Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

I have been a bit off the radar lately. Please don’t think I don’t still want to visit your blogs…life just has a way of getting in the way…I will try to catch up soon !!!

Having trouble just blogging these days !

Auckland's Gay Pride ParadeI want to celebrate something wonderful that happened here in New Zealand last Wednesday. A Parliamentary Select Committee set up to look in to legalising gay marriage has recommended that a bill before Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage be passed in to law. It is just the beginning of the process but it is a step closer to true equality for ALL New Zealanders.

Auckalnd Gay Pride Parade

So to honour my brothers and sisters I want to fly the Rainbow Flag one more time.

Gay Pride/Rainbow Flag

I have kept going with my Club 365 Photography Challenge…here is one of my more colourful images for the month of February. Feel free to check out the others. I would love to get your thoughts on some of them !!!


For more rainbow colours of course check out Cee’s.


Thanks for your patience…I will come visit soon !!!

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    1. Charlie has been keeping me occupied. Went to the holistic vets today…after days and $$$$$$ spent at the local. She found out within minutes he has hurt his back. We have to go back on Monday for some chiropractic treatment once he gets some painkillers in his system. There was yowling and scratching and biting today. That and editing a friend’s book, the back playing up plus having a head cold have just all gotten on top of everything else. But I am fighting my way back dear Gilly.


  1. Equality for all–I hope it happens. And I hope all is well Jo. Not sure what is going on, and I’m not prying, but I wanted to send you a cheery hello and a hug.


    1. Me to !!! Thank you so much for the cheery hello and the hug…it is so very much appreciated. Just feeling a bit like Austin Powers at the moment…


  2. I wondered if you away because of Charlie. Glad to know the cause of his trouble has been identified. What is the treatment? A holistic vet sounds interesting.


    1. She has him on a pain killer. When she tried to manipulate it on Friday – wow – I knew he was fast and deadly…but had no idea he was THAT fast…or that deadly. She is hoping the painkiller/anti-inflammatory will ease things down a little. Tomorrow we go back and she is going to use chiropratic methods on him to try to put his back right. The worst area [she showed me] is an area she says is connected to his gastro system, which might explain his bad appetite, throwing up etc. It could be that the back pain is referred pain or visa versa. She was amazing. For the first time on months I didn’t feel like a panicked parent. She listened to me. She really saw Charlie…watched him, interpreted him. I am not sure [as she isn’t either] if we have definitely found the problem yet, but this vet makes me feel easier. We also talked about Chevvy and her heart murmur…and I left feeling that I was doing the right thing for her [in holistic terms], not that I was practising witchcraft.


  3. We know you will be back when you can Jo …. you sort out you and Charlie and your other priorities and things will fall into place …
    Take care xx


  4. Know what it’s like to be spread thin. Just take care of you and yours and get to everything else when time allows. 🙂 Give Charlie and Chevvy special loves and hugs and give yourself a huge, big bear hug from me! xox P.S. I am really glad that NZ is planning to take this step for equal rights. I sure wish the US could take a clue and get there, too!


    1. I just feel like I have lost my oomph lately. I seem to go from one animal crisis to the next with alarming regularity and speed these days. Had a good visit with the homepathic vet though. She noticed something on Charlie’s x-ray the other vet didn’t in his spine, which then led to a chiropratic treatment. Here’s hoping it works.
      The hugs are very appreciated Corina…vey appreciated.
      It is a good step for equality but sadly there are still a lot who don’t want the bill passed and are putting pressure on the politicians. Being the spineless lot that they are it is not a done deal yet. But I can’t help but hope that reason will see us through and everyone will have the right to marry the person they love in this country in the future.


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