International Happiness Day

Wearing this beret and wig made me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.
Wearing this beret and wig made me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

To celebrate International Happiness Day I tried something. No matter what…I smiled. All day long, at everyone. I focused on finding something to be HAPPY about in every situation.

I smiled at the man who told me that: “No. You are not covered under warranty for the key that popped off you laptop.” I focused on being happy they could repair it then and there, and I smiled.

When a young man tooted angrily at me because I didn’t move my car quick enough for him. I smiled and waved and focused on feeling happy that at 55 I am no longer that impatient.

When the woman cut me off in traffic I smiled and waved and felt happy that she had not actually hit my car. My baby means a lot to me after 20 years together. We are both a little dented, but worth keeping I like to think, so that made me happy.

I smiled at the young man who looked lost on the beach and he smiled back, then laughed when I pointed my camera at him.


When I got home and Jackie left me bleeding from at least three places I focused on being happy that eventually I got her to take her worm tablet. I smiled when I thought about the fact that later she would forgive me and cuddle up on my feet.

I have a friend who talks often about embracing happiness. I try to emulate her behaviour. She is possibly [no…she is definitely] the happiest person I know. She seems to draw happiness to her. This happens because she sends it out, every hour of every day, with not one thought of what it will do for her.

I hope you will read her post: Begin Your Happy

I have been trying to make the effort to smile at strangers [just friends I haven’t met yet], the angry, the sad, the people who don’t love themselves for the magical gift they are, for a while now.

And what I have found is that one day it was not an effort to be happy. I didn’t have to work at it. My happy is a gift that in giving to others I get back tenfold. And so my happy just keeps growing. It flows over and I get to swim in it every day.

Oh and…graffiti like this…it makes me so happy I have to share !!!!


And a completely unrelated kind of thing…but it will make your body very happy…Hungry For Change. You may have to give your e-mail address to click through to watch this video, but it really is worth it !!!


  1. What a great post. Someone once said even on the worst day something good must have happened to you. If you can look past all the terrible things and find it then I am sure you will be a happier person. Another quote I heard recently from a woman who lost her husband, who was a soldier, struck me too…. you need to be better not bitter. That takes strength.


      1. Yes… a year or two ago I could feel myself getting angry and bitter. I wanted to make a change and being happy isn’t something that just happens, but something you really need to work at and look for… in little things it is there.


          1. We can easily get caught up in what we have to do and the stress builds. I know work can cause a lot of pressure and I feel like we are always playing catch up. When that happens I now say OK it is time to have some fun. It relaxes me and the kids and we can accomplish more than the hurry up and finish and get this done.


  2. This post makes me smile. Yay for you. It’s easy when you get into it. I don’t know when or where it came from–I am NOT an extrovert–something would catch my eye and I had to make a comment, “Wow!” Nice tie.”
    “That color looks wonderful on you.”
    “What is that book you’re reading?”
    “I love that (fill in with whatever you like).”
    This is not to people I know (I’m not saying I exclude them), but everyone and anyone in my day. A stranger frowns for a BEAT and then cracks a smile. It’s a win / win for both of you and it cost nothing. 😀 😀 😀


  3. I am doing this TOMORROW! ( it’s time for bed right now and I didn’t know it was international happiness day. Dang!). 🙂
    The video made me cry. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Perfect timing.
    P.S. I have a friend like that. She exudes happy and she attracts attention because of her positivity and personality. I too try to learn something from her. Her friendship’s been invaluable to me.
    I am all *smiles*. 😀


    1. Yippee. I am trying it everyday. I was for a while, but then it slipped away. Doing this was a reminder how great I ended up feeling after doing it. Selfish I know, but hopefully I also made others feel happy.


        1. Nah Gemma. People do that a lot. I have noticed that since trying this out. So I just keep seeking out ways to catch their eye. I am not sure what it is…are they afraid of confrontation, or…I don’t know.


  4. It feels so good to be happy…why torture ourselves? Sounds like you had a great day (never mind the cute guy on the beach). Brynne’s post brought tears to my eyes, thanks for the link.


  5. Lovely post – we all need to be reminded! And, the effect is immediate if you try this…: You feel better and people around you feel better too – which brings the world into a better mood and a better place to live in! Mahatma Gandhi said that you, yourself, must be the change you want to see in the world.
    Love this post, Jo. Have a happy, lovely weekend!


    1. It helps sometimes Russell. I have been smiling my little arse of at people lately. Sometimes the smile you get back is so big it enfolds you.


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