My Poetry


if I land heavily upon the Earth

will it shake,




fall away


the infinite


with my tears


This is my submission for Magpie Tales # 85

For other interpretations of this week’s photo prompt click here.


38 thoughts on “End”

  1. Your words made me google for Bill Haleys and his Comets. Their classic ‘Shake,Rattle and Roll’ are just like your verse. This came together with rock n roll numbers like ‘Rock Around The Clock’ among others, remember? Not many would as these even preceded Elvis himself.

    What do you know? It is on YouTube! Thanks for the memories, Jo!



    1. Well, well, well.
      It was not the intended outcome of the poem – but I love it.
      The good stuff never loses an audience completely – I loved Bill Haley even if he was before my time…hehehe


  2. You know, you really should be paid for the beautiful things you do with these prompts, and the joy they bring this Pirate. I’m not paying you of course, I’m just say’n someone should. 🙂


  3. The poem stands like a winged elephant and then the words slides us deep down down down an abyss! It seems like a catastrophic situation is seen as likely to occur. Nice one and for the brevity too!! 🙂


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