The G of Aussie Slang

G’Day – hello!

G’Day cobber – hello good friend

Gabba – Wooloongabba –  Brisbane Cricket Ground

Gabster – radio talk show host

GAFA (pronounced gaffa) – the enormous oblivion of the Australian Outback. Great Australian F**k All.

GalahEolophus roseicapilla, also known as the Rose-breasted Cockatoo, Galah Cockatoo, Roseate Cockatoo or Pink and Grey

Galah – a fool or silly individual. Named because of the bird Galah and its behaviour as well as the noise a Galah makes.

Galah occasion – an event or ‘do’ that requires formal dress

Game as Ned Kelly – fearless and audacious type of person

Ned Kelly by unknown artist

Game as a pissant – bold, unafraid, courageous.

Gander – to have a look (Let’s have a gander hey !)

Garage – gas or petrol station.

Golden Fleece Service Station, Main Road, Edgeworth

Garbo – the local garbage collector

Garden state – Victoria

Gargle – a drink

Garlic muncher – someone who comes from central or southern Europe

Gazunder – chamber pot (as in it ‘goes under’ the bed)

Gear – clothing

Gee and Tee – gin and tonic

Geebung – a native born Australian living in the remote parts of the outback

Geek – to take a look (Have a geek at this will ya !)

Get off at Redfernwhen a man withdraws before orgasm (Redfern is a suburb in Sydney – to get this you’d have to have known Redfern when I knew Redfern way back when)

Get off my back Scobie – stop nagging me

Get off your bike – lose your temper

Get on your goat – to annoy or irritate another

Get rooted! – a rude and offensive way to tell someone to get lost

Get the arse – get fired

Get the axe – get fired

Get the drift – to understand

Get the Guernsey – receive recognition

Get your dander up – to get angry or enraged

Gibber country – dry land that is covered with rocks or boulders

Ginger Meggs – legs

Gink – stupid person

Ginormous – from gigantic and enormous

Girls’ week – menstrual period

Give it a break! – stop, finish, quit. (Will ya give it a break and shut yer gob!)

Give it a burl – try something, to have a go

Give the flick – to get rid of something or someone

Give you the irits – to annoy

Give you the pip – to annoy

Give you the shits – to annoy

Glide clip – paper clip

Glutton for punishment – someone who often gets in to bad situations or is involved in disagreeable tasks

Go and take a running jump at yourself – an insulting way of dismissing someone

Go and have a cuppa – have a cup of tea or coffee

Go and tart yourself up – a request to dress well

Go bush – 1. to hide or keep a low profile 2. to go to the country to live

Go crook – to lose your temper (Your mother will go crook if she sees you doing that)

Go dip your eye in hot cocky cack – telling you todip your eye in hot bird poop – an insult of course

Go down the gurgler – to fail, to go out of business

Goanna – lizard from the Monitor family, its meat contains a lot of protein

Image courtesy of Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

Gobful, (to give a…) – to tell someone off generally justly or done for good cause

Gobsmacked – flabbergasted, astonished

Going off – generally used to describe a night spot or party that is a lot of fun (that place was really going off cobber)

Going to the dunnymaking for the toilet (or loo)

Gold Coasttourist destination from Southport to Coolangatta in the Queensland Coast

Golden Fleece Petrol – a brand of petroleum products and service stations operated by H.C.Sleigh and Company

Gong – (The Gong) – Wollongong, New South Wales. (I grew up in Bellambi…a suburb of Wollongong)

Good oil – applies to valuable information, a superior idea or the facts

Good onya – good for you, well done – usually followed by mate

Goog, as full as a – drunk

Granny flat – originally an abode for elderly relatives

Greenie – conservationist

Greengrocer : 1. someone who sells fruit and vegetables. 2. a variety of cicada.

Grinning like a shot fox – used to describe someone who is very happy, smugly contented

Grog – liquor, beer (bring your own grog mate it’s BYO)

Groper – someone from Western Australia

Grouse – great, remarkable, very good

Grundies or Reg Grundies – undies, underwear (Reg Grundie was one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs)

Reg Grundy – photo courtesy of Grundy Television

Gumtree a native tree of Australia

Gurgler – drain

Gutful of piss – drunk,

Gutser – to fall apart, collapse or give up. (He came a gutza ya know !)

Gyno – gynaecologist


“Grinning Bellhops” by Australian Crawl

Grinning Bellhops

Checked into the hotel
Belted flip tops say ‘hi’
Can’t shake this danger money
So hard I try
Miss sinister snake hips
Like some E Poe dream
In my ears lift muzak is ringing
I hear bellboys scream

But you looked so lonely there
You looked so lonely there
You looked so lonely there
When will I see you again?

It ain’t clear thinking
It sure isn’t love
It could be what ever it was I’d been drinking
That made me press ‘up’
Well, I’d be a dead man
If looks could kill
‘Cause at every corridor corner those bellhops
A stony vigil

Ah! The people don’t know what’s
Been going on inside
These hotel doors anyway!


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  1. Coolio mucka!
    Lots of familiar stuff here that’s used in Brit culture too. I wonder when does slang become not slang? when its in the OED I guess. Like the pink parrot and the rhyming slang.


    1. The parrot is priceless…I imagine there are similarities all over the world. I like the little changes each culture makes to thes sayings though…tweaking them…making them suit. We are soooooooo interesting. When I finish I might work on a KIWI A-Z…there are some funny ones !!!


  2. I knew parts of this from my own vocabulary (I’m British) and then there was also lots I didn’t know.


    1. Thanks Hook…always happy to check you and your doings out !!!
      Did you notice the song video at the bottom of this post…thought of you when I put it up !!!


  3. Whahahaha! Oh, your post is absolutely stunning as usual hon! 🙂
    G’Day cobber! I feel like a Galah today and need a Gee and Tee for sure but it’s too early this side so I will rather go and have a cuppa. LOL!

    Picasso is so adorable! Love those beautiful colours! He looks like a real head banger…hee hee
    So sweet! 🙂

    Okay, now I am going to take a running jump at myself.
    MWAH! xxx


    1. Yep – Picasso is a favourite for sure. Good onya for sticking to the cuppa…hate to think of you coming a gutzer full as a goog on the gee and tees early in the day !!!!


  4. You are well on your way to completing a reference book. When completed, you should really look for a publisher. Hayworth Press would be a good place to start. They publish library-oriented monographs and journals. It would be a hit, I tells ya!


  5. This is most interesting post. I have never seen a galah before :), and thank you for teaching me the use of a garlic muncher and a garage :D.


  6. I love it when you do these posts! “Go dip your eye in hot cocky cack” – LOL…there is always at least one of these sayings that makes me laugh out loud. 😀 I agree – when you get through the alphabet, publish it!


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