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A Turbulent Mind

darkness shrouds the bleached square
my mirror image like the inside curve of a wave,
slashes of silver, running, spiralling together, complex,
to raise the dourest of spirits
your incessant babble flies over the ground
no sound, no imprint in the earth,
I see the moon begin to rise

a city shimmers, moonbeams bouncing into the air
no tender traits, yet a softness under the night sky
dust flows upon the earth,

fog circles a clandestine realm
each face a portrait of home
keep your thoughts inside
flailing to gain silence,

before the sun rises
thoughts light the surface
gives way to its zenith,
smaller pinnacles of molten fire under my skin prickle
a deep pain

my turbulent mind bursting into the open,
a flaming light springing luminous scarlet and gold,

spreading a dreadful screeching.
gusts of air knocking me
my rage is palpable,
I have failed you tearing at me,
I am falling,
an intense cry reaches into my heart,
slows its beating
its echo waits to claim me.

This is a ‘redactive poem’ taken from a chapter of my own work. I chose to leave out the ‘erased’ parts which many do leave in. Here below is a screenshot of what my page looked like.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.31.01 AM



two twenty nine am,

someone else’s shadow highlights my own,

a tears slides


nestles in the hair that lays upon a shoulder

— a forever child it seems —

unable to catch the darkness

to bring it to the light,

an imperfect and faint mirror image

it rises and swirls

— a sinister true spirit —

lying in wait

to consume me

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Travel Theme: Night

Tauranga is twenty minutes drive from where I live.

The other night I went to a poetry evening in Tauranga, where there was an open mike as well as a few featured poets.

It was a evening where creativity flowed from some surprising sources.

These are the two poems I read…some of you may recognise them from previous posts.

The Maiden’s Song


she watches the sky

not for the stars – for the chocolate syrup they swim in,

in a graveyard

the rough stonework comforts her as she lays her cheeks

seeking their chill.

clothed in the black cloth of love’s embrace

over a pastel dress

she sings as

she accepts the kiss of a meat tenderizer,

cattails hold tightly her hands

lest they lose her Human Touch

as it hums from under a Scotsman’s kilt

and works the warm earth for its bounty,

the slap of a beaver tail,

a bruise from a Bo,

blue cloud dragons,

tattoos of a pirate life,

viewing the world through an octopus’ eyes,

pieces of her rubik’s cube

kept jumbled on purpose,

a skipper of stones

her ripples turn my mountains

into paintings…


The Maiden’s Song was inspired by this photo of mine and a discussion that arose from it.




sing the blood of a thousand heartbreaks

through hollowed wood

recounting every beat,

riding the salt and pepper

calling Bottesini to rise

as the C note sinks low and mournful

into the earth


The header was taken from the car looking across the water, as we came in to town.


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fusion illuminates


(C) JoBryant 2012


surfeited in abundance, draw

air, drown in its

teeming plenty, a salty

ease of layers,

duplicitous mesmeric

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with esteem

I put you aside,

lay down your burden,

that leaves me twisted in body,


and affliction

no longer entwined



minute spherules

shifting with each run at the land,

lateral deracination amidst the decimation

of an anemic ocean

hues forever lost

to species blindness,

a propensity of the human bondage







more than we need

 to die last


“It’s nothing to fear,” he said.

“What is it,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Isn’t that the best part.”


Oops…meant to press SAVE and publish tomorrow.


Still editing this as I go…this was a photo that didn’t really work on the day.

So I played with it.

Here is the original.

I was trying to capture the texture of the water. Lucky I take soooooooo many shots.



terns fly north

longer mornings under the duvet