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Did you know that planking is a fine Catholic tradition?

Another e-mail for you to enjoy. All about the Catholic tradition of planking. Bet you didn't know that!!!! Just take a look! According to Wikipedia, "Planking is the act of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, in unusual public spaces and photographing it. The term "planking" was coined in Australia… Continue reading Did you know that planking is a fine Catholic tradition?

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A Barking Cat.   You can’t tell me cats are not clever, intelligent, and CUNNING animals.

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Abelard’s Pissior

Abelard struggled through the tavern. Each step was difficult as he felt his bowels rumble in warning. He sucked his butt cheeks firmly together and prayed he would make it through the mass of tightly packed bodies. The heat from the crowd gave the tavern a sickly moist aroma. Discretely passing small flourishes of wind… Continue reading Abelard’s Pissior

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Little Drummer Boy #11 & #12

I apologise ahead of time for this one...but it has to be seen [& heard] to be believed. To make up for is a lovely version. Related Posts… Little Drummer Boy #1 Little Drummer Boy #2 Little Drummer Boy #3 Little Drummer Boy #4 Little Drummer Boy #5 Little Drummer Boy #6… Continue reading Little Drummer Boy #11 & #12

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Time for some smiling…

1. The local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married for the fourth time. The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband’s occupation. “He’s a funeral director,” she answered. “Interesting,” the newsman… Continue reading Time for some smiling…

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Wordless Wednesday

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Moist Orange Poached Egg Cakes

This is my version of a recipe that was adapted from another version by a chef at the Auckland Heritage Hotel. It tasted amazing. I did not have a straight up muffin tin so they were not as high I think. Next time I might investigate using baking paper in the tins and making them… Continue reading Moist Orange Poached Egg Cakes

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Sunday Post: Easter

Although Sunday has come and gone here...I couldn't resist taking part in Jake's Easter post. I thought I would start off my Easter post with an 'awwwwww' moment. Well...a couple of them actually. Then a touch of humour with a mix of creativity...who can resist a fluffy bunny ??? And some more Easter fun... So… Continue reading Sunday Post: Easter

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Wait for it…

It is Dog Farting Awareness Day !! is a DAY !! So Chevvy thought we should acknowledge it...though she thinks that every day is Dog Farting Awareness Day. However...I actually think it should be ANIMAL FARTING AWARENESS DAY, as we have a couple of other wee stinkies in the house !!! Charlie's favourite place… Continue reading Wait for it…

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I dare you NOT to laugh !

And on a cute note... And on a completely self serving note...Chronicles is in the Australian Best blogs Competition this year. If you want to vote for me and the blog in the PEOPLE'S CHOICE on the badge below and go nuts !!! The link will take you to the page...scroll down in until… Continue reading I dare you NOT to laugh !