Sunday Post: Simplicity

Jake’s theme for this seek is simplicity.

One of the definitions I found was this: directness of expression : clarity

Is there any more direct expression than joining with nature to create a moment? A moment that is palpable to those watching from shore. And if I found a certain clarity while watching them then I hope they did too. Having known the odd surfer or two during my existence…I am reasonably confidant that they do.

waihi beach


      1. About 8C tonight but we have strong winds and storms.
        during the day the local hardened surfers still surf, but I’m more of a wimp! during the day it has been as much as 20C but the sea is cold brrrrr


    1. Not a good idea Bear. Maybe a boogie board. After I broke my back I have trouble with falling. Once I get off balance I can no longer correct and stop myself falling so over I go every time. I would end up drowning.


  1. Wonderful Jo – can’t choose between the first and last – last I think is a tad more serene than simple, so yes, the first … no mucking around, a picture that simply aims to capture the simple pleasure of enjoying that moment on that wave – simplicity itself 🙂


    1. They are both very different. I love the first because it feels like a celebration of nature and the moment he is in…but I love the last because with that cliff behind it shows another side to the puzzle. How small we really are but how perfectly we can fit in to the whole if we want.


  2. Thanks Jo.
    In imagination I moved to OZ 🙂
    About a swim in the lake there is no question: the same is almost completely freeze. For enjoying it I will have to wait at least 6 months 😦


  3. That looks like so much fun! I like your ideas about simplicity and clarity, too. I think clarity is one of those things that is hard to find and fleeting when it does come, but usually needed when it does. Does that make sense?


  4. Nice shots. I never picked up surfing, even though I am from California. Then I lived in Colorado and I never went skiing. I think there’s a trend there.


        1. Me too…that he didn’t drown [he was a sweetie…and oh so hot to look at], and yes I did try…failed miserably but as long as I provided some entertainment at least it wasn’t a waste of time.


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