The F of Aussie Slang

I hope you are worried at this letter !!!!

Face fungus – facial hair

I knew if I tried I’d find a way to get Christian Bale in here somehow…

Face like a chook’s arse – a miserable expression

Face like a smashed crab – ugly

Face like a mallee root – ugly

Face like a yard of tripe – a miserable expression

Fair cow – disagreeable thing or event

Fag – cigarette

Fair crack of the whip! – request that is directed at other people asking them to display understanding, to give you an honest deal or arrangement

Fair dinkum – true, 100% genuine

Fair enough – expression used to concede a point; when someone gives up on a verbal argument/disagreement.

Fair go – a chance (“give a bloke a fair go will ya!”)

Fair suck of the sauce ! – be fair!.

Fair suck of the sav! – exclamation of astonishment and wonder

Fairy bower – shower

Fairy floss – candy floss, cotton candy on a stick

Fan-bloody-tastic –an exclamation of jubilation

Fang carpenter – dentist

Far gone – beyond repair; madly in love; drunk

Farmer Giles – piles; haemorroids

Fat (as in ‘he’s got a fat’ or to ‘crack a fat’) – an erection

Fatties – wide, low profile tires on a car

Feed the chooks – 1. to submit to reporters and TV cameras giving out tidbits of information (a form employed by politicians), 2. to masturbate (males)

Feral ute – V8 ute that sports a large heavy roo-bar, aerials, huge mudflaps and stickers over the rear window and tailgate

Feral (noun) – a hippie type person

Few stubbies/cans short of a six pack – lacking in intelligence

Fibro – Fibrous cement sheets that are used for the construction of buildings

Fiddlesticks – rubbish, not true, nonsense

Figjam –F*ck I‘m good; just ask me”. A term used for people who tend to have a high opinion of themselves

Fisho – fishmonger

Fit as a mallee bull – in great health

Mallee Bull, Birchip, Victoria

Fits like a finger in a bum – it’s tight !!!!

Fizzer – a fire cracker that did not explode or a failure; fiasco (that was a bit of a fizzer mate !)

Fizzle out – to fade out; to come to a disappointing end

Flake – shark’s flesh (sold in fish & chips shops in batter)

Flake out – to collapse from exhaustion or drunkenness

Flannel cloth – wash cloth for the face usually

Flash as a rat with a golden tooth – when someone is over dressed

Flat (noun) – a smallish apartment

Art Deco flats from the 50’s/60’s

Flat mate – room mate

Flat as a tack – used to describe a flat beer or a flat tyre

Flat to the boards – extremely busy; working non stop

Flat out like a lizard drinking – flat out, working non-stop, extremely busy

Flemington confetti – bulldust; rubbish

Flick – giving something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her

Flick it on – selling something, normally for a quick profit, just after you bought it

Flip your lid – get angry

Floater – a hot meat and pea pie / a meat pie in a bowl  of either peas or gravy

Flounder spearer – themusical conductor of an orchestra

Flog – to steal something

Flog the cat – indulge in self pity

Flophouse – cheap boarding house

Flu bog – jam

Flutter – a small bet (gamble)

Fly wire – gauze, a flyscreen covering a window or door.

Fortnight – fourteen days, a period of two weeks

Footy – Australian Rules Football

Fossick – search, rummage about or to prospect for gold, silver, gems

Fossicker – prospector

Franger – male condom

Freckle – one’s anus

Frex – abreviated term for xxxx beer (known as 4 x beer…a brew from Queensland)

Fremantle Doctor – cooling afternoon breeze that arrives from Perth named after the town of Freemantle

Freo – short for Fremantle. Western Australia

Fringe – bangs, fringe of hair above the eyes usually found on a female

Frock – woman’s dress or skirt

Frog in a sock, as cross as a – when someone sounds very angry

Front someone – confront someone face to face

Fruit loop – a complete fool or a crazy person

Full – totally drunk

Full as a boot – falling down on your face type of drunk

Full as a goog – usually means full after eating, but sometimes used like ‘full as a boot’

Fullstop – period at the end of a sentence

Funnelweb : the funnel web is possibly the most dangerous spider in the world. It is found mostly in the Sydney area. The funnelweb spider inflicts a painful and often lethal bite. The venom from a funnelweb attacks the nervous system which results in uncontrollable convulsions

Funny as a fart in an elevator used to describe something that is NOT funny

Furphy – false/unsubstantiated rumour

Further back than a snake’s arse – a long way behind


Icehouse – or as I knew them – ‘Flowers‘ in Sydney…a great Aussie band.


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  1. Comment # 1: Welcome back!!!
    Comment #2: Another great slang glossary – I especially like “fang carpenter” and “few cans short of a sixpack”. (The version I know is “not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree”.)


  2. Holy Frijoles, Batman! Well, I wasn’t worried about the letter until I saw the pictures and videos! LOL. 😀 I love these lists of yours, Jo. I learn something new every time. The xxxx beer commercial was amusing, that baboon has a serious problem, and the funnelweb spider clip made me seriously rethink wanting to visit Australia. Anyway, thanks for posting and sharing 🙂 (fullstop)


  3. Yippie! I missed you, but I hope all is well. I love these lists. I need to pay closer attention to the slang here in London and we can compare notes. You guys have more style though 🙂


  4. You should make this series into a reference book- Dictionary of Australian Slang. Has anybody done that yet? Library sales alone would push the book. Just an idea.


  5. As soon as I saw the letter you were working with, my mind started down its usual path. Of course I laughed, when the first words I read are “I hope you are worried at this letter !!!!” You know me quite well Jo. 🙂


    1. I put THAT comment there just for you dear Cap’n…hehehe
      I thought I was quite restrained actually…but I had trouble with the baboon picture…almost couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get it up…saw your face everytime I looked at it.


          1. Well then, to the brig with ya… and no Pirate tea for a week. Casting aspersions on your dear Cap’ns visage is not the way to endear yourself.Bad Jo, bad, bad Jo. 🙂


          2. You know what happens when I get sent to the brig and deprived of pirate tea ?????

            I get a little strange…


            You know I am just playing…

            ‘Cause I think you make a very dashing pirate there Cap’n…

            I just always wanted to use THAT first picture for something…

            And in reality I am just an angel really…

            Don’t you agree ????


          3. An Angel? Wholeheartedly. A little strange, certainly. But even in the brig, which is where you’re going so stop complain’n, you’re always quite charming. If you’re good, (as you can be of course), I “might” be able to rescind the Tea restriction.


  6. These slang offerings always make for a great posting Jo
    and I am pleased that you are enjoying yourself adding them 🙂
    Hey have a lovely Friday and remember… Be Good Okay? 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Flash Harry is actually British slang…Aussies are more likely to actually say “He thinks he’s as flash as a rat with a gold tooth!”


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