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Small Stone



bees drunk on warm pollen below an autumn sunrise ~ a cat yowls next door



Yesterday I lay down in grasses green,
touching the footsteps of long ago todays,
silent they left trace, a guide between
exposed and hidden worlds, small inlays

under my hand a flutter spread, awake,
it seemed to call, and they came from near
and afar, protected, to undertake
no small business in their hemisphere,

but such a sham shelter they lay under,
makeshift at best, leading the false, foolish
are they, trusting in that hushed languor
my grace and goodwill they overembellish

a storm comes forth, high pitched and keening,
inside silence, mourn not their mute drowning.

A Turbulent Mind

darkness shrouds the bleached square
my mirror image like the inside curve of a wave,
slashes of silver, running, spiralling together, complex,
to raise the dourest of spirits
your incessant babble flies over the ground
no sound, no imprint in the earth,
I see the moon begin to rise

a city shimmers, moonbeams bouncing into the air
no tender traits, yet a softness under the night sky
dust flows upon the earth,

fog circles a clandestine realm
each face a portrait of home
keep your thoughts inside
flailing to gain silence,

before the sun rises
thoughts light the surface
gives way to its zenith,
smaller pinnacles of molten fire under my skin prickle
a deep pain

my turbulent mind bursting into the open,
a flaming light springing luminous scarlet and gold,

spreading a dreadful screeching.
gusts of air knocking me
my rage is palpable,
I have failed you tearing at me,
I am falling,
an intense cry reaches into my heart,
slows its beating
its echo waits to claim me.

This is a ‘redactive poem’ taken from a chapter of my own work. I chose to leave out the ‘erased’ parts which many do leave in. Here below is a screenshot of what my page looked like.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.31.01 AM


two twenty nine am,

someone else’s shadow highlights my own,

a tears slides


nestles in the hair that lays upon a shoulder

— a forever child it seems —

unable to catch the darkness

to bring it to the light,

an imperfect and faint mirror image

it rises and swirls

— a sinister true spirit —

lying in wait

to consume me

Copy of IMG_2457copy

Small Stone #31 January 2013

standing under false rain

she turns the grass muddy

with her spinning feet

water drops

Small Stone #30 January 2013…and a Chevvy update.

a wet nose

a paw on my chest

a sloppy lick

love expressed more eloquently than I ever could

fox terrier

Update: Chevvy’s lump is a lipoma. It is not going to be a problem hopefully. It’s a start at least.

Speaking of dogs…this video made me weep for Sonya. First from sadness, then from joy. I hope you’ll watch and maybe share and I hope Sonya will find the forever home she deserves.

Small Stone #29 January 2013

tck, tck, tck, tck, tck, tck,

a palm leaf flutters

the breeze arrives to softens the sun’s heat


Small Stone #28 January 2013

the vet said:

“her heart isn’t working properly”

and mine broke

Fox terrier

Small Stone #27 January 2013

one moment at a time

is enough in itself

Peacock taking off - Katikati
Peacock taking off – Katikati


Small Stone #26 January 2013

the woman who stares out at me from the mirror

is not always the woman I know myself to be

Fantasy Self-Portrait
Fantasy Self-Portrait

Small Stone # 24 January 2013

the curtains flap,

words and laughter mix with warm air

rising from the pizza,

a summer evening settles in


Small Stone #23 January 2013

a small flash of white tail

hopping over a gazillion ragged grey rocks

run bunny run

I can’t reach you

my arms and legs

swollen, the skin stretched like a balloon

are weighted down like

a cement shoed body in the lake

run bunny run

before I waken

yellow eye

On a completely different subject…meet Loca…I am in love with this little PUG !!!

I am a bad, bad blogger because Alistair introduced me to Loca and I got so carried away with her I forgot to include a link back to his blog. Thank you Alistair for starting me on this love affair with the cutest pug in Ireland.

Small Stone #22

when others you aspire to be as good as

like your efforts

your smile reaches your toes

Photoblog Challenges

I started taking part in Photoblog Challenges last year. They have tutorials and themes and I thought it would push me in my photography to get better and to try new techniques. This morning when I visited them I was thrilled to see I had gotten a 2nd place and a 3rd place with two of my shots. January has been an exciting month photography wise. This is a snapshot of the images I have submitted for January. And my smile is still being felt in my toes.

Small Stone #21 January 2013

it’s a tickle

then a throb

driving desire

making a want a need

steak sandwich

Small Stone #20 January 2013

thirty seconds of belief

is all you need to fly

duck taking off

Small Stone #19

there are some days

stepping right in to the chaos

is the only way to control it


Small stone #18 January 2013

in the dreariest surroundings we can choose to find the colour…if we want to

monarch butterfly

And now for a SHAMELESS bit of self promotion.

The 2013 Bloggies are now open for nominations. Chronicles and I would love your support as we have been nominated in a couple of categories. Scroll down to these categories:

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and pop in

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If you feel the urge that is. Sadly you have to nominate 3 different unique blogs which means some work on your part. But the more nominations Chronicles gets the more likely to at least be in the finalists.

Read The Rules…before proceeding.

And for a bit of fun and cuteness head over to “Everyone Deserves A Day Off”

Small Stone #17 January 2013

will today be a day
I hide my eyes from life’s harshness
or soothe them within its gentleness

my choice

white duck

For all of you in the UK, check this out for a great FREE photography competition to enter. The grand prize is a trip to Churchill, Canada for an Arctic summer adventure: Been There’s Photo Competition.

There are also monthly prizes for each theme.

You can get a list of the year’s themes at the Been There site.


One more for those of you with London shots: Time Out London has a pretty interesting FREE photography competition.

Small Stone #16 January 2013

in darkness the burglar roams

a definite target in mind

silently padding over the linoleum

searching the shelves

I imagine a pleased smirk

that my carelessness

and an open door

resulted in a treasure found

when I encounter the evidence

left perhaps intentionally

that I would know I’d been bested

pet treats

Small Stone #15 January 2013

rushing about has become entrenched


just sometimes

in between blinks

you can stop the world for a moment

and freeze frame a memory

Monarch Butterfly

Now yesterday a man I admire got a Golden Globe Award. Congrats Kevin…you deserve it. You really should see the series “Hatfields & McCoys” if you haven’t.

Sue…just couldn’t help thinking of you when Ben Affleck won his Award. Remember your comment ??? I sure did.

Kevin Costner is just one of those people critics love to pick on…like Ben Affleck, who is now making some terrific movies.

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