The art of pirate tagging…

Is to do things exactly how you want.

I’ve been tagged.

I am going to answer the questions – because they are cool questions, and it gives me a chance to let you know more about who I am.

I am NOT going to pass the tag along.

‘Cause I am a PIRATE people, and pirates don’t do rules.

If you want you can take these questions and answer them. They were given to me by Lorely from Writing from the Edge

Looking back, which author did you most love in that transition between childhood and becoming an adult?

Agatha Christie, and I still have a box of the books I read. I loved mysteries, and unravelling them. Still do – give me a puzzle and I am occupied for however long it takes to unravel it.

Which 5 plants or species would you always want growing in your garden (or hypothetical garden)

Tomatoes – five types of tomatoes. The black and yellow cherry tomatoes, and the big green ones so I can have FRIED GREEN TOMATOES are a must.

What would you try to save if the house went up in flames and you knew all the people and animals were safely out?

Personal photos and videos. The gold/marcasite watch that belonged to my Auntie Rita. The watch I gave to my Dad for his birthday.

Which country/city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?

Cuba…I want to drink mojitos, dance in the streets of Havana at night to a Cuban band like this one…

And then I want to visit the Mausoleo Che Guevara in Santa Clara.

What’s the number one favourite piece of music/song you would take to your desert island?

I am sorry but I have 100 number ones…but I would take any and all Freddie Mercury music with me.

Do you read using a Kindle or would you if you could?

No and yes.

What individual item of food would you not eat, even if it was served to you at the Queen/President’s dinner table? (Something ordinary, we’re not talking about sheep’s eyeballs here!)


If you found an unexpected £20 in the bottom of your coat pocket, what would you spend it on – books, wine, plants, clothes, bills…?


If your car could be any colour you want, what colour would it be?

Looking back, what do you most regret not buying (no matter how big or small)

I am a pirate…pirates don’t do regrets.

Do you still have your childhood teddy bear? If so, what is he/she called?



  1. Tomatoes should be a must for anyone, whether they garden, or not. What an easy nutritious plant to grow. And just out of coincidence, on my way home from running errands awhile I ago, I was listening to “Killer Queen” on the radio. Go Freddie! 🙂
    I liked your list, I also like that you don’t do rules. Cool!


    1. Thank you.
      I am a real tomato nutter. I think I would shrivel if they were withheld from me for any length of time. Fresh tomatoes, tomato soup, pasta with tomato sauce, fried tomatoes, stuffed tomatoes, tomatoes on toast, tomato sandwiches, baked tomatoes, bruschetta, thinly sliced tomatoes with onion, garlic, and olive oil…oh yes I LOVE tomatoes !!!!
      I like not doing rules as well…hehehehehehehehe…but not as much as TOMATOES !!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I will be in Cuba in three weeks, When I drink a Mojito I will raise my glass and hope for you to be able to visit Cuba. Pina Coladas are darn good as well, I don’t think I will be in La Havana this time but Santa Clara or Santiago de Cuba perhaps, it not this time then the next time. Hope you get there some time. It has been my favorite country to visit on so many levels. The people and the architecture stand out for me.


    1. It has been a dream for a long time to get to Cuba…there is so much there that fascinates me on so many levels.
      Have fun and have a drink for me…


      1. Please feel free to delete this link and comment, as am not comfortable with self-promotion on someone else’s place. Thought you might like to see some images of Cuba that I snatched last year if you have not wandered by. If for no other purpose, they will fuel the dream. WHEN you go, you will have no regrets. It will blow your mind, capture your heart and your imagination.


        1. Oh I am NEVER deleting this link…nah uh…not ever !!! So I can go back and see these amazing photos. WOW !!!! I missed these before. Thank you for pointing me in their direction.
          The dream has been fuelled…if it means selling the kiddywinkles I will find a way to get to Cuba.


  3. Ahh! Great answers Jo! Thanks for doing it!
    How right you are – I would have been far more comfortable doing the answers and not passing it on!
    I shall – instantaneously! – become a pirate!

    LOVE the car! Does it come in old-fashioned beetles?!?


  4. Right on about the fried green tomatoes! There is nothing so delicious except maybe fried okra. How did you get turned on to a Southern American recipe like that? Do you use corn flower or (ugh) wheat flower?


    1. Fried okra…..ugggghhhhh. We grew okra when we lived in Queensland and I can’t stand the stuff. I decided to try fried green tomatoes after – wait for it – seeing the movie, and have loved them ever since. And I try to use cornflour…


      1. Did you know that okra and azaleas are are part of the same plant family? If you look at an okra blossom, it looks a lot like an azalea, except of course it’s white. Fried okra, if it’s done right, isn’t slimy and gross. It’s crunchy and delish. You have to cook it at a high temperature in vegetable oil. mh hm!


  5. YAY for PIRATES!! 😀 Thanks for giving us a glimpse into that twisted but wonderful psyche of yours, Jo. I LOVE fried green tomatoes, too. Yes, cornflour or cornmeal is the best breading and of course, buttermilk works soooo much better than regular milk with the eggs. man that is making my mouth water thinking about them. What a cool mini-cooper that is! Love the dancing Shiva on top!


    1. Yep I say YAY for pirates…they are the coolest !!!
      Twisted huh ???
      You might be right…hehehehe
      I shall try buttermilk next time.
      It was George Harrison’s mini…the beatles used it in their film Magical Mystery Tour.
      Just a bit of trivia thrown in….


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