Sunday Post: Stairway

When Chevvy and I go for our walks, we generally head off to the estuary.

Which is where I went looking for stairways.



It is one of my favourite places in Katikati.


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    1. It is just so many things Gilly. The walkways are filled with life and that very thing makes it serene and peaceful and as I wander along it I feel my shoulders lower, and my breath slow and the world seems to disappear in the caw caws of the seagulls and the jammering of the ducks as they wrestle for breadcrumbs. The sight of a heron resting on a branch, or a grandad lapping up the sun while his grandson runs laughing along its banks reminds me to strive to be at peace – with myself, and others.
      Well this could go on forever…maybe I shall I just do a post of the estuary…all its little bits and pieces to show everyone else why I love it.


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