Stone # 9

nuances of colour,



an art gallery without walls


The photo above is a macro shot of a plant in my garden: the Maori Maiden Flax

Here is another of the complete plant.

Amazing what we find when we look closely !!



I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

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    1. The leaves are stunning when you really get up close – after seeing this (which I had no idea was so beautiful until I took the photo) I am on a mission with other plants now…


  1. I gotta hand it to ya, those variations in color are much more pronounced in your first photo, and it certainly is something I miss…. but I find I often miss the beauty because I’m wrapped up in the mundane.


  2. Less is more, just like the tiny are great. Look at tiny invisible microorganisms that can cause such havoc! I almost decided to go into electron microscopy, but hey, I almost decided to do a lot of things. :p


  3. Unbelievable!! Totally agree with the fact that one sees a great more depth and beauty in each, when you watch closer. Absolutely loved it. Only yesterday I stumbled upon A RIVER OF STONES and am already beginning to enjoy through all the posts. Thank you for sharing.


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