Stone # 4

she lies entangled



half-closed brown eyes

beg for attention

from across her bent knees

moving pictures flash

out a story –

glass slippers

difficult love

fairytales where a fish and a bird

can love forever –


fluffy milk

buttery pastries

Sunday morning

in the middle of the week


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I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

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  1. Awesome! My favorite part was: fairytales where a fish and a bird/can love forever. Great photo too. Love the kittens!


  2. “Sunday morning in the middle of the week” – every one of us knows what that means, and it’s even more luxurious than those Egyptian cotton towels!

    I wish I had a croissant right now…. The power of words!


  3. Adorable picture (kittens are my Kryptonite)! There is some excellent imagery in the poem, too…gotta love those “Sunday mornings in the middle of the week” πŸ™‚ Perfect!


    1. Sadly there are those that don’t. The Daughter’s best friend is a local vet nurse and she recently rescued five abandoned kittens. They were all flea ridden, full of worms and the cat flu – it makes me so angry I could spit !!!!


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