New Species Series – Review

I recently read these books by Laurann Dohner. Well most of them at least. It started because I wondered what types of books get on these best seller lists. I found these, and apparently a few of them have made a couple of the best seller lists.

In I dove. They state on the books that though each one can be read as a stand alone, it makes better sense to read them in order.

Book 1 is titled Fury. And each subsequent book is titled after one of the new species characters. In order they are as follows.

  1. fury_msrFury – read
  2. slade_msrSlade – read
  3. valiant_msrValiant – read
  4. justice_msr 2Justice – read
  5. brawn_msrBrawn – read
  6. wrath_msr-smallerWrath – read
  7. tiger_msrTiger – read
  8. obsidian_msrObsidian – skimmed…sorry I had had enough
  9. shadow_msrShadow – I am not sure I could go there again.
  10. Moon_msrMoon – maybe in 10 years or so
  11. True_HiRes-smallerTrue – maybe not

The reasons I read more than one was I wanted to see a couple of things. They don’t take long to read…and to be honest, the last few was sort of speed reading.

  1. Were they formulaic ? Yes.
  2. Did they do more than repeat similar version of the same story ? Not really.
  3. Did the series grow as it progressed ? No.

Now this is not actually a BAD review. The books are what they are. Romance/erotica novels. Kind of Mills and Boon with loads of pussies and cocks thrown in. Very large cocks, and very tight pussies. Starting to sound a bit like porn ? I have nothing against erotica. It has its place in the scheme of things. And the New Species series is about what I expect from that genre. The characters capably do what they are meant to do. There is a plot to each book. It differs from book to book [though not a great deal], and some characters do recur throughout the series.

The premise of the series is that a large pharmaceutical company has genetically modified people with animals. They have over a period of decades tried to perfect this new species so that they can use them to perfect drugs for sale, and to eventually get the perfect fighting model to sell on as mercenaries.

Greed, making money, as much as possible is their driving force. Not ALL too far fetched yet.

But someone is watching and discovers what they are doing. In Fury we see this New Species set free. Sort of. Of course they do not assimilate well in to the general population. Well, every book needs conflict.

There are hate groups who want to put them all down among the human population. Some of the New Species are not showing a great deal of love for the humans either.

Until…da, da, da, da…Fury falls for a human female named Ellie.

Now, to explain a little. Fury has the DNA of both human and canine in him. He growls a lot. Has teeth like a dog. Has an enhanced sense of smell, as do all New Species, to the point he can smell when a female is ovulating/menstruating/is aroused/has had sex.

Against ALL odds they come together…oh yes they do. As do every subsequent couple in each of the series after facing many difficulties. There are attempted assassinations, kidnappings on both sides, misconstrued conversations, well, you get my drift.

Book three, Valiant, was interesting because this is the first time we have a New Species character who looks more animal than the others. Valiant is part feline [a lion]. He roars when he comes and apparently his semen is hotter than a humans. I’d like to know if this correlates to real felines, and how the heck you would find it out. Valiant lives far away from humans due to his intense dislike/distrust of them until one day a scared little human female accidentally wanders in to his territory.

According to the blurb in the beginning of the book [and these are in every book], Tammy was never prepared for the sexy, lion man-beast with exotic, golden cat-eyes who terrifies her so much she cannot flee. Valiant takes one whiff [hey he is a cat type person] and decides he is not going to let her go. He uses his big, buff body to convince her to stay.

Both Tammy and Ellie, and every other female in the series are tough little humans who stand up to these hulking brutes until they get too close. At which point they lay down and open their legs.

Because you see, the big/buff/animal/human males are sexual beasts who know what they are doing. And of course I think that the big cocks might also be a draw card.

Of course these B/B/A/H/males are scared too. They are afraid that those big cocks, and their enormous sex drives will kill these puny little human females. So for the tiniest moment they fight their urges.

Not content with one time flings these B/B/A/H/males take the puny little human females as mates. Which means fighting other males of both species who get too close to their mates as well as marking them with their scent.

Now it seems that the female New Species are unable to bear children. But wait…those puny little human females can and do get pregnant. Which brings with it a new set of conflict for all concerned.

So…there you have it. The basic plot of each and every book in the series. Except for Book #9 Shadow. Shadow actually falls for a New Species female. But here is the kicker. Most New Species females are big, strong, beautiful and butt-kicking strong women. The New Species that Shadow falls for is one of the Gifts. These females were engineered small and fearful, so that they could be given to human males as gifts, and yes, I mean sexual slaves. No…I haven’t read this one yet…but the blurb is quite clear, and the GIFT females are introduced earlier in the series.

What bothered me was not that the books are erotic. Neither was it that each book seemed to be a reinvention of the last book with names and conflicts altered. I didn’t have a problem with the fact that we are bordering on the cusp of bestiality. After all, they are more men than beasts. I mean they have two legs, two arms, buff bodies and can speak even if they do like their meat pretty rare and many of them growl and even purr. Nope…I don’t have a problem there.

So what does bother me you ask ????

This. In every book I have read so far a couple of things happen.

  1. The main female character is drawn to the main male character because he is soooooooo dominant.
  2. The main male character is drawn to the main female character because she submits to him on all levels, after she puts up a bit of a show to show us that she chooses to submit.

What happened to equality ?

I am assuming these books are aimed at a mainly female audience. As they are on bestseller lists I am also assuming they sell well to this same female audience.

So does this mean that all these women want to be dominated ? That their ideal mate is someone who protects them from all comers ?

Am I missing something ?

All in all I have to say they are better written than the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Another erotic series that focuses on domination/submission between the sexes that sold like molten gold.

So I guess I answered my own question. But I have a feeling that the something I am missing, I probably don’t want to find.

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  1. It sounds to me like the author wants to be dominated and how she wants to be. There is so much more that they could do with this series in a non sex way.


  2. When I saw the images I thought you’d lost the plot but then you made me laugh so much! I don’t know whether to congratulate you for wading through or have you as a therapy client. Either way I don’t think i’ll be reading them and I really hope you didn’t have to spend money on them! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Hehehehe…I think I need therapy after that. I never mentioned some of the more out there stuff she included. Thought it might put people off the post. It went a little too graphic for me.


  3. “What happened to equality?” I’ve been asking the same question my whole life Jo. I tell myself that the women who aren’t just looking for a “dominant protector” type to sweep them off their feet are all too busy curing cancer or something to be out where I would meet them. Telling myself that does not, however, reduce the sting from realizing the woman I’m talking to has stopped listening because she’s spotted the big brute strutting our way…

    But hey, I like good erotica though. And I like the bad-assed warrior-princess types too, in books and movies… 😳


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