CBBH Photo Challenge: FRAMED

Marianne’s theme of framed had me scratching my head for a while. I looked through old shots…nope. Looked for opportunities for new shots…nothing grabbed me. Until today…


Now for my two blogs.

1.   ____________________ BAD EYES A BLOG BY JON KENNA. In Jon’s words: This is a blog about me, things that happen to me, things that I like, things that I don’t like, funny things, weird things, scary things, controversial things, books I read, films I see, music I listen to; all the usual stuff. And he was born on the 16th of August…as are ALL geniuses…so check him out and say hi…he really likes comments !!!

2.   Pub Rants. Kristin Nelson always manages to surprise me with her blog where as she puts it: A Very Nice Literary Agent Indulges in Polite Rants About Queries, Writers, and the Publishing Industry. For those of you penning the next bestseller…her posts are gems.

Well that is it for me this time. So if you want more FRAMED posts hop on Marianne’s wee bunny and off you go.



    1. Your comments are always so clever Gilly. I LOVE that you love the header…I quite like it myself actually, which is so weird as I am so used to HATING photos of me.


    1. Awwwwwwwwwww…thank you !!! I had no idea what to do but in trying to find a new idea for tomorrow’s self-portrait post had an idea for once…it does happen occasionally…hehehehehe


    1. I am enjoying the challenge…much more than I thought I would.
      Thank you for saying ‘success’ as well…though there have been a few NOT so great ones. Oh well…almost at the 1/10th mark so here’s hoping I can keep it up !!!!!


  1. OH wow – you really surpassed yourself with this month’s challenge, Jo! Hahaha I really laughed when I saw the shot – and such a great image of you. I LOVE it!

    Glad you had fun doing it, and I’m also pleased it could fit in with your self-portrait challenge.

    I don’t know either of your blog recommendations – so guess where I’m off to – right away!

    Well done, Jo 🙂


      1. We had a week in Melbourne and then flew back to Sydney (where we are now) for a couple of weeks. Heading back to Melbourne next Wednesday for the Formula 1 motor racing and return home to Spain the following week 🙂

        We have had such a fantastic trip 🙂


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