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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The Untidy Soldier
The Untidy Soldier

This memorial which is located in Devonport, on the North Shore of Auckland, is the work of Frank Lynch. Frank was an ex-digger. He has described the work as an ANZAC digger ready to leave Gallipoli who is saluting his dead friends by taking off his hat. This figure has become known as ‘the untidy soldier’.

It is said that the untidy soldier shows that Kiwi soldiers were not concerned so much about how they looked, but about how they performed on the battlefield. The untied boot laces and the shabby clothing are what gave the sculpture its nickname.

Many New Zealand First World War monuments of soldiers were carved in Italy. The ones that were done by New Zealand artists are considered to have better captured the Kiwi soldiers’ quite distinctive characteristics.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Some thoughts on monuments.

“I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn’t like it.” – Samuel Goldwyn

“Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I don’t mind being a symbol but I don’t want to become a monument. There are monuments all over the Parliament Buildings and I’ve seen what the pidgeons do to them.” – Tommy Douglas

“There is great incongruity in this idea of monuments, since those to whom they are usually dedicated need no such recognition to embalm their memory; and any man who does, is not worthy of one.”  – Nathaniel Hawthorne




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

I have been a bit off the radar lately. Please don’t think I don’t still want to visit your blogs…life just has a way of getting in the way…I will try to catch up soon !!!

Having trouble just blogging these days !

Auckland's Gay Pride ParadeI want to celebrate something wonderful that happened here in New Zealand last Wednesday. A Parliamentary Select Committee set up to look in to legalising gay marriage has recommended that a bill before Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage be passed in to law. It is just the beginning of the process but it is a step closer to true equality for ALL New Zealanders.

Auckalnd Gay Pride Parade

So to honour my brothers and sisters I want to fly the Rainbow Flag one more time.

Gay Pride/Rainbow Flag

I have kept going with my Club 365 Photography Challenge…here is one of my more colourful images for the month of February. Feel free to check out the others. I would love to get your thoughts on some of them !!!


For more rainbow colours of course check out Cee’s.


Thanks for your patience…I will come visit soon !!!

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Celebrate love…where ever it is found !

On Saturday I headed to Auckland.

Wet Hot Beauties 'Swan Song' 2013

The Daughter was performing in a water ballet titled Swan Song. I was delighted when I discovered earlier in the week that a parade was being held in Auckland that afternoon, and The Daughter, as well as a friend who was also up from Katikati and I headed to Ponsonby Road to watch.

At Auckland's Gay Pride Parade
At Auckland’s Gay Pride Parade

The Gay Pride Parade was held after a twelve year absence from Auckland’s streets. Back in 2001 the Hero Parade as it was known was held for the last time. The Hero Parade was a bit more raucous than Saturday’s, but I think that Saturday’s parade has a better future in store for it.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

Among the thousands lining the streets I was thankful to see that families were out in force to support the parade. Grandparents, parents and children of all ages were taking part.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

From a very young age I have known and cherished the friendships of people from both genders, from different corners of the world, different financial circles and different sexual orientations.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

I guess I was lucky. At one of my jobs I was privileged to meet [for the first time I knew it at least] some wonderful people who were both lesbian and gay. I grew up in a time and a family that neither understood or embraced those that were different from the ‘norm’.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

They taught me real love should be taken and given where ever you find it. They showed a naive young girl that despite what I had been taught growing up they weren’t bad, evil, different or abominations. They were just like me. People trying to find their way in this thing we call life.

NZ's Defence Forces marching for the first time in uniform.
NZ’s Defence Forces marching for the first time in uniform.

I have never understood the fear that homosexuality generates with some sections of the community.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

At present New Zealand is debating a Marriage Bill that will finally allow gay couples to wed. It is long overdue. Although the New Zealand Marriage Act of 1955 does not ban marriage between those of the same sex in 1996 three lesbian couples were denied marriage licenses by the Registrar General. Since that time court cases have been fought and sadly lost in the fight for equality.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

From the moment the bill was brought before our parliament for debate I have listened to some rather odd propaganda against it.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

I have seen marriage declared a sacrament of the Church as an argument against gay marriage. John Calvin [a French theologian and pastor during the time of the Protestant Reformation. He was also a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism] said of this: “Lastly, there is matrimony, which all admit was instituted by God, though no one before the time of (Pope) Gregory regarded it as a sacrament. What man in his sober senses could so regard it? God’s ordinance is good and holy; so also are agriculture, architecture, shoemaking, hair-cutting legitimate ordinances of God, but they are not sacraments.”

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

I have read that the crime rate will rise. That disease in plague proportions will return.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

There was even a suggestion of communism riding in on the back of homosexuality to destabilise the country. Oh and the weirdest one was that my grandchildren will be at risk of ‘catching’ the homosexual bug.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

Seeing families out for the afternoon at the Gay Pride Parade gives me hope for the future. Hope that the children there will grow up knowing that all should be free to love regardless of gender. And that all should be free to marry those they love, if this is what they want.

Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013

Sadly on the way to Auckland, when I stopped to take photos of a shag…the Canon 5D broke. Apparently it is a known fault.

Though it did give me a few bad moments when it happened as the camera is a photographer friend’s. So for now the Lumix and I are on our own.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 13

Sandra Conner’s Thursday Windows is upon us again. I thought I’d show two sides of Christmas today.church window
St Paul’s Catholic Church in Takapuna in Auckland is a beautiful building with gorgeous windows.

The while I was at last weekend’s Santa Parade I spotted this guy peering out at the world. He looks sad to me. I think he was put out at not being able to join in all the fun !!!

santa hanging in window

Throw Back – Thursday’s Windows

I have been waiting to use this since I got back from Auckland. This window blew my mind.

reflective window
I kept thinking of what a nightmare it would be to keep clean.

Sandra Conner has some lovely Christmas windows for you to check out.

Can you spot my baby among these bathing beauties ???

I sure did !!!!

The Daughter is scheduled to perform at the Auckland Fringe Festival. The Wet Hot Beauties are doing SWAN SONG. And they are trying to raise the money needed for the performance.

PledgeMe is a crowdsourcing site that you can visit and donate if you think they are worth it. Sadly those of you overseas will have to forego them coming around to wash your car. But you’ll get heaps of satisfaction from knowing you did a good deed.

So visit SWAN SONG by the WET HOT BEAUTIES at PledgeMe and the rest ‘as they say’, will be history.

And The Daughter will be happy…which means I will be happy.

In February I will tell you all about it !!!!! Maybe even share a few photos of the night.

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CBBH Photo Challenge: Blue

“This month´s CBBH Photo Challenge is leaving me feeling anything but BLUE – because I just love the colour!” is what Marianne has to say about her monthly challenge and I find myself heartily in agreement. So here are my blues !!!!

Okay all you gardeners out there – what is it called ???

Traveling home from Auckland last weekend I stopped in the Karangake Gorge. I love this part of the drive home.

Before I left I went exploring the Northern side of Auckland. St Paul’s Catholic Church at Takapuna drew me in.

I spent a fascinating hour there with a wonderful lady who explained a great many intricacies of the Catholic Church.
Down at Devonport in Auckland I found a few other great places.

Okay this was just for fun. I was testing out the batteries in my camera in a shop while waiting for a friend to finish.
Now another part is to direct you in to the path of two bloggers…so without further adieu…

Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush

Beautiful Photographs

Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

Well you may be asking how it is all going.

I had to take the weekend off to wizz up to Auckland…which provided lots of photo taking opportunities. It also provided a chance to get dressed up. Gilly tells me I should make the following photo my gravatar – instead of [as she very politely puts it] hiding behind the camera.

When I mentioned I didn’t like my ‘scrunched up eyes’ she let go of polite with a resounding ‘STOP IT !!!!’. We all have it though…that one feature we don’t really like about ourselves. Well, mine is my eyes. It’s hard to smile and stretch your eyes open at the same time. Believe me I know. Ah well…could be worse. I might have to tuck my boobs in to my belt…oh wait…I do !!!

Shit !!!

I even wore make-up and heels. I ate, I drank, I danced, and I met lots of fabulously fun people.

I arrived home shattered. So yesterday I got back in to it. I have some very pissed off horses at the moment. They recently told Wraith just how pissed they were about being taken in to Gryphe territory as Gryphes love horses…to eat. Wraith wasn’t to happy about it either, being a cousin of the horse.

And so…Scenes II  & III of Chapter I are here for your thoughts. And please…no matter how you think I sound when I reply to comments…I DO WANT your thoughts. If you don’t like something/don’t get it/think it’s shit…say so. I am more than happy to take on board what you say.

A wonderful tutor once told me: “If your readers aren’t getting it, it has nothing to do with them. It is all about you not writing it so that they can ‘GET IT’, so rewrite it until they do the first time they read it…or you’ve lost them forever.” Very wise man my tutor !!!


Read on…

“Stop,” I murmur, as we reach the first rise outside the City. Wraith halts and I turn back.

“Brother?” Zak pulls up beside me.

“Is it not a wonder?” I ask. As the gates draw close the city shimmers, moonbeams bouncing off the rooftops back into the air above.

“He does this each time we leave.” Evijan is laughing. “Your brother would have us believe that he possesses no tender traits, and yet I see a softness in his eyes every time we farewell the Elusive City.” As we watch, the city fades until there is no trace of it under the night sky.

“Evijan.” My thoughts are of the missing Stone. “Only one of the Opinouwi can open the City. Whoever took the Stone had help to enter. From one of us.”

“Runolf will discover those responsible,” Evijan replies. “And punish them, while we shall recover it and return it to the Citadel.”

“If they knew who was to track them…they would not have been so foolish,” Zak sounds younger than he looks. His pale blonde hair hangs loose about his shoulders, and his eyes, so like our mother’s, have not been marked with misfortune or sin.

# # #

Silent, I urge Wraith on. It feels good to be out of the city. With the moon out, I no longer need to rely on Wraith to pick a path, and I push him hard. His body relaxes as he hits his stride.

Hold on Deveron, he tells me. We ride hard for many miles and reach the forest before light. I call a halt when we pass the first trees.

Evijan slides to the ground immediately and begins to search. He is an accomplished seeker; I know without him we would waste valuable time. He waves to Zak to join him, and quietly begins to speak as he points to traces only he can see.

“Here,” he says to Zak kneeling beside him.

“I see nothing, old man,” Zak teases.

“Look,” Evijan runs his hand over the ground. “The dust flows back toward the clearing, something has passed over in haste.” He turns to lay his ear upon the earth, and holds up a finger to silence Zak. “There are five of them. No six, two are riding the same beast.” He looks up at me. “They ride toward the Devil’s Den.”

“Then we must prepare.”

I do not like this Deveron. The Devil’s Den can drive men to madness. Some of your men…I do not know if they can make it through.

 I know Wraith.

“Are the stories true?” Zak looks from Evijan to me.

“No brother, they do not begin to tell of the malevolence that lives there.”

“I thought they were just tales, told to scare children,” he swings back on to his mount. “What must we do then, to prepare? Deveron?”

“We shall need to hunt while we are in the forest.” I look about. “If we do not touch the food stores, perhaps we shall have enough to get us through.”

We must find the Phoenix King Deveron.

I look up at Wraith’s words. It will mean a detour that will delay us, but I know he is right. Hidden deep in the forest there rises a solitary peak.

“But first, we must make our way to Fire-Bird Mountain. Come.”

Find us a way there Wraith. The quickest way please.


Word Count: 8596…which means I need to catch up.

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Sunday Post: Wonderful

The most wonderful thing to me is LOVE.

The love of a parent for a child, the love we share with our fur babies, our friends, and for what we do in our lives. On Saturday I attended a friend’s son’s wedding. I have known him for what seems like forever. Watched him grow, and mature in to a wonderful person.

While I was at what was one of the most wonderful weddings I have ever attended…I decided to try my hand at some wedding photography. It really was wonderful to see their LOVE.

Here are a few snaps from the wonderful Saturday I had !!!

And of course…the moment where she says: “You may now kiss your bride.”

I wish them a wonderful and joyous life together.


I am thrilled…I posted these on facebook last night and both the bride and groom have used a couple as profile pics. Yea !!! I am happy. Now it back to NaNoWriMo for me !!!

Want a big dose of wonderful…then visit Jake’s flying dragon.