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Two-Headed Coin

You said you’d love me, till I lay cold in a box of walnut with silver handles; now I turn the electric blanket to two, and keep my socks on at night. You promised to wear your ring with pride, but melted it down for thirty dollars, You wanted to fall asleep inside me; rock… Continue reading Two-Headed Coin

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The Hunt

Rounded yellow eyes track movement up a wall, life’s short

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A new CD, the notes bounce across the carpet.

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An envelope larger than the rest, familiar scrawl I’m not forgotten

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  yellowed pages from 1910 his words dislodge perception

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Requiem for the alien

Her brown eyes stare at the Y fork in the road. As he turns the car left, she’s back in the taupe coloured room, looking down past her legs spread wide, a pair of grey eyes staring – the colour of steel – above a white slash of cloth that covered the lower half of… Continue reading Requiem for the alien

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The Owl and the Pussycat

  A carved rock stands sentinel. Wave upon wave of white tips, sharp and blinding to unprotected eyes send fingernail sized crabs scraping for darkened protection. Tangled, green emerald fresh soothing, enlivening limbs weary, honeycombed pockets harbouring free flowing flora wretched from unsafe shelters, now anchored minute crustaceans, hidden among dancing green tentacles, espy undulating… Continue reading The Owl and the Pussycat

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Small Stone

  bees drunk on warm pollen below an autumn sunrise ~ a cat yowls next door

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Yesterday I lay down in grasses green, touching the footsteps of long ago todays, silent they left trace, a guide between exposed and hidden worlds, small inlays under my hand a flutter spread, awake, it seemed to call, and they came from near and afar, protected, to undertake no small business in their hemisphere, but… Continue reading Sonnet

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Flashes. Life enduring, ephemeral touches. Imagined nuances. Grace. Momentum takes over, a path toward memory is encouraged. Nostalgic translations. *** While techincally not Street was taken on the street. So I am hoping that will do ?? *** More in line with the theme is this I hope. Check out more FLEETING MOMENT images… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment