Stone # 17


bones creak,

the walk measured,

glass covers the eyes,

excuse me, what was that you said

is often uttered,

new skills require longer hours,

these things smiled into oblivion

as the layers align

the picture’s complete

inside and out


I am trying out a different photo editing software and until now it has held the upper hand. But today a small victory was scored, not only on the computer but in my head. The following is the original photo. I actually really don’t care what anyone else thinks because at this moment I am bursting with joy that it finally worked. It may take more time than when I was twenty to master something – but the pleasure…is grander than ever.

So…do you like it ???



I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

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  1. Yep sure do – cute little poppets! What software are you using? I use Elements 8, Photoshop 7and sometimes paint shop pro. Colour popping is easy with elements but took me ages with photoshop. By the time I’d learnt to pop I was fed up with it though and I did a course with lots of people who were new to it and it drove me crazy because they were doing it all the time.It is effective in focussing us on the subject though. Good cropping and it looks like you have improved the skin tones? It will be interesting to see what you do next!


    1. Yea, she likes it !!
      I am using a combination. because I am uploading a bunch of old negatives I have been using PhotoImpression 6 (the software that comes with the machine) and I really like the ‘repair’ tool and a few other things in that one. Photoscape has been the main other one until someone recently talked me into trying to master Gimp. It isn’t easy – the technical language and rather oblique instructions have driven insane at times. But every now and then I find a site that explains one task so that it makes sense. Today I found one on B & W splashing…hehehe…I love that term. I really want to learn about HDR photography at some point – I love the images it produces.


  2. I thought it was pre digital. I’ve not heard of the software you use but I guess they all do pretty much the same. You need special stuff for HDR I think? I like the images too but for now I’ve moved away from effects because I’m trying to learn to use my camera properly. I know what yo mean about the techie talk – I never read instructions because they go right over my head! So it’s black and white splashing instead of colour popping in your neck of the woods 🙂
    Happy playing!


  3. I am not much into photography Jo, but loved that poem.

    “…as the layers align…the picture’s complete…inside and out..” There is more to this multi-layered words than first meets the eyes, I reckon.

    Peace, Eric


  4. I loved what have you made, dear Jo! Actually both photographs are so nice, but with the Black and White background, the photograph is much more impressive than the original one. As if the message is different from the original one… I see like that… And of course with your poetical lines everything hits. Thank you dear Jo, have a nice day, with my love, nia


  5. Beautifully accomplished. The colors really do pop. I am so new to photo editing that it will be quite some time I’m sure before I reach your level. But I’ll keep plugging away. Loved the poem, too. Great post.


    1. Oh I don’t know Cecelia – just because I did it once doesn’t mean I’ll be able to do it again…thank you though. Your thoughts are always appreciated.


  6. I think you’ve done really well with that photo, Jo. I love it. I’ve also loved all your Stones up until now…I read them all, I just didn’t have time to comment until now.I’m always impressed with your talent…Looking forward to the next ones.x


  7. Beautiful poetry and brilliant editing! I love both photos. The first one a contrast between vibrant colours and a B&W background is a stand out. 🙂


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