And the award goes to…

There are a lot of surprises connected to my blog.

For instance:

  • The amount of people who stop by always blows me away
  • The communities it has opened up to me
  • The fun I experience in researching ideas for posts
  • The people I have discovered across the big blue ball we call home
  • The FRIENDSHIPS I have formed with other bloggers
  • The warmth I feel from the comments people leave


One of the biggest surprises is that people give me stuff – AWARDS in fact.

The surprising part is this – that out there someone sits down to their computer, opens a page of mine up, reads it, and then feels something – a big enough something to perform a wonderful gesture of acceptance.

They say to me ‘I LIKE YOU’ – ‘I want to applaud you’ – ‘Your words make a difference’

Isn’t life grand ?? When someone does something that special for you.

I have been quindrupledly made to feel special – okay maybe quindrupedly isn’t a word  – yet. But it sounds right.

I have been given 5 awards lately.

Now the problem here is this – I never have enough time to blog about all I want to blog about anyway.


I have so many draft posts waiting to post it makes my head spin – seems I like to talk about a LOT of stuff…

So being a Pirate/Aussie/Kiwi I am going to take some liberties with the rules of the said 5 Awards.

No – I am not joking  !!

Yes – I am cheating !!

As a Pirate/Aussie/Kiwi – well that’s allowed – and if it ain’t – well the lot of you boofheads (said with affection) can go to buggery. See The B of Aussie Slang if you don’t know where buggery is. I like that word – a lot. Buggery – it has a ring to it – all puns intended.

Brynne – dear, sweet, clever, funny, loving Brynne has done me the honour of giving me the ‘PRESENCE OF MAGIC AWARD.’   1   I can’t tell you all how much that gift means to me.

Her blog “presence of magic” is just that. m

Marcia (over at nuggetsand pearls – which BTW is full of just that), Cheryl at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush (lots of ohhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh moments there people), and Theresa (who’s wonderful blog Thirdhandart’s I found recently, and have become addicted to already), have honoured me with the Liebster Blog Award.

Theresa also was sweet enough to give me The Versatile Bloggers’ Award.

I feel like I am at the Emmys – and loving every moment – now where is Kevin Costner sitting?

The rules for these are:

“Presence of Magic” – no rules. Awesome !!!! Just like Brynne !!!!

“Liebster Blog Award”: Which I pilfered from Marcia’s page – Arrrrrrrrr

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other writers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!

“The Versatile Bloggers Award”: again pilfered – this time from Theresa – Arrrrrrrrr again folks.

  1. Post a link to the person who gave you the award thanking them for the award.
  2. Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.
  3. Award up to 15 newly discovered blogs.
  4. Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

So here goes with my adapted acceptance speech.

Let’s start with seven random facts about me.

    1. I like to talk about me – duh – I have a blog. It is cathartic – and at 53 I am needing some catharticism – shut up about the new word. It’s not that I don’t like listening – I do, but I have kept me so reined in for the first 50+ years I need to spit it all out there. It’s like being on a diet – the more weight you lose the freer your movements become.
    2. My full christian name is Joanne. I used to think it was all right, but went by the nickname Jo at the earliest possible moment. My – da da – ex, always called me Joanne. He said it in a special way. Jo- anne, with stresses on the J & A, his voice rising slightly on the second syllable. The moment I heard that, I would jump up ready. I knew what was coming. A request – nah, actually a demand – to do something. Make coffee, cook dinner, something. After I left the ex, I reverted to Jo. VERY QUICKLY. A friend used to catch me out with a Jo-Anne occasionally, mimicing the ex perfectly. He laughed himself silly – whilst I growled. One day I was transferring videos on to a master cassette. The Daughter sat next to me, and it was quite a lovely shared experience until…….she went VERY silent. “Mum,” she finally spoke. “Did you just see what you did?” She rewound the tape. It was Christmas morning. Gifts were being given out, paper lay everywhere. The kids were laughing. And there it was…”Jo-Anne” he said. But here’s the thing. Before he got to the Anne part I was up and scrounging around, picking up the scattered paper, putting opened gifts in a tidy pile. “What are you doing?” The Daughter again. “How did you know what he was going to say?” You know how Oprah talks about ‘AH-HA’ moments? That was one of mine. I was certain in that moment that I had done the correct thing in leaving my marriage. I had had doubts, believe me, in the months following my departure from the family home. No more. If only because I never wanted to hear my daughter’s name said in that way. I never wanted to see her push herself down under someone else’s expectations. AND I NEVER HAVE.
    3. I want to learn to fly a plane. A little one – so that you feel in control of where you are and where you are headed. So that it is you who gets it up off the ground and back on to it safely. I have had two flying lessons in my life – and I felt like me up there. I was at peace. One day I want that feeling again. And a little yellow plane to match.
    4. I KNOW that my greatest achievement so far has been being a MUM. Nobody taught me what to do. And I didn’t have a lot of experience to base it on – but I did okay. I blew it sometimes, made mistakes, lost my temper. But when I look up at those two young faces (and I do physically have to look up – The Son is a giant), I am at peace. They are bright, funny, clever, caring, beautiful individuals, and I if I never achieve anything else – it’s okay. Because they are out there doing their thing, and doing it with gusto. What more can any parent ask for? Not much.
    5. I consider myself an Aussie/Kiwi. Aussie by birth and formed throughout the first 24 years of living. I will always feel a pull to Australia, not that anyone can tell by my posts on here. Hehehehehe. It’s my homeland and always will be. I have spent the last 18 years living in New Zealand. It’s my home. I feel that I belong here. I love this piece of Earth that I now walk daily with a different – but yet just as strong passion as I do Australia. There are still places and lands I want to see and maybe live in in the future. But a piece of me wll always be Kiwi.
    6. The internet has become my drug of choice these days. If I am not blogging away, I am researching the web for info on subjects that interest me, or I am on Facebook (The Daughter says I make way to many comments on Facebook), and I have recently discovered Twitter. Just love the phrase ‘twittering’, it sounds so flighty. I follow “@jarpad, @dicksp8jr, @sebroche, @guynormanbee, @ChadLindberg, @jumblejim, @mishacollins, @bodyguard4JandJ – who all are or were affiliated with TBs. One of them is actually one of TBs. That is how far my obsession has taken me – scary I know – but who gives a toss – I’m happy. 🙂 Would like to mention that I do follow other people as well. And people actually follow me. Who’d have thought – the world can be an odd place…
    7. I am writing a screenplay. It is about the fallout that happens at a funeral and a wake when an estranged member of the family comes home. The protagonist looks like Kevin Costner – just like he looks now. I keep a picture of him, from his band, nearby so that when I need inspiration I can look at him, talk to him, and get back into the character. Wow – I just read over what I wrote – I am seriously a twisted individual. Why are you people reading my blog ???

That’s my seven done.

Now for the nominations.

Play the video first – it’s important !!

  1. Love versus Goliath
  2. Sky Diaries
  3. Fodder4Writing
  4. dribbling pensioner
  6. Dragon’s Dreams
  7. 50 Year Project
  8. My Sardinian Life
  9. JTW
  10. You’ve Been Hooked !

I’ve given you 10 – because it is going to take a while to check these out properly.

Just because you’re not on the list doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re special.

But  just last month I handed out seven  Awards as well, so you were probably on that list.

I hope I’ll be forgiven because…

So – to all of you mentioned or not mentioned this time – this is from me – from the depths of my heart.


  1. Does this mean if I come over the ditch I’ll have to buy you dinnner? – or howabout I just sling that cheque in the mail we were talking about .. onya Jo, you little bloody beauty!


    1. Yep dinner is definitely a no brainer matey. Nah – I’m just sharing the love around a bit. 😉
      And I have a soft spot for surfer dudes…especially ones with silver tongues and and the ability to put pen to paper. Hehehehehe


        1. I love that people think of me – but they are a lot of work. I got one a while ago but kept putting off the post. Then, I got another – hmmmmmm – still avoided the work – them bang two more showed up. Figured it was to to throw ’em all together and out there. I like Brynne’s idea – an award with no rules you have to follow.
          Then I can spend my time chilling with my friends…


  2. Wow Jo – thank you! I home you understand if I don’t respond straight away – I’m VERY time poor at the moment! I love your post, it is absolutely adorable with all the graphics!


  3. Enjoyed the reading, and dog tricks…Congratulations on the awards as well.

    God Bless You

    And stay away from that dribbling old pensioner, he’ll have you standing on your head, in your red, purple pokie dotted bloomers, writing your next entry!!!
    Sorry, just found your site while visiting his…


    1. Oh dear – never be sorry for stopping by. 😉
      He is a worry – but I have to admit – standing on my head in red, purple poker dotted bloomers sounds like it might be fun. Maybe that’s why the pensioner and I get along so well…hehehehehe


      Thanks for the congrats !!!

      So glad you enjoyed your visit. 🙂


  4. Congratulations on all of the awards Jo! You deserve them. I think you should also receive an award for being a good mom: “I never wanted to hear my daughter’s name said in that way. I never wanted to see her push herself down under someone else’s expectations. AND I NEVER HAVE.”


  5. And the band played, “Only Youuuuu…” You make it all so much fun, dear Jo. Life, its happy happenings and its trials, its requirements and its freedoms…you are such a pleasure to know! Thank you for your heartfelt words, for the squishy-joy you give me inside, and for honoring yourSelf enough to show others their own way home. I love you, Jo.:)


  6. You are a very worthy Pirate, Jo! You deserve all the accolades you receive. Great 7 facts, and I’ll be visiting your nominees that I don’t already visit. Awards certainly give you a wonderful feeling, but they do take a bit of work to meet the requirements. 🙂 I’m proud to have you as crew Jo!


          1. The Son (My son) arrived here today with his Navy ship in port for a couple of days. I picked him up at the port. He is home now – after I stuffed him full of food (The Mummy loves cooking for him), he is snoozing on the lounge watching – well half watching movies. The smooshing the cheeks is a reference to a status update I put on fb about smooshing his cheeks with a photo of his beautiful face.

            Does it makes sense now ??


          2. I have only learned A and B so far. Smooshing is an S word. 🙂 Did you pinch his cheeks? Or kiss his cheeks? Either way, I’m happy he is there for the week end. I hope you have lots of fun and take lots of pictures. Shmoosh. shmooshing, smooshed. I LIKE that word!


    1. It is actually either the Liebster Blog Award or The Versatile Blogger Award.

      But hey – you’re a dribbling pensioner – so I say make it up as you go along.

      I think the ROCK ON would make a seriously awesome award.


      Does that mean I invented an award ??

      Oh yeah !!!

      I like that – a lot…


    1. I would have given you another…
      award that is…

      but I thought – hey – spread the love around some newbies…

      You are still special though !!!

      VERY special…


  7. Jo you’re awesome and it’s clear everybody else thinks so because of all the award nominations you’ve received. keep up the good work – I love how creative and individual your blog is, you put so much effort into it and it shows. Thanks for the further insights into who you are, you paint very clear pictures with your poetic words.


      1. Freekin Hell – you’re a Power Ranger!!! I love your blog and how you answer everyone with images as well as text – very unique Jo and it gives us an idea how you see us too! Okay now, I’m just trying to find my WonderWoman outift so I can join in…..


  8. Congrats on the award! You VERY much deserve it!! I enjoyed learning these new things about you and I hope you’re able to fly that plane soon!
    And thanks so much for passing it along to me. I have received this in the past but it’s always nice to be recognized again by one’s peers. I am honored that you like my blog well enough to pass that award on to me. 🙂 Thank you very much!


  9. Hey Jo, an award coming from a poet whom I find so talented? Wow, am I humbly honored!
    Especially, as it was you who first introduced me to the Diamente, Cinquains, and Acrostic structures — and later to Pantoums and Fibonacci — that make my muses so happy 🙂
    They all say “Thank you!” my friend, as do I 😀

    Now, I await my next lesson: Animating Posts A-Z…LOL
    How in the world does this work? Why I can’t even get a song to play in the background of a post!

    I’ve said it before, and now I say it again: I’m so glad we’ve connected Jo 😉

    Thanks again for my nomination.
    (PS: it’ll take me a little while to accept/make a post on it. But, for a teaser, one of my 7 things may be about someone’s being in a beauty contest…placing…and then re’placing. To be continued…or not…LOL)


    1. Don’t worry Em, I can’t get music to play in the background either.
      But – wanna know something – I am glad.
      I get crazy when I click on a post and music starts pounding out at me and I can’t stop it.
      I like music sometimes – but not always – it can be distracting – which is why I will occasionally add music via a video.
      It gives people the choice – to listen or not.
      Animating A-Z. Interesting thought.
      Perhaps after I finish Aussie A-Z,
      and Kiwi A-Z,
      and I was contemplating a Supernatural A-Z.
      then maybe an Impala A-Z,
      followed by a TBs A-Z,
      then perhaps an Angel A-Z.
      Can’t wait after that teaser.


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