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Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy

My Happy Place

Show where you go to get your groove back is the challenge.

Mostly this is the place where I feel the air blow through me and clean out all that has crowded in.


It sets me right again with the world.

I head for the sea.

Feeling very happy…the following photo got 2nd Prize in our biennial Arts & Murals Festival which just took place in Katikati. First time I have ever gotten anywhere in this competition. And with one of my favourite shots. Thinking of framing it and keeping it.

How amazing are they ???
How amazing are they ???


Summer Lovin’ ?????

Summer lovin’…maybe not as it is winter here, but there was still a whole lot of frisky business happening.

IMG_1385 copy

This video…watch until the end. It had me laughing out loud at the end.

WPC: Summer Loving

My Best Friend

My best friend took a long time to get to know. She…yes she is a she…is a rebel [in her own way]. According to Jung she fits the rebel archetype that he ascribed to. You see she  sees injustice everywhere and wants to shake up the entire system! According to Jungian psychologists, this type believes rules are made to be broken and is driven by the desire to shock and provoke people. She is deeply principled but still possesses a free spirit with few boundaries. I believe she has the potential to really change things, if she learns to reign in her rather extreme tendencies.

IMG_1666 copyYou might be surprised to learn that the colour of her aura is…

IMG_0320White – the colour of Perfect Balance – surprising I know, but the longer her I know her the more I realise that her strongest qualities are more spiritual than physical.

If I had to think of a quote that fits her it would be this…

“It is during our

darkest moments that

we must focus to see

the light.”

Any idea who said that ??

Day 37 - 8.3.2013She hasn’t had the perfect life experiences. At times she has been broken…but never it seems beyond repair. She’s had more than her share of heartbreaks, conflicts and disappointments. It was hard, but she always tried to see the bright side of things. When she looks back, I remind her that those experiences helped her become the person she is today. She is living proof that no matter what, the human spirit can always evolve and find happiness!


I have heard people describe her as unique, different. She reminds me of  Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. Always marching to the beat of her own drum.

IMG_1953 copyPeople tell her that she is incredibly clever [she has her doubts], but she sees things in a completely different perspective to most other people and I think sometimes that does give her some valuable insights. Although most would describe her as an extrovert, they are not right. In reality she is still a shy little girl and is actually a bit of an introvert. She is incredibly comfortable in her own company. Over the years one thing she has learned is that being yourself is much more interesting than being someone else.

IMG_1662-2 copyHer favourite Luna Lovegood quote: “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

Astrologically she is a lion.

Photo163 copyBut deep down she feels much more in tune with Pegasus.

Pegasus by 'thedrawinghands'
Pegasus by ‘thedrawinghands’

She has been there with me since before I knew what memory was. She laughs at my jokes, she cries at my losses…she even tells me when I am wrong sometimes. Not that we always agree on that.


I have loved many friends [and still do] in my lifetime. But learning to really know her, to understand her, and to love her as my best friend has been the longest journey of my life. Because she makes it hard sometimes…to know the woman behind the mask.

P1100021Luckily she stuck with me while I make my way on this journey of self discovery. I sure hope she’s around for a while longer because every day with her is a surprise.

Day 160




and everything else falls in line.

You really have to love yourself

to get anything done in this world

– Lucille Ball

Oh…and late at night when she can’t sleep, when the characters on the page won’t do what she wants, when the photo images all seem blurry and not very good – she does way to many stupid quizzes. Even she admits that !!!

She also goes looking for hilarious videos. Just to make you smile !!!



Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge.




WPC: Between

I caught this wee guy as he flew between the branches of this tree.


Now meet Frosty.

WPC: Between

Split-Second Story

For one [the  New Zealand weta] in a split second life is over…for the other [the kingfisher] a split second catch means surviving.

IMG_9147 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

WPC: Work of Art

Works of art come in many shapes and sizes. Back when I had the Thai students with me we went to a friend’s 70th birthday. There really is no other description for his birthday cake…

As you can imagine...Alex is a fisherman.
As you can imagine…Alex is a fisherman.

Not to brag, but I can be pretty adept with cake making when the occasion arises. Just to remind you of a couple of my attempts in the past.

The finished cake...
The finished cake…
Jess's cake
Jess’s cake

Not too shabby for a home baker.

WPC: Work of Art

On a completely different note…for all the amateur Kiwi photographers out there. Here is a great competition that is accepting entries until June 13th, 2014. Click on the link for the terms and conditions, prizes, and entry details.

D-Photo Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition 2014

There are seven categories and heaps of great prizes. Click on the links below to see some of the entries already submitted. I have and some of you guys should really enter. You stand an excellent chance of giving the entrants a run for their money.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Life is all about movement. Sometimes I think we could use a little still time. Maybe that is why I like photography. It allows me to be still and to also stop a moment.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Spring close ups

Lucky for me I am able to combine both the Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring & Ailsa’a Travel Theme: Close Up this week with a few close up shots that represent spring to me. With winter closing in here in New Zealand, it is enough to make a girl a bit jealous of those of you who are welcoming the flowers, the baby animals and the warmth back in to your worlds.

I found this video from an animal rescue mission in Australia. Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Victoria. I hope you will visit their site and see some of the wonderful work they do for these precious animals.

On the other side…sadly today is the start of duck shooting season here in New Zealand. Safe is running a campaign here to try to educate people as to the cruelty these beautiful birds suffer:

The campaign highlights how to some, duck shooting may seem like fun but in reality, it means tremendous suffering for the birds.  It is expected that one million waterfowl, many of them native, will be brutally shot and killed.  Up to 250,000 will be left crippled, to die slow and painful deaths.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Tauranga Animal Testing Protest 30.7.2013(10)Copy of Day 120 - 30.4.2013Day 86 - 26.4.2013

Waihi Beach Hop
Waihi Beach Hop


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters