“Go The Fuck To Sleep” – the thought every parent has had at least once…

It's not really for the kids people...

I remember Noni from Playschool – so this is just an extension of that I guess.

Though I might have done a double take had I heard her reading this to my kids.

The book was written by Adam Mansbach and is brilliant.

It went viral with a pdf of it available online.

The illustrations are beautiful.

The text is funny and irreverent, and I am getting a copy !!!

I KNOW I had the exact thoughts a time or two when mine were young.

Admit it – so did you !!!!


18 thoughts on ““Go The Fuck To Sleep” – the thought every parent has had at least once…”

  1. Yes Jo! I heard it read by Samuel L. Jackson. What a bust up. Here is a link to an interview with the author.
    ‘Go the F to Sleep’ author on his smash hit [NBC: 6-10-2011]


  2. Personally, I think this is just another sad reflection on our society. I raised three daughters on my own and don’t recall ever having problems getting them to sleep. Today’s parents are often so impatient and self-absorbed that simple little daily things like putting the kids to bed is more of an imposition and inconvenience than a responsibility of parenting. I think I have a pretty darn good sense of humor, but the frequent resorting to profanity and irreverence to get a cheap laugh is little more than a lack of creativity in my eyes. Just my opinion, and judging from the sales and attention this book has garnered, I may be in a minority.



    1. Sorry Lee,
      It sounds like you are a great mum – so I hope your kids appreciate this fact !!
      But I will have to disagree with you on this.
      I like that society can find a humerous way to comment on what can be a difficult time for parents. Both of my children were terrible sleepers up until they were close to two years old.
      It was party central come night time.
      I ran soley on will power some days,
      and it had nothing to do with being impatient or self-absorbed.
      Anyone who knew me during this time will attest to the fact that my children were always the most important part of my life.
      They just never seemed to sleep.
      And this thought MOST DEFINITELY ran through my head and possibly slipped out of my mouth (not in their hearing of course) a few times during those years.
      I enjoyed bedtimes.
      We read stories, we sang songs, we cuddled. Still the little blighters would not sleep. They were never an inconvenience, or an imposition, but YES I wanted that time when they slept, because having that time to myself allowed me to recharge and be a better Mum.
      So – I have to say I cheer the author of this book.
      For his wonderful sense of humour, and his irreverent take on what is for some a demanding and difficult time.


    1. Yep – I love it. So much better when you hear it read out loud. A friend (who is a Catholic teacher – ohhhhhhh…hope she doesn’t kill me for saying that) sent me the link to the pdf weeks ago, and then the other day sent me this.
      I’m ROTFLMAO imagining you !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Any chance you kept a video record of those performances?
      LMAO at the thought.


  3. I don’t have children, but I can only imagine that a lot of parents had this thought at least once. How could you not? Being a parent is a full time job for life. No one is perfect. And having a sense of humor helps!


  4. Raising three daughters was an absolute joy most of the time but there were times when it could try the patients of a saint. If I said I did not think this a time or two I would be as much of a liar as my kids were when they said they were thirsty! This post is also particularly relevant in regards to my middle daughter who just found out she is having her first child. I will more than likely share this story with her when it is appropriate. Great post! πŸ˜€


  5. Wow. And LOL. This is hilarious. I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine that there are times when this thought goes through their heads. I can understand some people’s points of view about using how profanity has become so pervasive in our culture, but at the same time, I think it can be used effectively to make a point.


    1. I thought it was funny.
      I agree.
      There are some words I am not partial to – but here I think it was used to make a point.
      That being a parent is not easy – and we are all in the same boat.
      And sometimes that boat ride can be scary.


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