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Two-Headed Coin

You said you’d love me, till I lay cold in a box of walnut with silver handles; now I turn the electric blanket to two, and keep my socks on at night. You promised to wear your ring with pride, but melted it down for thirty dollars, You wanted to fall asleep inside me; rock… Continue reading Two-Headed Coin

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The Hunt

Rounded yellow eyes track movement up a wall, life’s short

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A new CD, the notes bounce across the carpet.

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An envelope larger than the rest, familiar scrawl I’m not forgotten

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Requiem for the alien

Her brown eyes stare at the Y fork in the road. As he turns the car left, she’s back in the taupe coloured room, looking down past her legs spread wide, a pair of grey eyes staring – the colour of steel – above a white slash of cloth that covered the lower half of… Continue reading Requiem for the alien

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# concealed in the reflection, my shattered face a broken self #

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A Turbulent Mind

darkness shrouds the bleached square my mirror image like the inside curve of a wave, dishevelled slashes of silver, running, spiralling together, complex, to raise the dourest of spirits your incessant babble flies over the ground no sound, no imprint in the earth, I see the moon begin to rise a city shimmers, moonbeams bouncing… Continue reading A Turbulent Mind

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two twenty nine am, someone else's shadow highlights my own, a tears slides down nestles in the hair that lays upon a shoulder --- a forever child it seems --- unable to catch the darkness to bring it to the light, an imperfect and faint mirror image it rises and swirls --- a sinister true… Continue reading Projection

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Travel Theme: Night

Tauranga is twenty minutes drive from where I live. The other night I went to a poetry evening in Tauranga, where there was an open mike as well as a few featured poets. It was a evening where creativity flowed from some surprising sources. These are the two poems I read...some of you may recognise… Continue reading Travel Theme: Night

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dark.......light fusion illuminates