WPC: Work of Art

Works of art come in many shapes and sizes. Back when I had the Thai students with me we went to a friend’s 70th birthday. There really is no other description for his birthday cake…

As you can imagine...Alex is a fisherman.
As you can imagine…Alex is a fisherman.

Not to brag, but I can be pretty adept with cake making when the occasion arises. Just to remind you of a couple of my attempts in the past.

The finished cake...
The finished cake…
Jess's cake
Jess’s cake

Not too shabby for a home baker.

WPC: Work of Art

On a completely different note…for all the amateur Kiwi photographers out there. Here is a great competition that is accepting entries until June 13th, 2014. Click on the link for the terms and conditions, prizes, and entry details.

D-Photo Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition 2014

There are seven categories and heaps of great prizes. Click on the links below to see some of the entries already submitted. I have and some of you guys should really enter. You stand an excellent chance of giving the entrants a run for their money.



  1. These cakes are real works of art and I’ll always remember your boys 21st one 🙂 Lots of nice photos on your links, but I only looked at the first page of each, any of yours there?


          1. Glad to hear it is warming up for you. It was chilly here this morning. A bit of a bummer as my fireplace is busted and won’t be fixed until the end of the week. I am hoping it stays reasonably mild until then.


  2. Hi-tiddly-dee, a sailor’s life for me! 🙂
    Love it, Jo! You put me in mind of Lisa’s wedding cake- no, not nautical at all, but definitely a work of art. Is there no end to your talents, woman? 🙂
    I’ll have a look at the comp but doubt I’ll enter. Thanks for the links.


    1. Hehehe…not so much decorating in my life these days. And there is no way I would attempt Alex’s cake. Mine are much simpler, but I did love doing it when the kids were growing up.


  3. 😆 Approved for business, Colline. 😀 The first one truly is a work of art. And the second one is to naught-ily creative to dismiss. 😀


    1. Thanks. I was kind of proud of my efforts for the kids cakes. I miss doing them. Though if I remember the craziness every year then maybe not sooooo much.


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