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New Species Series – Review

I recently read these books by Laurann Dohner. Well most of them at least. It started because I wondered what types of books get on these best seller lists. I found these, and apparently a few of them have made a couple of the best seller lists. In I dove. They state on the books… Continue reading New Species Series – Review


Marionette – My Thoughts

Some of you may know the lovely lady above. T B Markinson is her name for those of you who do not. I recently got my hands on a copy of her newest book...MARIONETTE. I was a bit hesitant about reading a book from someone I Gods...what if I hate it ?? Especially when… Continue reading Marionette – My Thoughts

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A Dash of Reality

What do you get when you combine a sporting franchise run by an egotistical bozo that is feeling the economic downturn, a female billboard model on the verge of getting fired, and a reality TV show? A Dash of Reality. Tauranga based author Lee Murray’s newest book comes under the ‘chic-lit’ heading. So I opened… Continue reading A Dash of Reality

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Travel Theme: White

Ailsa's theme this week is WHITE. This wee guy greets Chevvy and I often as we walk around the estuary and I wanted to share him with you. And because it talks about vanilla sex I thought I might add my thoughts on something I read this past week. Okay I caved and actually read… Continue reading Travel Theme: White


Play Him Again: A Review

When I received the synopsis of this book and a request for a review I was intrigued. Jeffrey Stone's request was unusual enough in itself to tell me that anything he had written could be good. Hi, Jo, how are you?  My name is Jeffrey. I liked your comment about needing instructions to survive in… Continue reading Play Him Again: A Review


The Angry Woman Suite

The Angry Woman Suite is an unexpected novel. Most authors shy away from having more than one protagonist. Lee Fullbright has three. This different take actually works which I found surprising, as I have rarely come across a book where that tactic doesn’t lead to confusion and chaos for the reader. The supporting characters are… Continue reading The Angry Woman Suite


Self publishing or self indulgence ???

Lately I have been receiving e-mails from authors requesting that I review their books. Sounds good so books. But let's look at the last three books that have come my way. Corpalism by Arun D Ellis: The first two parts of the book were wordy, with too much exposition and seemingly unrelated to each… Continue reading Self publishing or self indulgence ???



*** It is always nice when a friend remembers you in their will isn't it ? But what if what they leave you is a choice ? Remember that TV show The Money Or The Box. What would you choose ? I have always thought that I would go for the box. Speculation is about… Continue reading Speculation


Winnie – the – Pooh

I was undecided about whether to include Pooh in the reading challenge. It was such a favourite as a child. Then I remembered the joy I found in the Hundred Acre Wood when my own children were small. In the library I found the 80th Anniversary Edition. It is a beautiful edition with Ernest H.… Continue reading Winnie – the – Pooh


Charlinder’s Walk

With the world the way it is I thought the premise of Charlinder's Walk would make for interesting reading. In 2010 a great plague strikes. By 2012 it has taken down the majority of the world's human population, with only small pockets of communities left. Fast forward to 2130. Charlinder is the teacher at a… Continue reading Charlinder’s Walk