Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water made me very happy when I saw it as I get to show off one of my most favourite places in the world.

Waihi Beach.

The surf was up – they ended up closing the beach. I ended up in hospital that night with suspected sunburn to my eyes. Possibly from taking photos without sunglasses. The eyes are all better now and at least I got these shots out of it all.

dog at the beach
body board surfing
child body board surfingWant more water…then hop on Cee’s smiley face.



          1. Haha. It hasn’t here. [checks temperature] -1 with a real feel of -9 Warmed up a bit. Probably because it has started snowing again. Earlier it was -2 with a real feel of -14. That’s cold.


          2. Yeah I think the people who think that he is theirs are a bit sick in the head. Surely they must realise that he is an actor and as such doesn’t notice them as sex objects. He sees them as people who helped him get where he is.


    1. Don’t ask. It was horrible actually. Started about 4.30 in one eye then the other. It felt like I had chilli powder in them. By the time I got to the hospital [a Sunday night] I couldn’t bear to open them. A long wait and two lots of local anesthetic later I saw a doctor who found one abrasion in one eye and five in the other. Not my finest hour.


  1. You make water look fun – by the way – are we talking Bert and Ernie the Taxi driver and cop from It’s a wonderful life, or their namesakes from the mind of Jim Henson?


  2. Love water images Jo ! The aqua … of the surf tells me it has to be somewhere warm ! Was the dog mid catch of a ball …
    Glad your eyes are ok :-O


  3. Sunburnt eyes–never heard of that. I sunburned my eyelids and I thought that was painful. This sounds oh so much more painful. Love the dog photo!


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