The D of Aussie Slang

Dag : 1) The bits that collect under a sheep’s tail

2) A likeable amusing person

3) An uncoordinated or unfashionable person – a nerd or goof

Daks : Mens’ trousers (sneaking up behind someone and pulling their trousers down is known as – to dak ‘em.

Damper : Bush bread made from flour and water – it is usually cooked in the campfire wrapped around a stick

or put in an iron pot and buried in the hot coals. When cooked by the swagmen the fire’s ashes were flattened, the damper was placed in the ashes for ten minutes to cook.

Then the damper was covered with ashes and cooked for until it sounded hollow when tapped (usually 20-30 minutes).The basic ingredients of damper are flour, water, salt and sometimes milk. Baking soda would be sometimes used for leavening. The term damper bread is actually incorrect and there is no yeast it is technically not a bread

Date : Arse[hole] (“get off your fat date” – really means ‘get off your fat lazy arse’)

Dead dingo’s donger, as dry as a : Dry

Dead horse : Tomato sauce/ketchup – ketchup has more vinegar and spices than squeezable tomato sauce

Deadset : A fact, true, the truth

Dero : A tramp, a hobo, a homeless person (from “derelict”)

Dickhead : Idiot, stupid, fool (like most insults, can aso be used as a term of endearment)

Digger : An a soldier, usually refers to older veterans these days.

Dill : An idiot or a fool

Dingo : Australian wild dog. Dingoes howl and whimper more and bark less than domestic dogs

Dingo’s breakfast : A yawn, a leak (having a pee), and a good look round (i.e. no breakfast)

Dinkum, fair dinkum : True, real, genuine (“I’m a dinkum Aussie”; “is he fair dinkum?”)

Dinky-di : The real thing, honest, genuine (“It’s dinki-di mate!”)

Dipstick : A loser, idiot

Dirty : When someone is angry or annoyed (He’s dirty on someone)

Dirty (do the dirty on someone) : To do the wrong thing to somebody

Divvy van : A Police vehicle which is used for transporting criminals. Named after the protective ‘division’ between the driver and the bad guys

1964 Ford Falcon Police Divvy Van

Do : A social event

Dob (somebody) in : To inform on someone. A dobber is a tell-tale or tattle-tale

Docket : A bill or a receipt

Doco : A documentary

Dog : Either an unattractive woman,

or it is also a very popular name for pet dogs


Dog’s balls, stands out like : When something is very obvious

Dog’s eye : The Aussie meat pie

Dole bludger : Somebody on social assistance/welfare when it’s unjustified

Donger : Penis

Doodle : Penis

Doona : A duvet or quilt

Doovalacky : Used whenever you can’t remember what something is called. Like a thingummyjig, or a whatsit.

Down Under : Australia and New Zealand

Drink with the flies : To drink alone

Drop Bears : A fictitious Australian marsupial – local folklore used to scare, make fun of and confuse the heck out of outsiders while generally adding to the amusement of locals.

They are large carnivorous Koalas, vicious beasts that lurk in the treetops waiting to drop on to the heads of their victims. However, smearing vegemite behind your ears or keeping forks in your hair is said to ward them off. Drop Bears are similar to the hoop snake, wild haggis, snipe hunt, or jackalope

Drongo : An inept person, a dope, a stupid person

Dropkick : see ‘dipstick’ above

Drum : Information or a tip-off (“I’ll give you the drum on it”)

Duchess : A sideboard

Duffer, cattle : A cattle rustler

Dummy, spit the : To get very upset at something

Dunny : An outside lavatory/toilet

Dunny budgie : An Australian blowfly

Dunny rat, cunning as a : Someone who is very cunning

Durry : Tobacco, cigarette

Dux : Top of the class (n.); to be top of the class (v.) – “She duxed four of her subjects”.


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    1. So glad you reminded me with this to actually link to the rest of the Alphabet as I post…
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      Maximus rocks and The CROWE does as well – especially in a bathtub.
      Ladies Delight all right !


  2. Oooops!!! I see I may have to be careful with my English language when I say I am just Doodling away with my art work.. haha.. It puts a whole new persective on ‘come and see my etchings’ lol.. hehe..


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