N is for Nullibicity

For Sara – from my heart to yours.

The sky is waiting for you.


my breath slows

in time with your beating wings

your downward draught

a gust of air

a sweet taste

against my skin

don’t go

my eyes call out

I hear your soul

breaking as you navigate

the cross currents

dashing against you

like velvet covered bars in a cage

holding you

freedom just a vision of torment


nullibicity = state of being nowhere


This post was written for ABC Wednesday: the letter N


  1. Hi, Jo
    I didn’t know the word ‘nullibicity’, but your beautiful and sad poem somehow sums up its meaning more than the definition you give at the end. And for some reason, interestingly, given the title of this post, the poem felt circular, so that as I got to the end, I was irresistibly drawn to the start again. ‘Velvet covered bars’ is a very striking and original image.


    1. What a beautiful comment – you don’t know how welcome your words are tonight – especially for this poem. I really appreciate it – a lot.


  2. Actually, N is for NICE! 🙂 Beautiful flow and imagery, a gift to those in need. If there is any good by being nowhere, it’s that no matter what direction you take, you’re going somewhere.


    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂
      Definition is: [fr. L. nullibi, nowhere] (or nullibiety, or nullibility) – the condition or attribute of being nowhere; non-existence


  3. Hi, Jo…I knew you had a lovely way with words, but I wasn’t aware you were a good poet, too. It might be because, somehow, I wasn’t subscribed to your blog so I missed a lot of your posts. Now that I’ve clicked ‘follow’ and checked the ‘notify me of new posts via email’ box, I should be able to keep up with your writing.
    This poem is beautiful, there’s a lot of emotion flowing through it, and I can’t wait to go back to your archives and see what other gems you’ve got there….Also looking forward to your future posts 🙂


    1. Thank you Didi – I love poetry – which was a surprise. Well – I knew I loved it from childhood – but I had no idea how much until I took a poetry paper and the deep love affair with it really began.


  4. Nice to use an unusual word and then the meaning somehow forming a trapped destination at the end of the poem.
    Like the other comments not a word I knew either, interesting to read its origin.
    Having read far too many SF stories or perhaps I can imagine it being used at an alternate reality – you are now arriving at Nullibi-city. Or perhaps something darker from Murakami. .


  5. N is for “Nailed it”, Jo. You captured it perfectly and worded it beautifully. To try to cheer you up – Since I always think of you as “The Queen of the Rustlers” I thought it might bring a smile to your face to have the Golden West College Rustlers named as your official College Football team. They’re in Huntington Beach, CA. Michelle Pfeiffer and Viveca Fox went there. I sent you an e-mail with a picture of their helmets.


      1. And I think I like/love the mascot – seen here celebrating his 40th birthday !!!!!

        Does this mean I have to learn the rules ??

        I am still struggling with rugby.

        And tonight we have the Rugby World Cup final for 3rd and 4th place here between the Australia and Wales !!!!!!!

        And on Sunday France plays the All Blacks.

        Go ALL BLACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        1. Wow! You redefine the word “interactive” the way you always enhance the comments people leave! I’m glad you like Rustler Sam, their mascot! Currently the team is 3-3, and from now on in my Sunday recap of Saturday’s action I’ll mention you and your blog every time I give a Rustlers game recap.


          1. Oh well now I am just gonna burst with happiness. I love having a football team of my own – wait til I tell the kiddywinkles.

            Just about jumping with glee !!!!!!


  6. Jo,

    This is a lovely tribute. I’m so upset about Sara’s abrupt disappearance. I didn’t realize how much I was attached to her blog and comments until she was gone. Ed filled me in. Take care.



  7. This was a beautiful tribute but why is her blog gone? 😦 I love the word and the poem is so heart-felt. So would someone be kind enough to let me know why she’s missing? Went to read one of her most recent entries and it said the blog was no longer available????


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