You like me !!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay – you may be asking what do The Boys have to do with you liking me.

Not a lot – but this post is about me getting some awards (12 of them…yes I said 12…how cool is that !!) And as I am the one getting the awards I figure that means I can drag anyone I like along to the ceremony.

And The Boys aren’t doing too bad themselves lately…

Though personally I would like to know why Jared and Jensen weren’t invited to the ceremony or The Boys’  acceptance speech wasn’t even televised !!!

But back to me…hehehe !!!

2011 – what a year that was.

It had its moment though, and towards the end some lovely people sent out a few awards in my direction.

is now here…

Did you know it is the year of the

Over the past months I have been saving my awards to my awards page with the intention of holding one big party.


Seriously !!

There will be a quiz after…

Question 1. How many times did Big Daddy John Winchester appear in the video ?

Question 2. What did Cas tell the fangirls to do ?

Question 3. Who was in the dancing tiger costume ?

Question 4. What was playing at the cinema where Sam was dancing and Dean rode the mini bike up to ?

Question 5. Finish this sentence. The sex was ____ !

Question 6. What Police Station did Dean get his mugshot taken at?

Question 7. How many times does Dean get ganked (dead for you uninitiated) ?

Question 8. What does Sam stroke while lying on the ground ?

Question 9. What do Sam and Dean call each other? J___/B_____

Question 10. What does Sam have in his mouth when he wakes up in the Impala ?

All answers in the comments section please…


Now that the mood has been set the first award of the night is…

Jake over at Time After Time made this lovely graphic – clever wee lad is our Jake !!!

I would like to thank the following people without who I would not be here tonight.

1. Coffee and Spellcheck

2. Amira at MindBlur

3. PiEnSo LuEgO ExIsTo… E; PoDeR De La PaLaBrA

4. Lost among the Muses


No it’s not – just pulling your chain…

I also was honoured with the…

Candle Lighter Award

A big thank you goes out to

1. Kate at Believe Anyway who came up with this award for blogs she believes bring light to the world .


3. Cee’s Life Photography Blog

I know this is getting to be a long post but I don’t often bask in glory so I’m basking away in one simple fact…

I know that I actually no longer qualify for this award…

nah ya…so !!!

Thank you to…

1. Didi over at Didi-licious

2. Lost among the Muses

for the honour !!!


Not long to go now people…

That’s right !!!

Thank you

1. Christine at dadirridreaming



To end the ceremony on a high note there is just one more award then you can all go back to your lives.

Harry over at dribblingpensioner has just been sweet enough to pass on the One Lovely Blog Award.

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ is for Blogs that make you feel good after you have visited.

Thanks Harry – I am really undone with that gesture !!!


There are a bunch of rules with some of these awards…but I’d rather just watch this guy !!

Therefore there are no rules,


Which doesn’t mean to say I don’t know of blogs out there who deserve an award.

I know lots !!!

But I will not be responsible this time for handing out the work it entails.

For deserving blogs – check out my Blog Roll page – each and everyone deserves an award !!!

And on that note



  1. I`m going straight here Joe I hate Quiz that`s why my teacher always hunt me shhhh don`t tell anyone he,he
    Ehem ! Thank you for this recognition Joe I`m so glad to know a friend like you very natural ways in blogging
    with humor and a great writer too more power to your blog… .Jake 🙂


  2. The is one unique acceptance piece 🙂
    you had me glued to the post all the way down to the last bit.
    But I confess, I did not click on any of those videos- only because I’m on a low connectivity…

    congratulations on all those award … your blog is great 😀


  3. Jo, what a gala ceremony! Congrats on the awards! You really deserve them all. Keep on writing with the same passion and you’ll win even more awards by the end of 2012 😉


  4. Jo this is fab, a brilliant way to make your announcement. I couldn’t remember if I was on your blog roll so holding my breath, I frantically, desperately, scrolled down and there I am, a big sigh of relief 🙂 🙂 🙂 that’s a real honour thanks so much!


  5. No, we don’t like you. We LOVE you!!! Of course we do! What’s not to like, silly girl? 😀 Seriously, HUGE kudos and congrats and all that. You definitely deserve each and every one of those awards! Woot!! I love your “Goodbye 2011” picture…had me laughing out loud as I completely agree with that sentiment. And…I simply had to swipe the dragon…I know, I know, bad bad me, but he was SOOOO cute! And I plan on doing a Year of the Dragon post soon, so I need good images…(but really, it was just because he was adorable). Keep rockin’ in 2012, Jo!


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