My Photos, My Small Stones Poetry

Stone # 10


enveloped in her pastel palette

nature cradles me

in a feather soft cocoon

as she dims the lights


I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

For more Stones from day 10 click here.


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16 thoughts on “Stone # 10”

  1. These are the best stones since Jagger and Richards and company! Yes, it’s me again! I forgot to tell you in December a short piece of fiction I wrote came out in December in the anthology titled WTF?! So, I’m officially a professional now.

    My piece involves a fictional Civil War in the year 2039 between America’s right-wing loonies and left wing loonies.

    I wanted to thank you and the others again for offering me encouragement. It means a lot coming from people who aren’t relatives or close friends.


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