into my taste in music — seems about as eclectic as yours!

    Also, love the pic — what a great way to describe a feeling! Definitely gets the message across! Have a great day!


    1. Thank you so much. I like the pic too. It was a good season except for the finale where Adam Lambert came in runner up. I swore I would never watch it again. Liar, liar, pants on fire !! I actually like the show – but am ALWAYS astounded at how they seem to go for the same mould of singer each year to win. It makes me laugh – Lambert came in as runner-up. He has a huge career now. Oh and what was the name of the guy who won again????? Exactly !! Will head over and check out your post now. 🙂


  2. My eyes ran down that llist. There are several names I like on it but “Santana” sprang from te page for me. He reaaly can play and I have some good memories associated with his music. Enjoyed the list


    1. I do to. I remember a concert in Sydney with Santana playing as the sunset – his guitar wailing to a red tinged sky. What a night that was.


  3. Definitly a well rounded list. Ive heard of most of them, taught myself to play guitar on Cat Stevens. Adam Lambert I like, but I can’t watch any of the videos (I tried), my computer is being challenging today.


  4. I love how music can transport you. Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” was brilliant. Tears for Fears would be proud of his rendition.



  5. I too cannot live without music. Your list is long!! but it doesn’t contain my favorite band: Los Lobos. Perhaps you could check them out. I’ll try to find a video for you of one of my favorites and post back here(I hope!).


    1. Do that. I have never heard of them. Find me your favourite song of theirs. I know the list is long but there are so many great musicians and bands out there it is hard to narrow it down to a few. Different styles for my many different moods.


      1. okey doke. Perhaps you’ve heard “La Bamba”? If not, Los Lobos is the band that made that song famous from the movie of the same name. here’s one that I found that has the Latin groove that I love about them. not the best quality video but you’ll get the idea I’m sure(I hope this works):


      2. and one more. this one is near the top of my list of favorites. it’s a happy song:

        I found a live version with Los Lobos singing it on Sesame Street 😉 I like this one better. I hope you enjoy!!


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