How to survive in the blogging world.

It’s amazing what you can learn on the WWW.

Today I learnt that there are millions of ways to become a better blogger.

First – pick a place to host your blog.


Did that at least.

Then plan.

It all starts with a plan right?


Maybe I need help.

This looks interesting.

Oh right…

It only costs

How Much?

Forget that.

Here we go – they have recipes for blogging?

This might be better.

Get some direction.

Maybe studying some figures will help…

I have no idea what that means.


this is more me.

Perhaps I need to be proactive.

A little self-promotion…

That’s the way to become successful they say.

Successful mean 1,000’s of followers they say.

It means making 1,000’s of dollars they say.

To be a successful blogger they say you need to…

so you need to

It seems I’m doing it all wrong…

So what should I be doing?

Maybe this guy can help?

If he can do it…

Easy as learning to ride a bike.

I’m doing it all wrong apparently.

Just writing from the heart is for dummies.

Maybe I should just

not give a damn I say…



  1. Looks like I’m screwed, too. Every once in a while, I’ll get hundreds of hits off StumbleUpon…but I have no idea what I’m doing any different. I’m sure I’m missing something. Damn….


    1. Oh well dear Lynn – we can be screwed together. LOL 🙂 StumbleUpon – I am having a great day if I get 5. But then – I am easily pleased.


  2. I love it, you told a whole story just using pictures. I wouldnt mind a bike computer.then Id have to peddle in order to blog. But think of how much time it must consume to have a blog thats ultra popular. I cant imagine being able to keep up with it, and still maintain quality. So I kinda like having a semi-popular blog. Unless I had some oompaloompas or elves to write blog posts in the night in exchange for cookies and milk. 🙂


  3. This made me laugh, Jo.

    I think you could spend 24 hours a day seven days a week reading about how to blog, leaving no time to …er…actually blog. Is Tyler Duswalt for real?


  4. Hi Jo, Thanks for the smiles!! I’ve had these same suggestions from some (occasional) readers – friends, not spam – and my response is I don’t wear clothes to advertise the manufacturer, why should I blog to advertise for something? I’m not doing it to make money. I’m doing it to shout at the universe! “One thought can create a million vibrations.” (John Coltraine) I (we all) have something to say. Blogging is just one of my ways of saying it.

    Vibrate on, girl!! (Or should I say, “Vibrate like no one is watching…”


  5. Ha ha, loved this Jo! Did that ten year old really write such a book? – wouldn’t surprise me these days!!! Loved the imagery you used and if it’s any consolation I think I’m on a par with your frustrations.


  6. You described much of my own blogging history here. Funny, but I’ve done it all wrong from the beginning too. I tried all the “things” that were suggested, but got no where. I’m back to being me and am simply honest in my articles and stories.

    It may be the wrong way, but at least I feel I’m being honest with myself and whoever reads my pages.


    1. I think you are totally right. I guess there are two types of ‘bloggers’ – those in it to make money – those in it to have a voice about things that matter to them. I hope that I’m the 2nd – I think you are that is for sure. 🙂


      1. Thanks, Jo. That’s why I like your site! It’s real and I like real sites. I would put yours first though since you are by far the better poet! 🙂


  7. From what I read and love about your blog, I think we blog in a similar manner. I blog, because I have things I want to say and there are words that need releasing. If someone swings by and reads my blog, wonderful! If they don’t, and I’m alone in the blogosphere, wonderful! 🙂 I blog for me, as a venue for words and thoughts that are too big to contain within my Pirate self. It’s just an added bonus, if anyone actually reads it. 🙂


    1. You got it in one there Cap’n. 🙂
      Do I want people to read and like what I write – probably. But it is more important that I like what I write these days.


  8. Well, this was amusing. Like you and the Cap’n and Sarah, I don’t blog for money, don’t blog to get “hits”, don’t really care how many people read or follow my blog – it’s about the need to capture the thoughts, the poems, the ideas and set them down somewhere. There is this need…to write. And it’s as natural as breathing. And if you don’t write, you stagnate, or get depressed, or even, Gods forbid, apathetic. And if you can reach just one other person, then it’s all worth it. 🙂 In my humble opinion. Keep blogging, girl. The world needs more people who do it because they CARE and want to spread the light and hope. In that sense, blogging is a weapon for the Light. 🙂 We CAN change the world….one blog, one post at a time!


    1. EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Something I have found that really surprised me is the community.
      To be able to communicate with others who are like minded.
      I would not have missed meeting the friends I have made on here for any amount of money. And yes some have become FRIENDS. Oh how I would miss them now !!!!!!!!


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