On A Good Day

Yesterday I took my two students from Hong Kong with me…and Chevvy…to Waihi Beach for a walk.

IMG_0639 copyThe girls had fun…writing their Chinese names in the sand.

IMG_0620 copy
Carrie with Chevvy. She told me her Chinese name. We will stick to the English version I think.

Which Chevvy promptly demolished with her footprints as she ran rampant.

IMG_0621 copy
This Is Yuki…at least that is the English version of her name.

Not really great weather for it. But others were out too…having a game of soccer.

IMG_0709 copyWind, rain and pretty chilly at first, though it did warm up once we got walking.

IMG_0659 copyThe birds were out in force off shore having a feeding frenzy.

IMG_0687 copyChevvy had a ball running around.

IMG_0653 copySmelling …

IMG_0614 copyChasing birds.

IMG_0671 copyJumping.

IMG_0613 copyCausing general mayhem when ever possible.

IMG_0612 copyShe made sure that she left her mark in the sand as well.

IMG_0624 copyThe sea was fairly calm considering the wind.

IMG_0631 copyOn the way back home we saw this pheasant running around.

IMG_0716 copyWhen we got home the girls went about cooking me dinner.

IMG_0726 copyWhich was pretty darn good I must say. All in all…a good day.



  1. These photos really capture the joy of a day at the beach – there is a wonderful sense of freedom from routine and happiness with life’s simple pleasures. Lovely.


  2. That looked a Very Good day. Sea Air to blow away the cobways. And a home cooked meal on returning home. Great. Loved all your photo’s Jo. I loved the little Dog coat too.
    And I enjoyed my mid- night walk Although its nearly 4am here. Can’t Sleep. So browing via my phonE.
    Have a great Sunday. Or is that now monday?? Lol. Take care. Xxx Sue x


  3. Now they are cool students cooking for you, I really enjoyed having foreign students to stay but haven’t got space now. Chevvy looks ecstatic πŸ™‚ I love the open shell, this is a fab post Jo!


  4. Nothing better than days like this Jo. Stunning photo’s of a perfect day hon! Chevvy is just totally adorable and so are the girls. Bet that dinner was delicious! πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks Sofia. Chevvy does love her new winter coat. It is very snug. The dinner was great. Little fish cakes with rice and a sort of steamed scramble egg with cauilflower and broccoli. Yummy.


      1. It sure is a stunning coat and I will just hug her up. πŸ˜€

        So glad to hear that. It sounds delicious! πŸ˜€


    1. Awww…thanks. I think they are enjoying it. They laugh a lot…at me. Last night I asked them why. Apparently I am ‘good’ funny. Oh dear !!!!! The weather has been terrible sadly. Lots of rain and wind, but they said this morning the thing they liked the most about NZ was the food. So I was happy. They are off sightseeing today. Hope they stay warm and dry.


          1. That is good they will come back. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. Wow what a fast visit.
            Weather here has cooled down and been rainy in Canada. Was glorious first few days. Hopefully this is short lived.


          2. Wow that is crazy… I know how hard English is. I have a lot of non-native English speakers in my class and I am forever saying this or that is a ‘rule breaker’. It takes little ones months to learn enough to get by… and they are suppose to learn faster especially when immersed in it. That is mind blowing. 2 weeks… crazy!


  5. Aw Chevy !! lovely action shots Jo . I was going to ask what was on the menu …. but you’ve answered already … sounds rather tasty . What lovely girls .
    Nothing quite like being ‘good’ funny Jo πŸ˜‰


    1. I have enjoyed having them so far. Next on the list are two boys from Taiwan…could be interesting. The only time I have had a bit of trouble was when I had two boys from the Philippines. One was lovely…the other drove me insane. Every time he did not get his way he rang his Mum back home and made me talk to her. Grrrrrrr


    1. It is a terrific place any time of year. Each season has its pluses and minuses. But I would skip the summer holiday season [Christmas through to the beginning of February] if I were you. Gets too crowded for my liking. Spring is a lovely time, and late summer.


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