My Small Stones Poetry

Stone # 5

a cracked blue-grey eggshell

lies under the magnolia’s twisted branches

and I don’t care about the question…


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Iโ€™m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

For more Stones from day # 5 click here.


12 thoughts on “Stone # 5”

  1. I am unsure what the River of Stones are Jo… but I think I came in half way through something… LOL.. But no matter, I just want to wish you a Very Happy New Year and apologies that I am just getting around to you here.. ~ Sue


    1. Hi Sue- the River of Stones happens a couple of times a year. You can check out the website link for more details, but you’re just supposed to take note of something each day in your world and write a small stone of poetry about it. I like the discipline it gives me, and love the way it forces me to really look at things.


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