Sunday Post: Easter

Although Sunday has come and gone here…I couldn’t resist taking part in Jake’s Easter post.

img035I thought I would start off my Easter post with an ‘awwwwww’ moment.

Well…a couple of them actually.


Then a touch of humour with a mix of creativity…who can resist a fluffy bunny ???

Jo Bryant

And some more Easter fun…

So yes I know this has actually nothing to do with Easter…but…I couldn’t help myself once I started.

I think I like being a billboard girl.
I think I like being a billboard girl. And they got it wrong. I could !!!!

Hmmm…well you just know I didn’t stop there !

I could always be an artist muse if the billboard thing didn't work out.
I could always be an artist’s muse if the billboard thing didn’t work out.
Once the artist found fame it might be amusing to find oneself hanging in a gallery.
Once the artist found fame it might be amusing to find oneself hanging in a gallery.

I thought in ending I should probably get back to the subject of Easter.

Bunny Jo
Now I have pink ears and feet !!!

I hope the Bunny was good to everyone. Time for me to hop off and do something like walk the dog.

But before I do…I would like everyone to remember this Easter the bunnies who live lives in cages in laboratories all around the world. Many put through very cruel treatments so that people feel safe using cosmetics. Luckily countries like India and others are now banning these practises. I wish I could say New Zealand was part of the movement but it isn’t. If you can take just a minute and e-mail your MP [wherever you live], and tell them it is not okay to torture animals, I know they would thank you if they could.



  1. You were right Jo. All these photo’s had me going ‘Awwwww’. You do make an excellent easter bunny hon. Gorgeous! 😀


      1. ahhh! I was thinking you were one of the lucky folk who’ve got grandkids already! My kids are all certainly old enough to be parents (my son–who flew down for Easter– is 30 and by the time I was his age I’d already had 3 kids and declared myself done with childbirth! 🙂 Things are different now…people focus on themselves longer and seem more independent than previous generations.


        1. Nope. The Daughter has declared from the age of 12 that I need to look elsewhere for grandkids. She is actually brilliant with kids. The sort of gravitate to her. When she was a maths tutor during her uni years they gave all the difficult kids to her. The ones with aspergers and autism, as she was the only one who could get them to do anything. I think they realised that she actually LIKED them, and her belief in them made them trust her and believe a little in themselves. She used to ring and laugh her head off at some of the things they said, or did. I think she would make an unbelievable Mum…but she is adamant. As for The Son, his partner of three years feels a bit the same. So I may have to find myself grandkids elsewhere. I might join one of those organisations where you spend time with kids who don’t have grandparents. But that is for later.


  2. Who can resist an Easter bunny with a message, Jo 🙂 And I would put money on you getting out of Alcatraz.
    It’s a little bit sunny and too good to waste, so having been walking I’m now squinting at my laptop in my back garden. Can’t decide if the reflective glare on screen is flattering, or not. That’s Easter for another year. And nobody bought me any chocolate 😦


    1. Awwwww Jo…that is terrible…no chocolate. Though I was in the same boat until a friend turned up on Sunday with one. Glad to hear you are enjoying good weather.


          1. No don’t feel terrible.. If I had had one I would only have eaten it.. and I am eating far too much home baking to be good for me.. So I was happy not to have an choc egg 🙂 xxx


  3. Girl! You are OUT OF CONTROL! And I do believe you could escape from Alcatraz, if anyone can.
    (You do make the cutest bunny, but not as cute as those real live cuties up top!)
    Now who’s laughing? ME!


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