The B of Aussie Slang

B & S Ball – Bachelor’s and Spinster’s ball, a huge drunken mess where the admission fee usually covers all you can drink. An annual event, and the highlight of the year for many a young bloke or sheila in rural Australia

B&S Ball shenanigans

Back door bandit – A male homosexual

Back of Bourke –  A very long way away – Bourke is a town far inland in New South Wales

Bag – To rubbish someone, speak bad of them

Balls and all – to enthusiastically get involved

Ball Breaker – A female who gives a guy a knock back (turns him down)

Ball and Chain – How wives are referred to by their husbands

Balls Up – Everything went wrong

Bail Up – To chat to someone for ages

Bang – Sexual intercourse, a bonk

Barbie – Barbeque – to which the beer gut will bring-a-plate, B.Y.O., eat snags, prawns, barramundi and make a bozo of himself when he gets blotto on booze, preferably Bundy, tells a load of bullshit about the Bunyip that lives out the back of Bourke, then gets into a barney and has a biffo with his boofhead mate – did you get that ???

Barker’s Egg – A dog shit

self explanatory I think

Barney – Argument, fight

Barra – Barramundi, a type of fish, popular at barbies


Barrack – Cheer loudly for your favourite team, and show vigorous support

Bash – To attempt something, also a social do (he’s havin’ a bash at his house)

Bastard – Often used as a term of endearment to friends (Hey you old bastard – is a popular phrase)

Battler – Someone who struggles to get by financially, often referred to in economic situations, a hard worker

Beanie – A woollen hat


Bearded clam – The female genital area

Beaut – Beautiful or good ” You beaut” means that’s good. “She’s a beaut.”

Beauty – Fantastic, unreal, excellent  – “She’s a beauty, mate.” (Usually referring to their cars)

Beer Gut – The awfully large stomach that makes a man looks pregnant


Bible Basher  – The Christian who never stops preaching

Biffo – A fist fight

Big bikkies – Lots of money, expensive  – “He’s making the big bikkies mate.”

Big white telephone  – Toilet

Bikie – Motorbike rider, member of a motorcyle club

Bikkie – Biscuits or cookies

Billabong – Lagoon or waterhole (made famous in the song ‘Waltzing Mathilda”)


Billy – Metal tin can used to boil water over a campfire for tea in the bush


Bindies – thorns or prickles in the grass

Biscuit – Cookie

Bit of a brothel – Very untidy, a mess

Bities – Biting insects

Bitser – Mongrel, mixed breed, many varieties in one object – “He’s a bit of a bitzer mate.” Often used to describe inanimate objects such as cars.

Bitumen – Asphalt

Bizzo – Business – mostly refers to people’s personal information

Black Stump – Non-specific place in the outback, might even be out  “beyond the back of Bourke”

Bloke – Man, fella, guy – generally a specimen with dangly bits

Bloody – an adjective to be used before a noun, or if you want, another bloody adjective, you bloody, daft, boofhead !!

Blotto – Drunk – really, really drunk

Blowie –  An Australian Blowfly – the term has been known to mean something different – if you know what I mean


Blow-in – A recent arrival, a newcomer to the area

Bludger – Lazy person

Blue Rinse Brigade – Old ladies who put drops in their hair to turn it blue! When you parade about with this sort of hair you’re considered really OLD!!!

Dame Edna

Blue – Anargument, a fight, in other words – a biffo

Blue Flame – The act of lighting a fart, it blows out into a flame ( Kids don’t try this at home – unless your blotto Dad is around to put the bloody flames out)

Bluey – Australian cattle dog

Bluey – The Australian Cattle Dog

Bonza – Bloody bonza mate !!!!!! – very, very good

Boofhead – Usually a term of endearment or – anidiot, a silly person – can be both

Boomerang – An article lent on the definite stipulation that it must be returned

Bonk – To have sex, or to bang

Bottlo/Bottle’O –  A bottleshop, off license, liquor barn

Bodgy  – Of inferior quality or a person with dubious character – “He did a bodgy job repairing that mate”

Bored shitless – Very, very bored

Booze  – Alcohol

Bozo – Someone who clowns around, makes an idiot of themselves

Brass – Cash or money

Brass razoo – “He hasn’t got a brass razoo that bloke” – is very poor / broke

Brekkie – Breakfast

Bring-a-plate – when you get an invite to ‘bring-a-plate’ of food to share

Brizzie/Brissie – Brisbane

Bucket – To denigrate or bad mouth someone

Bucket mouth – someone who’s loud and obnoxious – “That bozo’s got a bucket mouth”

Buckley’s – No chance !!!!!! Not a one – so don’t bother boofhead.

Buck’s Night – Stag party, the party a man has before he gets married, where his boofhead bozo mates leave him handcuffed to a pole with a ball and chain attached to his leg

Budgie – An Australian native parrot


Budgiesmuggler – A way-too-tight fitting speedo, the lump in the front of these freakish pieces of swimwear looks like a budgie has been stuffed down there

Budgiesmuggler on a bloke

Bug – An insect, to pester, or the delicious seafood delicacy “Moreton Bay Bug”

Moreton Bay Bugs


1) A noun, meaning an unpleasant person

2) A verb, meaning to render something incapable of function

3) There is also a place called ‘buggery’, and if an Australian suggests you go there, you’ve been a bit annoying, best you leave really

Bullshit  – Untrue, exaggerated, total lies, crap , a load of rubbish

Bullshitter – Someone who speaks an untruth, exaggerates, lies, tells you crap or talks a load of rubbish

Bum’s Rush – Hurry someone up or ignore them

Bun in the oven – Pregnant, in the family way, expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet

Bunch of Fives  – Punch someone with your fist

Bundy – A dark rum made in Bundaberg (Queensland) in the sugar cane region where I used to live. A lovely little tipple – of which I’ve tippled a time or two

Bundy Rum

Bunyip  – an Australian creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in billabongs, who disturbs the night with a shrieking, piercing cry


Bum – arse, butt, backside, ass, rear end

Bum burglar – A male homosexual

Burl – To try or attempt – “Let’s give it a burl mate”

Bush – Outside the city (in the country) or – it has been used to refer to a woman’s pubic area

Australian bush

Bushed – tired, exhausted, worn out, buggered

Bush Buzzer – A lady’s companion, but you’d do well to remember to charge the batteries (a vibrator)

Bushranger – an outlaw, Australian highwayman – think Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly – A famous Australian bushman

Bush Telegraph –  Grape – vine, word of mouth

Bush Tucker – Food gathered from nature in the outback or bush (otherwise known as the forest)

Bushwalking – Hiking in the forest /outback/ bush

Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth – A person of angelic appearance but usually full of bullshit

B.Y.O. – bring your own – refers to bringing your own booze to a barbie, bash, or restaurant (if they allow it)


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    1. We are a funny race – actually I like doing the posts as it makes me feel closer to the sunburnt country I was born in – ohhhhhhh – getting homesick a bit. 😦


  1. I loved this post.. I have an Aussie Friend and have come across many terms used here and we use many in England too.. One I hadnt heard of was Barkers Egg…I will use that one to next time Im about to step into over some… 🙂 But I enjoyed the Budgiesmuggler LOL…. in his Canary speedo’s 🙂


  2. Underpants transformation areas. Ha!

    Have you ever got to be near a real tree with a colony of real budgies living wild in it? Ive heard the concept, but it must be something else entirely to be within eye and ear shot.


        1. I’ve never heard anyone call them a pest. All types of parrots are at some time a bit pesky – especially in droughts – they eat all the fruits on trees – even when they are still green. Maybe budgies are just too cute to be considered a pest, but I never heard those words in connection to them,


  3. You have certainly added some interesting wordage
    on this Aussie selection Jo and I hope that you will be
    pushing along to the ‘C’ of Aussie Slang next 🙂 lol

    I hope that your day is a very nice one Jo 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Hi Cathy – budgiesmuggler was my favourite amongst the B’s too. Love how us aussies have such a language of our own for almost everything…hehehehehe…might have to start the NZ one soon. 🙂


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