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My Happy Place

Show where you go to get your groove back is the challenge. Mostly this is the place where I feel the air blow through me and clean out all that has crowded in. It sets me right again with the world. I head for the sea. Feeling very happy...the following photo got 2nd Prize in… Continue reading My Happy Place

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Summer Lovin’ ?????

Summer lovin'...maybe not as it is winter here, but there was still a whole lot of frisky business happening. This until the end. It had me laughing out loud at the end. WPC: Summer Loving

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My Best Friend My best friend took a long time to get to know. She...yes she is a a rebel [in her own way]. According to Jung she fits the rebel archetype that he ascribed to. You see she  sees injustice everywhere and wants to shake up the entire system! According to Jungian psychologists, this type… Continue reading My Best Friend

Animals, Birds, Fauna, My Photos, New Zealand, Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Between

I caught this wee guy as he flew between the branches of this tree. Now meet Frosty. WPC: Between

Animals, Birds, Fauna, My Photos, New Zealand, Weekly Photo Challenge

Split-Second Story

For one [the  New Zealand weta] in a split second life is over...for the other [the kingfisher] a split second catch means surviving. Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

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WPC: Work of Art

Works of art come in many shapes and sizes. Back when I had the Thai students with me we went to a friend's 70th birthday. There really is no other description for his birthday cake... Not to brag, but I can be pretty adept with cake making when the occasion arises. Just to remind you… Continue reading WPC: Work of Art

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Life is all about movement. Sometimes I think we could use a little still time. Maybe that is why I like photography. It allows me to be still and to also stop a moment. Weekly Photo Challenge

My Photos, New Zealand, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

My Photos, New Zealand, People, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Waihi is a small town about 20 minutes drive north of where I live. In March every year the main street comes alive with the people of Waihi and surrounding areas, as well as a few from afar. It is the eclectic mix that always fascinates me. Related Posts Wordless Wednesday Art for arts sake...… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life