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Stone # 11


as the sun climbs out from slumber I hear them

though they mimic the birds and insects,

I am not fooled

when they turn their backs,

wings barely fluttering

hovering at unequal heights

to land amongst the greenery,

their tinkling titter betrays them,

I assume an unmindful air

of their masquerade

that they will gather

again another dawn


I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

For more Stones from day 11 click here.


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16 thoughts on “Stone # 11”

  1. You are that rarest of rarities—a writer who actually IS one!!! Good grief!!! you are GOOD! Over time i’ll undoubtedly read every word on your blog, and feel not one moment’s been wasted!
    thank you for sharing your mind and perceptions!


    1. Oh WOW – what a truly kind and wonderful comment to see here this morning. Thank you so much ! I do hope to see more of you here as you explore and I hope there is much more on here that is to your liking.


  2. It’s amazing the number of comments you get on your Blogger account. Astounding! Today’s picture was luscious and the poem was perfect. Reminded me of the mockingbirds that prosper so well in Southern California. Do you have mockingbirds in New Zealand? Your country is almost a total mystery to me. I read a book about your “gold rush” called The Colour. Ever read it? I recommend it highly. The author was a woman but I don’t remember her name. I am terrible with author’s names. All the best! Russell


    1. I am always amazed at how kind people are to take the time to comment as well. Thanks for your wonderful comments Russell !! No we don’t have a mockingbird but we have some amazing ones of our own.
      This is the Tui:

      And of course our wonderful mountain parrot the Kea:

      I’ll have to look up that book.
      I have a few posts about New Zealand here on the blog, if you’re interested.


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