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standing out amongst the dawn chorus a lone Tui takes the solo  

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A new CD, the notes bounce across the carpet.

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An envelope larger than the rest, familiar scrawl I’m not forgotten

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  yellowed pages from 1910 his words dislodge perception

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Requiem for the alien

Her brown eyes stare at the Y fork in the road. As he turns the car left, she’s back in the taupe coloured room, looking down past her legs spread wide, a pair of grey eyes staring – the colour of steel – above a white slash of cloth that covered the lower half of… Continue reading Requiem for the alien

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# concealed in the reflection, my shattered face a broken self #

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Abelard’s Pissior

Abelard struggled through the tavern. Each step was difficult as he felt his bowels rumble in warning. He sucked his butt cheeks firmly together and prayed he would make it through the mass of tightly packed bodies. The heat from the crowd gave the tavern a sickly moist aroma. Discretely passing small flourishes of wind… Continue reading Abelard’s Pissior

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A suggestion, the partial ending, with reason to believe there is another chapter to follow. We did not see the little death, hidden unobtrusively. Would we mourn this day? Standing an arm’s length apart. How shall we fare, as alone we seek our way? If we had dared to be true would we still have… Continue reading Adieu

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It’s been a while…

I know, I know...of late my blogging has been atrocious. This week for my local writer's group I had the task of writing a letter to a dead relative/friend. Strange subject I know...and guess who set the task ?? was me. I am learning there are few coincidences in life. I know from writing… Continue reading It’s been a while…

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Sue Dreamwalker is quietly encouraging me to get my feet wet again with blogging by challenging me to do the Five Photos Five Stories challenge. Which could be a good thing as it may well work. I fear I have been away too long. a song and soul on the wing, you and I... the… Continue reading Tui