The Secret Lives of Dogs

What do YOU know about your dog ?

Me…it appears not nearly as much as I thought I did.

This documentary is life changing in the way it allows you to understand what a dog does and why.

Simple things you never knew. Like how a dog’s body works when they shake water off. The corkscrew motion goes all the way down the dog’s body.

Follow a puppy from birth as they explain how a dog does what a dog does and why.

Why are puppies actually born premature ? Don’t know ?

Why will your dog ignore an orange ball in green grass ? Don’t know ?

Can a dog smell things from the distant past ? Even months after these events happened ? Don’t know ?

Do you know how a dog actually gets water in to its mouth, and why it is such a messy process ? Don’t know ?

Then watch the slow motion filming which is actually quite beautiful at around 20 minutes.

Did you learn anything new about your dog ?? I’d love to hear if you did. Now if only I could find a documentary like this about cats !!!!



  1. What a beautiful video and I truly enjoyed watching it Jo. Learned nothing new as Simba taught me well, but it was interesting to see everything so close up, especially the part where the dog was drinking water. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


      1. You’re so sweet Jo and I can say the same about you hon. No complaints this side and hope to hear the same there. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


  2. Frankencat is hilarious… πŸ™‚

    I’ve put a large towel underneath my dogs water bowl, because when greek stray dog drinks he is turning into a kind of water fountain. Now I know why.


  3. How moving… I’m in tears.The are intelligent, sensitive, loving, … I miss my Evan and Mackenzie… Thank you for sharing the video, Jo!


      1. Yes and I loved how one had two homes, and snook into another home to pinch their cats food.. πŸ™‚ Amazing how far they go at night too and all keep to more or less the same track… I know thats true as we have around 3 cats who use our garden as a short cut to run through to get to and from their homes so they don’t use the roads. πŸ˜‰


        1. Sneaky cats. I thought the ending was really interesting with the family that had 6 cats. And that the village cats time share areas to avoid conflict…yet sneak in to another cat’s house to steal food.


  4. I planned to take a peek and save for later but got pulled in right away. Wanted to send this to my daughter because she has Max, the dog but the video crashed. Drat. I’m always interested in how people / animals work. πŸ˜€


  5. Gave this another try but not in full screen and got to watch it all. I’m not a dog person but I sure like my daughter’s dog Max. πŸ˜€ This is an outstanding documentary. I didn’t want it to be over.


  6. Brilliant video Jo, I was enthralled right to the end and it just confirmed what I’ve always known….dogs are amazing and we need them as much as they need us. Their loyalty and unbreakable human/dog bond makes my heart overflow with love and admiration for them.
    Thanks for sharing the video.
    I’d love to see one about cats!


  7. Interesting from beginning to end. I learned many new things and also got things clear that I had seen in my own dogs! Thank you so much for this video – made my day!


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