When one thing leads to another…

As you would have seen from my earlier post – I’m blundering my way through this blogging thing.

Something weird is happening – and I don’t understand it.

In the last two days one of my earlier posts has gone troppo with the amount of views it has had.

I posted it nearly a month ago.

It got a few views.

Even got a comment.

I was happy with it.

Yet in less than two days it has had over 500 views.

When I click on the “Search Engine Terms” one word seems to be driving the traffic (batman), yet when I type that term in any of the search engines my site does not pop up.

So what the hell is going on?

The Batman was a fun enough post.

But I’ve never had this happen before.

I wondered if the movie had been released – but no – it is still being filmed.

So – if anyone out there has an idea of what the heck is doing this – feel free to fill me in.

On to another subject.

In my search for a picture to go with this I believe I found the most offensive,site I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

I am not going to post the picture – which in itself is actually cute.

But I do not want to drive ANY traffic to the site.

It really saddens me that there is still so much racial hatred out there.

Am I naive?

It would appears so.

The bile, the illogical sentiments, expressed there have shocked me deeply.

I get the whole ‘freedom of speech’ right – but…

Should there not be a line that can not be crossed when it comes to inciting hatred purely for the sake of being able to do so?

I adore words.

But they should not – in my opinion – be allowed to be used in such a manner.

Any newspaper, or magazine would not be allowed to print such malevolent thinking.

So why is the internet allowed to do so?

With all the controls they have in play – can they not take down such site?


  1. Can those who love be stronger than those who hate? I always wonder. But I will live on the side of love. I wish we could visit in person…. Keep up the great work…


    1. Thanks Lynn – I wish you could visit as well. 🙂 I still can’t believe the things that were said on the website. I guess I can’t believe that people are really that ignorant.


  2. Jo, when you post an image, you will notice in WordPress attitribute about the image, Select none! (take away the http:// link.Then people searching for images should not be able to see it. That is what I began doing when I noticed an increase due to a search. So go see in your admin what the searches were about and see if there were any images relating in your posts. Just a suggestion. xoxo


    1. There were some images in the search terms – but the main term was just ‘batman’. But I will go and do that now and see if it changes what happens. Today so far 439 people have gone to that one post – weird. 🙂


      1. Then check what meta tags you have given it. It takes the search engines 3-4 weeks to index. That probably explains the delay between posting it and then the surge of activies.


        1. It’s not that I mind as such – but I just found it so unusual that so much traffic would suddenly occur. i think that I have figured part of it out at least. You were right about the pictures I think. When you click on batman in google, then images, the first image and a few others that come up are from my post. But taking away the urls doesn’t seemed to have changed that – they still are there. I guess I will just hope that some will actually read the post – then read some more. It may be a good thing in the end – but it was intriguing to me. 🙂


  3. I had another reread of the batman post. All in all, I do believ that post has all the elements of a masterpiece within it. You succinctly expressed so much, covering every angle. You did your research, and the flow of pictures as they progress tell a story all by themselves. Its an admirable post.
    are you refering to the pics at the end? The shock of them just adds spice and it is part of the batman lore. They are well painted, and I would assume that those who swing that way might have a sentimental reaction to seeing them.
    Maybe someone who loved your post, told his friends?


    1. It is doing it again – after taking off the urls for the pictures – this morning it has had a bucket load of views again. Yesterday over 500 – weird all of a sudden I still think…don’t get me wrong – it is great that something gets attention – and “The Batman” I thought was kinda under-rated. I had fun researching/writing it – and it is one of my babies – but I have just never had this happen before.


  4. Ok, so I had to go read about The Batman (and thoroughly enjoyed it!). Not sure about the ‘whys’ about the surge in views, I’d just enjoy it. As for the mentioned website THANK YOU for not sharing a link to it so they can spread the hate! I agree that there is a line that should not be crossed when it comes to freedom of speech, but the thing is, that line is different for everyone, which is why even such racist, bigoted, hating wastes of DNA are protected. The whole thing about ‘hate speech’ is that it’s determined by the state, or sometimes even the county/city. Unfortunately, here in the U.S., the idea of hate speech being regulated on the internet is viewed as at odds with free speech. There have been and always will be (I hope) those who stand up to the haters and challenge their twisted use of the first amendment (witness Westboro Church’s enemies and the Matthew Shepherd law), but the Supreme Court and other courts in the land will almost always find judgment in favor of the first amendment, especially in regards to the world-wide-web, when one considers the sheet amount of ‘hate sites’ out there. The only way to shut them all down would be to darken the entire internet – and you know as well as I do, it’s never gonna happen voluntarily. Plus, I think one has to consider the veil of anonymity that allows such hatred to be put out there – it’s a bit different when it’s in person and you don’t have a screen or fake name to hide behind while spewing such poison. Anyway, sorry for the blog-o-comment – it’s a subject near and dear to me. Glad you wrote about it!! 🙂


    1. I agree with so much of what you say. But how it frustrates me that the thing that nations all over the globe fight for – freedom (of expression, of life, of love, of limb) is used to harbour such foul and twisted views of the world and the many who inhabit it. I did notice that many of the comments on the site were by anonymous cowards who hide behind the veil the WWW offers. You are right – I do know there is no way to stop this. But my soul was black and withered after coming across that site. I can not describe how vile it was. The only balm I could find was my ability to rant on this site, about my inability to do anything about it. I too am glad I wrote of it – because of the venting it afforded me, and the comments that have made the black seem less so. 🙂


  5. Thank goodness there are people like you around Jo, I agree with your thoughts on this subject. I expect most of see things we’d rather not and at times question how people can be allowed to post certain things on the internet. There is freedom for all whether it is good or bad, hatred or love, and I only wish I had a magic wand to get rid of all the bad things.


    1. I know – I was so disgusted at the site I found – it was perhaps the vilest one I have ever come across. What was worst was that the comments were more virulent than the original post.. And with each one they seemed to get worse – stoking the fire of hatred within themselves. i understand that they can’t police everything, and I love freedom of speech, but this – it made me sick. 😦
      BTW – I will post about the award next week. I thought I should I have some space between the last one on your kind honour. 🙂


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